Favorite Implant?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by YourNameOnRice, May 26, 2015.

  1. YourNameOnRice

    If you use implants what is your favorite Infantry, Infiltrator and MAX implant?

    And why?

    At the moment I am pretty strictly using Regen for Infantry/Stealth Infiltrator, Hold Breath for sniping Infiltrator, and Battle Hardened for MAX. But I'm curious what others are doing.
  2. Foxirus

    I would never use hold breath for my infiltrator. It should not be taking that long to down the target.

    Once I unlock it, All my classes will run standard the T4 Enhanced Targeting. Its a further range and much better at a .25 energy cost.
  3. Vargs

    Regen 1 for LA + HA + Infil + on-foot Engineer + shield bubble medic. Being able to passively regain your health just so useful. Especially since I tend to take flanking routes where there aren't any friendly medics, when medics are fairly rare in general since everyone plays HA, and most medics will not heal you unless you put a lot of effort into bothering them about it. Even when I'm using medkits, it's nice to be able to save them for more desperate situations, or to top yourself off if you've only taken a small bit of damage.

    Enhanced Targeting on MAX and my vehicle loadout for engineer. A clear choice for the engineer and AV + Burster MAX, but I even prefer it on AI MAXes because it lets you know whether you should commit to a battle with an enemy MAX or if you should just run away.

    Don't really care about any of them for nano-regen medic. None of them are incredibly helpful so I just empty the slot to save a little bit on implant energy, even though I have a huge excess of it already.
  4. RedArmy

    regen1 of everything - cuz higher ranks are pointless, and theres no value in anything else....
  5. Littleman

    Battle-hardened. This game has too many random explosions that would otherwise throw my aim off, and even in CQC, getting shot can throw off my aim just enough to screw me over.

    On the flip side it's harder for me to realize I'm being shot because the screen doesn't shake, but since everyone seems to be playing at 500ms and has aimbots going, all I ever hear is a single ping, maybe a few extra shots, and then dead.
  6. ExarRazor

    my favorite implant seems to be the one that looks like a red soda can with a / through it. its on every single one of my characters!

    (for those with non-functional sarcasm detectors, that was a joke about not being able to sustain any level of implant on current charger drop rates)
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  7. XanIves

    Let me know if you get it, and give an estamite of the difficulty level to obtain. I was disheartened by the thought of spending 5 potential ultra chargers in the form of tier 3 implants, and maaaaaaybe getting enhanced targeting. I wish you could craft specific implants, instead of letting the RNG do it for you.
  8. Foxirus

    I am not going to lie, I am pretty damn certain the T4 enhanced targeting has the lowest drop rate of all the implants. I have already had like five battle hardened 4's drop...
  9. Foxirus

    Sorry. My sarcasm detector was damaged when a vehicle ejected me into the landing pad above. A hotfix does not seem to be coming any time soon to repair my damaged sarcasm detector.
  10. omfgweeee

    Regen implant on LA. Allows me to carry C4 and sustain for longer life spawn.
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  11. FieldMarshall

    Regen 1.

    Remember that time you had 80% health and 100% shield in a 1v1 fight and your enemy survived with only 5% health left while you died?
    If you picked regen 1 you dont remember that happening.

    Its also basically free in terms of cost and does the job as well as its tier3 version, unlike other implants.
  12. MarkAntony

    well lets start with the infil.
    for snipers with 6x and up it's hold breath. SMG ir un with nade bandolier and EMPs so EMP shield. (my aim with nades is... subpar shall we say) short range BASR needs battle hardened.
    Infantry would be mostly regen. except for the medic.(battle hardened)
    max is EOD or enhanced targeting (for AV/AA)
  13. Kristan

    EOD for my AI MAX, Enhanced Targeting for AV MAX and Striker, everything else goes with Regeneration.
  14. OldMaster80

    I refuse to use any implant. They've been implemented badly and devs totally ignore players feedback.
    I'd rather see my kdr drop to 0,5 than playing a money consumer I can never stop even if I'm not using it.
    Implants are tedious.
  15. Alan Kalane

    lawl, I never paid a penny and I still have like 300 chargers left before I would run out of energy,
    and even if I did I could just combine some implants and get an ultra charger for free
    How is that a "money consumer"? If you can manage your implant economy you could literally never run out of energy.
    People who do probably run T3 implants all the time, which SHOULD cause them to run out of energy because yes, DBG wants to earn money as well and if people are willing to pay then what's wrong with that?
  16. Alan Kalane

    I run Hold Breath I on sniper infil because it allows me to take down multiple targets quickly or shoot follow ups before my target reaches cover.
    On SMG Infil I run regen I or II because I also carry mines so no medkits for me
    On my "elusive infil" with SAS-R I run battle hardened II because you just can't allow the enemy to throw off your aim with this loadout.
    On heavy always regen I, allows me to save nanites otherwise spent on medkits
    On "driver" engi I sometimes equip EOD HUD III if I expect AV mines
    On LA I always run counter-intelligence because it saved my a$$ countless times
    aaand... that's it. I never run other implants
  17. Mefi

    So far I use the most energy efficient NoImplant implant.
    I might switch to T4 Enchanced Targeting if I ever get it.
  18. Pikachu

    Are implants still a thing? :eek:
  19. Liewec123

    regen 1, there are no other implants in my eyes.
    except max which can't use regen, then i'll use EoD for AI play and advanced targetting for AA/AV

    there are implants that seem handy or neat, but regen 1 is pretty much mandatory imho
  20. eldarfalcongravtank

    been using mostly EOD Hud III to avoid pesky AI-mines as infantry and detect AT-mines/C4 as tanker

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