Farm spam tools and force multipliers are destroying the game

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  1. Linedan

    I would like to see MANPADS and other portable rocket launchers get a minimum arming distance of, say, 10m or 20m like UBGL grenades have. Of course the rocket should still do a fair bit of damage if it hits you and doesn't explode but not a OHK on a full-health player. (Although I have killed people with non-exploded grenades before. Mostly friendlies that I hit in the back of the head. >.> )
  2. iccle

    Why not everyone else does?
    No not really, if your new you need to learn how to play, its as simple as that we should not be bending over backwards to give new players a false sense of either security or superiority because it will stand them no good in the long run. Its a steep learning curve for sure but the only viable solution to reduce the pain is for new players to be teamed up with existing players asap.
  3. Jachim

    Yes, great, so when the defenders win and turn into the attackers with all the hardware, what happens then? They zerg across 4-5 bases. It refinforces my point that making 'force multipliers' harder to get is stupid.
  4. Nerovox

    I fully agree.. I think we all just need to hug and hold hands then go look for unicorns and snow men... Oh wait!
  5. Icedude94

    I was a new player back then too and I just rushed skyguard. The world doesn't revolve around you to make you happy. You're not special in SOE's eyes. You're just one person among thousands. BTW, I stopped used skyguards. To make myself a better player and because my outfit isn't large enough to run dedicated anti-air, I practiced with my AP vanguard until I could do both anti-tank and anti-air with it.

  6. Dinapuff

    Such flawed logic. They will do so regardless of rarity, except if vehicles were rarer you would stand a larger chance at an earlier defence. There is consequence in rarity mostly in particular because every vehicle is fragile when coming up against infantry wanting to kill it.
  7. reaven2

    Hello forumside and Nope! (The only weapon i agree is probably the PPA on Magrider, but i think its already getting nerfed a bit, so everything is just fine!)
    Lets make all loadouts/tanks/aircrafts equal with the same dps, recoil, magazine size, then noone can complain.
    No seriously. All the stuff you have mentioned up there is completely situational and of course strong in killing infantry, but thats what they are supposted to do.

    Rocketpods - Get out ground AA and make sure you have cover when hes going for you, or an AA ESF
    Banshee - Same, banshee sucks in dogfighting and vs. armored AA
    HE tanks - You will easily shred hordes of them with AP
    Maxes - Dont push into CQC with them (only if you are an AV max), your fault if you do. Flank them. C4, tank nades, concussion nades, peak and kill their support
    MAX spam - I love max spams, just get tank grenades inside and watch your killstreak, since they barely have engineers
    Rocketlauncher - keep your movement up, make him miss and you can even finish him off with your pistol
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  8. Icedude94

    Only balance change I can think of that would be reasonable for the PPA was to make it function in similar fashion to the Lancer. You can fire smaller balls that travel fast but have low damage and a smaller explosion radius or you can charge it up to fire a larger, slower moving ball, but it does more damage and has a larger blast radius.

    It fits in well with Vanu faction tech and gives it suppression and killing rate that is more in line with other faction weapons.
  9. WTSherman

    Do we really want to bring all of the game's weapons in line with the C85 Canister though? :/
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  10. Icedude94

    I think the canister is a very effective weapon. It's the best weapon to use against other harrassers. If you know how to get your harrasser inside a base, it's like having a scatmax on steroids. It can kill ESF's who are dumb enough to attack a vehicle with it.

    Put it on a vanguard and you have a weapon that allows you to get a lot closer to enemy infantry than you normally could. It has a very very fast time to kill on enemy infantry that are close to it like heavies who pop out to shoot rockets and the rate of fire and spread is very forgiving to players who aren't skilled.

    It's my favorite weapon to put on a stealth harrasser and on my front line anti-infantry support tanks.
  11. DHT#

    When the stars align just right so that multiple pellets actually hit them, yes. Normally you'll aim right at him and fire 6 times in order to hit him with 4 pellets.
  12. WTSherman

    Uh oh, looks like we have an acute case of someone who's been on NC too long and forgot what a powerful weapon looks like. :D

    The C85 isn't the POS it was when it launched, but it still has a ways to go before it stops being UP.
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  13. Scr1nRusher

  14. Pikachu

    At least the damage was good back then.
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  15. Surmise

    I think huge amount of this community is never taking into consideration one big deal that Sony made mistake with.

    Those two mixed communities in this game are these below

    • Extremely casual role playing community i.e. MMORPG players NOT MMOFPS players, players which have background in grinding RPG games like everquest
    • Competetive First shooter community i.e. people that have background in any once popular or popular competetive FPS game like quake, unreal tournament, counterstrike, half life, team fortress, battlefield and so on
    They mixed 2 opposite community types into 1 extremely mixed and where one is a majority, they mixed it in a way that their game making decisions don't cater to one community specificaly but to other one, sadly for this game it's being made for casuals, people that don't have competetive mindset( don't want to get better for example in the aspect they aren't good as they are in their primary strenght or comfort zone, no fair play tendency, they would like to do big things with great effectivity with minimum effort invested and stuff like that, sorry but just try to analyze stuff like this and you'll see it's true,) i.e. aren't playing to be better than someone much better than them or to compete just for competing spirit.

    First one is huge majority and don't have competetive mindset, second one is with complete opposite mentality that sadly this game isn't focusing on and that's why this game is mediocre at best and will stay as long as the devs cater to casuals, no depth, no competetive atmosphere no fair balance, too much low effort very high reward stuff implemented that destroy the game's population, too many promises, huge expectations, very huge amount of let downs, see ZOE 6month abuse festival but that's for another thread.

    I don't think devs have any concrete plans on this game and that they have never had it and i think it may be time to lower expectations significantly since they don't give us too many hopes, unless you think Valkyrie patch is saving the game wohohohhoo, we gonna get so many new players and old playing again because we got 1 air unit that acts like 4 passenger galaxy.

    Community and forumside get realistic, ask for real significant stuff that will start improving the game, push devs to change shallow mentality they have and we may get better game with more players to play with, please.

    The reason we had ZOE so much, then now PPA, M14 banshee, MAX spam, Air dominance to ground, so many shotguns and stuff like that is because SOE is catering to casuals i.e. the MMORPG community, not FPS players, it makes sense.
  16. hawken is better

    "B-but combined arms!!!"
  17. GaBeRock

    It makes no sense that SOE is catering to the casual, me-me-me FPS community by continuously nerfing vehicles. If those same COD players stopped complaining about being unable to individually take down armour or aircraft on foot, all the time, and learned to actually use teamwork, the game would be in a much better state. Instead, SOE caters to the MLG360noscopeheadshot crowd who thinks they should only need to learn how to shoot a rifle, and that's it, which is leading to the point where only numbers can truly make a difference, since infantry have no penalty for dying, and just get back up in ten seconds or so, even when they aren't revived.

    These players are turning ps2 away from being a massive multiplayer online game, and forcing it o be a series of cloistered TDM games.
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  18. Scr1nRusher


    its getting sickening.

    Forumside is also not helping the decent into infantryside 2
  19. Morchai

    We currently have a continent locking system that rewards the locking faction with half price resource purchases depending on which continent is controlled (except for Hossin, which grants an XP bonus). Yet, I haven't noticed the faction controlling Esamir steamrolling over the other factions in spite of their ability to 'spam' armor at half price. This surprised me. When I first learned how the system worked I figured Esamir would be the most contested continent due to the armor bonus.

    I suspect the actual impact of easily obtainable force multipliers isn't quite as drastic as some make it out to be.
  20. Surmise

    You are wrong, it makes perfect sense, because the game isn't fair to anyone and that's number 1 rule for making a game competetive and playable in the long term. It isn't fair because of force multipliers and farm tools that are being spammed by experienced players.

    Also you are wrong on that COD bullcrap you said, COD is different game from competetive teamwork FPS games like teamfortress, counter strike, even unreal tournament, even quake, COD is not 'real' FPS in any matter, COD is a game where Assault rifle players camp with assault rifles and players with 1shoto snipers are running aroudn jumping and doing quick skopes, talking about real FPS there rofl, stop being ignorant on this matter please, too many people can't think with their own heads on this forumside your post is an example.

    >COD example of real ideal FPS, taht is everyone playing and is example of pure skill game
    >is this real life

    But on a serious note, Teamwork in this game is not rewarded enough for to make every play want to go and play tight squad based stuff, reason for this is bullsht spam.

    Removal or significant toning down of farm tools and force multipliers will do nothing bad but all good.
    Because of bullsht spam from the likes of PPA, HE/HEAT, shotguns, MAX SPAM, AIR dominance on ground whether on small or big fights and so on and so on.