[Suggestion] Farming? Like is this a Farmer simulator... Where's my Tractor?

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  1. NinjaTurtle

    Farming happens for a few reasons. One of them being it's a good way to pad k/d, but this I feel is not the main issue.

    The main issue is things cost too much, the certification system is so steep that is causes people to find the cheapest easiest way to make certs.

    Recon Darts:

    Rank 4 (500 certs)
    Improves the sensor dart's scanning rate by a total of 1 second and extends the range to 45 meters. The sensor dart's lifespan is extended to 40 seconds. Ammo count increased by 2.

    Rank 5 (1000) certs
    Improves the sensor dart's scanning rate by a total of 1.25 seconds and extends the range to 50 meters. The sensor dart's lifespan is extended to 45 seconds. Ammo count increased by 3.

    Seriously? 1000 certs to get
    + 0.25 seconds longer on scan
    + 5 meters
    + 1 extra dart
    + 5 seconds on it's life span

    If the average player has an average of 10,000 score per hour (if anyone has the official average I'd be interested to know) that is 166 xp per minute. That is 0.664 certs a minute that equates to 25 hours playtime to reach 1000 certs over 1 whole day to get a measly upgrade

    Is it any wonder people farm when character progression is so damn expensive?

    Here's another doozy, to max out reload speed on your C75 Viper it costs 2250 certs and all to get a paltry 0.45 seconds reload buff.

    Now you can claim all you want that certs or no certs you can be just as effective without a fully certed character and whilst that is plain wrong even if it were correct it does not change the mentality of people wanting to improve their character.

    My suggestion is simple. Decrease the cert cost for character progression, because it promotes cert farming and that is more detrimental to the game even more so than anything else


    Character progression is to slow, cert cost needs reducing
  2. Pikachu

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  3. ToastyMan

    Yeah, cert costs do need to be decreased quite a bit. But how would people be reimbursed?
  4. Blarg20011

    By giving everyone one free cert reset (or every couple months?) then selling them for 1k SC.
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  5. Devrailis

    It's called a Viper Lightning.
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    Remove XP for killing people. :)

    After all, this is an OBJECTIVE BASED game, right ?

    Who kills who is not the point...
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  7. IamDH

    I dont think decreasing cert prices will decrease farm. Given that the real definition of "farm" is getting lots of kills, i dont think this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Deeming a play style as "cheap" or not good enough for your skill does not mean that this style of play isnt legit (not aimed at you OP)

    That would kill the fun tbh
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  8. MasonSTL

    This is why I disagree.

    Unlike many other games this one isn't going to have a sequel every year so players aren't going to have a 'reset' every year. If this game is going to be out for 10+ years I don't think it is a good thing to make everything accessible within a years time.

    Another thing is, from a business perspective, having a high cert cost makes using SC to quickly unlock something just that much more enticing.

    On a side note what is with this uproar against farming? What the heck is the point of a shooter if you can't kill loads of people? Sorry I don't like Arma, I want to kill people in a shooter, the more the merrier.
  9. Meliorist

    So outrageous yet so true. Then you just need to make defending a facility preferable to attacking as to avoid ghostcap farming and we're set. Not going to happen in a million years. :eek:
  10. ironeddie

  11. FABIIK

    There was a time when gamers didn't need achievements, unlocks and other bs to play games.

    People played for fun... Wow... I feel old... :confused:
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  12. LT_Latency

    That was BEFORE games added leveling and unlocking. You used to just start with everything. Now you need to farm to get everything.

    I do think the grinding is too long in this game. I have paid over 140 dollars in subs and have over 800 hours played. I still don't have everything on a single character on a single faction which is the only guy i play.

    The would still be to more faction to do after this guy

    I would hate to know what it feels like for your average player
  13. Bortasz


    The Tractors for farmers. Sadly it is his only function....
  14. UberBonisseur

    Well I used to kill a lot of people in UT, it just didn't flash me with a medal and some points everytime I killed someone. It didn't lock half of the guns in the name of "fun" either.

    It's just that generations of games carry the myth of vertical progression as the one true model.
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  15. Angry Scientist

    The point of the high costs and diminishing returns is lessening the gap between the older and newer players.

    You might notice the most cost effective upgrades are the lower ranks, giving pretty good benefit for nearly no downside. That is the point. A BR 10 versus a BR 100 might only have a 20% resistance difference in one specific area, assuming they've certed into the same things.

    The largest upgrades are expensive. Yes, it sucks not having a massive boon for those one thousand certs. But again, that is the point. Think of the final upgrades as specializations. People invest in them when it is partial to their playstyle for the maximum advantage offered. Other players prefer a more round style, and buying the low end upgrades because they don't stick to one role long enough to justify the heavy purchases.

    Do not be disillusioned. The difference between flak armor 4 and 5? About 800 certs and 10%. Just as the final upgrades are minimal, it cuts both ways. You don't need them to be effective. You're not at a huge disadvantage for not having them.

    The exception is in vehicles, mostly, but largely due to optics choices and ammo upgrades, as well as utilities. However, this is another balance aspect. Players wishing effective vehicles need invest, weakening the spam as a whole. Eventually, perhaps, everyone will be BR 100 and such a sentiment will be ineffective, but at that point skill is the heavier factor anyways.
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  16. Maelthra

    Well, there is the Magmower...though the mower part didn't translate so well between PS1 and PS2. Not unless you consider how well it can mow down friendlies, sometimes even while remaining completely stationary.
  17. Nocturn0l

    These small differences add up ... to give a really notable advantage,

    and when it comes to vehicles and MAXes these small differences are even more notable and the cost difference is a lot higher
  18. Wecomeinpeace

    The large majority of XP should be given out periodically based on the amount of territory you are holding.
    Kills should only be a very small margin of your gained xp.

    Buuut then it wouldn't be stupid enough to be considered profitable.
  19. Phyr

    Magmowers, cuts down infantry like tall, moving, grass, usually purple in color.
  20. Booface

    10,000 per hour is a bit low. I gun for Libs from time to time (ex today), but mostly I play infantry. My score per minute is usually around 350ish, so about double and a half that number per hour. And I'm hardly the most efficient player I know.