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  1. RabidIBM

    It makes it difficult to figure out who real cheaters are when there is a flood of false accusations from people who are just salty about losing. Certain people in particular throw a lot of accusations around any time they are having a bad day, and for some of them that seems to be every day.

    I got into it a bit with one in particular who was accusing me of hacking and saying he was going to report and all that, and while at the time I said something to the effect of "I'll enjoy posting the screen caps of this conversation on the forum", I thought the better of it later. Publicly shaming a particular player would probably be against forum rules anyways.

    Newish guy in platoon: "I just got my first rage tell in Planetside!"
    Me: "Oh yeah, was it from [name]?"
    Newish guy: "Yeah, that's exactly who! He's saying that I [whatever usual BS]"
    3rd person: "Yeah, getting accused of hacking by that guy is pretty much a right of passage in Planetside"

    Now, I know there are a few people on all factions who do this, so I'm not even going to say what faction is in question here. I know of one on my own faction who is perma banned from my Outfit's platoons because among other reasons he never shuts up with the "That guy's hacking! Omg so many hackers! That whole outfit are all hackers!"

    There are a few problems with this. It poisons the morale of whatever platoon they are in, as sometimes people are a bit slow with the kicking. New players might actually believe that there are that many hackers, resulting in them leaving the game, or at least putting less effort into figuring out what they might be doing wrong. And finally, it must make it harder to figure out who really is cheating when there is a constant smoke screen of false accusations. These guys are making it easier for the handful of cheaters who are out there to get away with it because of the endless avalanche of false accusations. On top of that, we're all human, if it were my job to catch the cheaters, I would struggle to still give a **** after sifting through enough of this.

    Anyone got any ideas on how this could be reduced? Is there anything that we as a community that we can do to shut these idiots up? We all know who they are, the guy spamming your platoon comms with "everybody's cheating" is the same guy the other factions are seeing rage tells from, is the same guy sending in entire shotgun blasts of false reports.

    Name removed, but here's my example: For context, I was driving a Lightning tank.
    Accuser: Kinda cool that yall just appeared outta no where. Where can i get that hack
    Me: probably the internet
    A: Thats as good as admission. Reported
    Me: go ahead
    Me: Your rage report wont mean anything if you constantly accuse everyone who beats you of hacking
    A: done and I sent shadow play too. But youre an old scholl hack anyway
    A: Proably friends with the main dude at Daybreak
    A: So roll on with your hacks but know that you guys will be the ultimate downfall of the game

    Follow up, I just looked up what Shadow play is...omg I take it back, I don't think this would make me frustrated at all. Just imagine it! Some dude constantly sending you an endless stream of footage of how much he sucks! This would be the same kind of entertainment as watching really bad movies!
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  2. ican'taim

  3. InexoraVC

    Do you really care about hackusations ? I just ignore this kind of bs. For the most toxic players there is Ignore option in chat.
  4. Liewec123

    Hackusations are the goal that we all strive for! enjoy!
    its been a long time since my last Hackusation!

    (also Ican, you're a cool guy but your gigantic sig is annoying.)
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  5. JustGotSuspended

    Lol I can back yesterday after not being able to play for 2 weeks. Needless to say, I wasn't at the peak of my performance. That said, I killed this dude 2 times and that was enough for him to conclude I was aimbotting, and earned me the tell "reported!". Guy was an ASP 100 too, playing engineer, with double my KDR.

    I get a few ragetells every week, and it's weird to see that people continuously believe that I am hacking and have never been banned. Especially when you see my stats, and you wonder what goes through these people's minds.
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  6. JibbaJabba

    The "Prokor event" was legend and it reminds me of the hackusators in this forum. Just so absolutely convinced and can't be told otherwise.

    I love getting hackusations. I never try to defend myself. What's the point? Just like here you'll never convince people.

    That said, know what I love even more? The "how did you do that?" comments. Those I reply to. And I add friends, and I'll even switch factions and squad up for the voice chat. Happy to teach anyone what I know so long as they aren't a dick.
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  7. JustGotSuspended

    Yup, I know people who have watched a certain player's videos, yet are still convinced they are hacking in game and in their videos, "fooling" all their subscribers.

    Others think that the recursion stat-tracker is a hack.

    Some people are just impossible to reason with, it's just incredible the baseless accusations they are able to come up with with 0 facts.

    This I fully agree with. I try to help others, even when I just see them struggling I lend a hand, in hopes of helping someone. Unfortunately, very few people reply, fewer ask for help.
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  8. ican'taim

    i'll change it then :(
  9. Liewec123

    And now I feel bad XD
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  10. Trebb

    I actually convinced one guy after a hackusation, so there's that!

    Situation: My SPUR- Lib was stuck on the 2 door balcony at a tech plant, and with the gun inside the door, I mowed down a lot of people inside the tech plant near A point, before of course being C4d. One of them flew off the handle, reporting me for shooting through walls.

    I simply asked "Can you see the door where you died? [YES/NO]" If Yes I had line of sight to ya lol. He actually apologized. So it IS possible
  11. JustGotSuspended

    congrats, people like that are even rarer than hackers.

    I hope you friended that guy.
  12. CHINI

    A simple way to end the poison:
    1. mute other faction players after you killed them AUTOMATICALLY for some period. (I want that feature)
    2. make the filter system better. ("cheater pig" should be filtered out, that it isn't makes me believe that the devs don't care)
  13. CHINI

    Dear, Rogue Planet Games,
    If you care a **** for your player base, give us the OPTION!!!

    I throw money at you and the ONE thing I want, which is just a simple checkbox and easy to implement is not granted.
    I do not understand how you can be this DEAF.
  14. Scurge

    This is where I say "no look at my stats you were (whatever)."

    Yes hacks are in the game. Yes people violate TOS and use exploits often, vehicles in upper Biolab for example.

    If your not hacking don't worry about it and smile you hopefully did something smart.

    Now when your a still cloaker not doing anything and 20 people run past you no problem but a certain few make a b-line to you from a distance thats a sign.

    When a guy clears a room solo without a reload thats a sign.

    When player stats are showing a ton of kills with SMG and LMG at 70% accuracy thats a big sign.
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  15. MonnyMoony

    One word - fairytalesofterror.
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  16. JustGotSuspended

    it's a sign they're better than you. That's about it.
  17. Scurge

    Trolls again.
  18. Demigan

    A thread about not throwing false accusations with some of it's hacker apologists throwing false accusations at the other side.

    How about we all go to the middle of the road? We know hackers exist, we know that our developers actually need to sink money in a 3rd party system to combat them with some effect, we know from the hacker apologists own sources that reporting is one of the best ways to get attention to potential cheaters and have them properly investigated.

    I agree that players shouldn't be reporting any time they are killed, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be vigilant and report someone who is suspicious or even blatant about it. The whole point of trying to track them down is that there will be some false positive reports, and the developers/their anti-cheat program will simply not find a cheat in that case and move on.
    Fortunately there is a nice way to filter out the reports of players who report everyone who kills them and those who are actually suspicious: Volume of reports. If you get reported by someone who reports everyone, well you got 1 or 2 reports after you. A cheater however is more likely to gather many reports and thus will be flagged for investigation.
  19. pnkdth

    If you want to reach a middle ground then I recommend dropping massively passive aggressive terms like "cheater apologist." No one here believes in letting obvious cheaters go unreported or that it is OK to cheat.

    The main rub comes from two things;
    1) Subtle cheaters. You can literally call anyone a subtle cheater since its definition is incredibly vague. In the other thread a very unlikely shot which was put in a montage was used as evidence of cheats. To me, that is ridiculous. There needs to be multiple instances of subtle cheating otherwise it can be sufficiently be explained by luck or PS2 being PS2.
    2) Reports are already being sorted that way. The issue here is that if RPG doesn't act on false reports the same player who are probably already automatically ignored takes this this as RPG not acting or are protecting cheaters. It isn't like they go, "oh, I guess they're legit and move on." No, no, I mean, if a player which they accuse of being a subtle cheater is getting away with it this just proves that subtle cheats are subtle enough to get away with. Point is, these people seem to be extremely confident and loud with their ignorance and are actively seeking to badmouth the game.
  20. Liewec123

    even less-than-subtle cheaters go unpunished, i don't play connery
    but for a whole damn year the poor folks over there had a TR LA abusing the cr%p out of the rocklet reload bug.
    for a whole year reddit posts were popping up about this guy

    multiple videos of him doing this popped up.

    but DBG just didn't seen to give a c%%p.

    it took them a year until he either got bored of being sooooo bad at the game or he finally got banned,
    either way, its way too long for a known cheater to be exploiting for.