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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by koolkid86x, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. koolkid86x

    I just started playing. How do you own cert points? What is the fastest way?
  2. MarkAntony

    having a sunderer spawn point of yours closest to the zerg will earn you tons of XP (and Certs).

    Just PTFO. You'll do fine.
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  3. Anubis132

    The fastest way to get certs, learn the game, and have fun is to join a good Outfit.
  4. ImGladUmad

    Here is my opinion.

    1. If you are good with guns, specially from hipfire....Heavy Assault should get you a ton of kills....I get 2.5 k/d ratio or better doing this.

    2.Liberator...........You need to have a bombing gun so u wont at first but if somebody does, is a great way for you to get certs by using bombing gun.

    3. If you arn't good just heal people or revive offense, medics are cool but is pretty easy....I do this sometimes when I don't feel like fighting.
  5. Daejin

    Basic Cert Farm is engineer. Get your ammo clips in key locations, and you can get 10-15xp/sec. (with bursts up to 50xp/sec with 0% bonus.) Repairing MAXes and vehicles also give a tick of 10xp/sec while repairing. If you can also manage to put down an actively used Sundy, you'll get around 60-100certs/hour.

    If you buy a 6-12month subscription pack, and a 50% xp boost, my buddy managed to get 729 certs in 2:49:12. He basically got 40xp/sec +22xp/sec repair (Sundy was almost constantly bein' hit) +Active Zerg respawn on his Sundy.

    Oh, I forgot to mention. If you're in a full platoon, each time you resupply squadmembers, you get bonus xp. So you can literally get 100xp/sec for an extended duration in a full platoon.
  6. Fiera

    Just reminding how important a medic role can be in a heavy fire fight. Healing and reviving, keeping the pressure on the enemies. Just don't want this roles importance downplayed is all, ya know?
  7. Gambles

    Join TR>capture everything>profit.
  8. ImGladUmad

    Is important but some medics suck...They revive u but dont heal you after they revive u so u die instantly.
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  9. VKhaun

    You don't lose certs for dying. Playing conservatively just gives you and the players on the other teams conservative cert gain. Get out there and die. It's in everyone's best interest. Your goal shouldn't be to 'kill X people' or get some ratio. Instead just try to run out of ammo shooting at red triangles. You may miss long shots with the rocket launcher or waste ammo with the MG on the hip, but you'll get better at judging everything in combat in the process and you'll get lots of assists even if you're bad.

    If you find yourself holding a pistol and spamming V-4, then you're doing it wrong and need to be more aggressive.

    Throw your grenade every life, and use the heal over time restoration kits. Too many pros on these forums and in the game think infantry resources are infinite because they never toss that free double kill coupon down the stairs or through the door. Especially useful when you're about to lose or being pushed back hard. Pad-jump up to the landing area at a bio lab spamming Q to see where enemies are concentrated, then air mail it as your pad-jump peaks. Even if you die an instant later, you'll get kills and assists. Same when you're losing and pushed back to the spawn room like dropping down in a tower... start tossing the nade before you're even down and aim it as you get shot by all the guys camping the door. You'll go down, but in a packed tower you'll get 2-3 every time.
  10. Sobieski14

    "Define favourable outcome Cabal". "They all DIE"
  11. Rumless

    Watch the map and look for territory that is about to be flipped by your faction, then get in a fast moving vehicle and go there.

    Kill some dudes/ flip the base/ swim in certs like Scrooge Mcduck.
  12. Diamond Sword

    Pretty much this. You get an assload of XP for people spawning on a sunderer you've deployed.
  13. VKhaun

    By assload he means two. You get two xp for a person spawning, a bonus of three or four if they use the equipment terminal, and it costs you fifty certs to unlock the item which is used on a vehicle that costs half your vehicle resources and is on a long timer. With my alpha squad boost I believe they are three and five xp respectively.

    I'm not saying you can't get XP using a Sunderer, I'm just putting it into some context for you. You need to be in the right place way up front, and not die getting there or staying there too long. Doing it very right can however boost cert gains by helping your team take bases faster.
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  14. Diamond Sword

    And if you get 500 dudes spawning on your vehicle, that's 1000 xp, and it's very easy to get a ton of dudes spawning on your sundy if you park it in a good spot.
  15. Bags

    Sundy is a pretty terrible way to get xp. I had it parked outside of a huge tech fight, and pretty much everyone was spawning on it. The XP comes in very slowly (2 per). I probably could have gone else where and doubled my XP by doing some moderate killing.

    Though between fighting the tech plant fight and having a sundy, the sundy is probably better XP.
  16. MexelVanMexelen

    Yeah, at 2-3 XP a pop a Sundy won't make you rich, but it is an important support tool. Surprised no-one has mentioned A2G rocket pods! Agree that Engy ammo packs are the best source of free XP in the game, especially for a squad player.
  17. Bags

    A2G rocket pods is probably the best way to make XP.
  18. schisch

    pick engineer
    drop ammo boxes
    repair maxes


    enjoy XP
  19. Jestunhi

    A sundy doesn't have to be your whole job.

    A sundy is can be a passive boost to xp. You don't have to stay in / by it the whole time.

    Often there is fighting nearby and an engineer can supply ammo, shoot enemies and still be near enough to repair the sundy.
  20. CoreDave

    Well in theory this is true, but since this has been stated several times on the forums you will find that there are often at least half a dozen sunderers racing to try and get a good deployment slot for even small bases and there is quite a large radius of denial for eah sunderer (IE you can't deploy if you are too near another sunderer).

    Its one of the more extreme examples of what is wrong with the cert gain mechanics. A few people can get enormous gain per hour but most have to settle for much lower and a few if they refuse to engage in the "cert farming" behaviours will gain cert very slowly indeed. This makes the cert costs for things look different depending on how you play. What should happen is that there is a certain base level of certs per hour that is very easy to attain and doing better/worse should follow an exponential curve.
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