Far people should fade avvay...

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  1. No0T

    People you see that are very far avvay retain the colors to much this makes them to visible... lets make this more realistic...

    Make people fade avvay sorta greying them blending them more vvith the enviroment as far as you see them...

    Distance vvould matter in a more realistic vvay this vvay... DO THIS INSTEAD OF REDUCING PEOPLES DAMAGE POVVER AT A DISTANCE.
  2. Neo3602

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  3. Pikachu

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  4. No0T

    You deny reality mister... not talking about disapear but fade... grey out... blend like in reality people does vvhile far.
  5. Chubzdoomer

    Your Ws are triggering me.
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  6. LordKrelas

    If they removed the damage reduction at range, weaponry that have high-damage for closer firing ranges would be as effective damage-wise at long range as at close-range.
    As well, anything that extends or shows opponents at longer ranges, would enable kill-shots well beyond the weapon's designed range.

    They have render ranges, not to reduce damage per distance, but due to load, and to limit ranges of select weaponry.
    Example being infantry AV turrets having to load in, before their weaponry can deal damage to the target.
    (No one likes to die to an non-rendered threat)

    So damage reduction at range isn't related to people rendering in or not.
    People do not become transparent the further away they are, as well - You either see them or they blend in due to size, colors, and other factors.
  7. Zagareth

    That might be true in your reality, but I can see people sharp and recognize them even a few hundred meters away :D
  8. No0T

    You never been in combat vvhen people tries to melt vvith the environment be sincere and tell me vvhen vvas the last time you spoted somebody in the desert or in antartica or in some deep jungle... tell me tell me vvhen vvhat vvere you doing?
  9. Zagareth

    I agree, that the "Black Man" figure for the toons after a certain distance is a problem, Yesterday I made some really long range sniping with the Railjack. At 450m I could still see their Camo and its effect in the surrounding (harder to see when colors fit to the surroundings, easier to see when not), but in some situations (measured distance with waypoint), many snipers at 500-600m were just black Marks and Points and the little points for the head made it really easy to hit their head (once I got the bullet drop compensated).

    On the other side, it was on Esamir and black on white is easy to see... it would be a difference when I tried the same on Amerish in the hills.

    It would ne nice to be able to have a camo effect at this range, but I think it is only possible to render these toons at this distance when things like camo and armor are out of the calculation. Otherwise it will be pretty hard for the client system to keep up with all the data (my guess).
  10. TR5L4Y3R

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  11. DIGGSAN0

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  12. dreyone

    Having people fade a bit in the distance is not a bad idea for improving realism. Doing it instead of reducing damage at ranges is not realistic.

    Bullets in real life do not travel at a constant velocity. Their velocity changes across distances. Low-velocity weapons do less damage at range. That's a real life thing, not just something in a video game.

    Also obligatory remark on the fact that PS2 devs dont care, you're wasting your breath. There are countless far worse issues than what you're describing that they've ignored for years and are only getting worse as they focus all their attention on Useless Crap Nobody Asked For (TM)
  13. No0T

  14. No0T

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