[FAIL] Alerts favor NC

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  1. Gavyne

    If it's 2pm where you are, you are on the east coast, which I would highly recommend playing on an east coast server. At this time of the day, west coast servers are not gonna be balanced such early in the day. Much like at 2am in the morning.

    Seeing you are TR though, you should want the merge because Connery is TR heavy. Of course if you were to play on an East coast server, TR owns the population there.
  2. TheChippewa

    yeah that was totally sickening not only do they have camera guided missiles, and op hard hitting guns they have the population after the server merge everyone was like, " oh good we'll get more TR and VS." hah all we got was a crap load of NC. So with them being op now we get out numbered and they will be winning all the alerts so they will all be geared. Guess I gotta go NC to have any fun playing this game now if killing under geared under powered low population VS and TR is any fun. Our server Helios was balanced at one point. Nobody had captured Indar until after the merge if that tells you anything.
  3. Cowboyhomer

    So the whole thread is pointless?
  4. Gavyne

    Heard this so often, people think dumping more NC onto the server would make it so you have to fight more NC. That's simply not true when continents are population capped during primetime hours between 4pm - 10pm usually. Meaning if you stay on the continent that's 33/33/33, you are fighting an even fight, no matter how many NC there are in the world.

    After the merge, all that'll happen is we'll see two continents that are 33/33/33 even population capped, so you'll have MORE balanced fights on MORE continents than just the one currently. Please tell me just how exactly that's a bad thing? Do people even understand continent population locks?
  5. TheChippewa

    This coming from a NC doesn't surprise me at all. Nice try at the troll Gavyne.
  6. Gavyne

    I'm trolling when giving you facts, but whatever, complain away. It would be nice for some people to understand how continent population caps work though.

    Take a look at how awful during the 4pm - 6pm alert yesterday looked on Esamir:


    Then also look at how terrible the population imbalance it was during 9pm alert on Amerish on Helios:

  7. Cowboyhomer

  8. TheChippewa

    I never said anything about population caps. The facts simply are we are outnumbered. This is the last response i'll make because to disagree with you is obviously like trying to fight a NC zerge on my own which happens all the time.
  9. Gavyne

    You are outnumbered during offhours, like right now, a west coast server where majority of the people are either at work or school. Population is definitely not balanced now, nor will it ever be.

    But between 4pm - 10pm, there's a 6 hour window where population is balanced on one continent. We usually share a 33/33/33 % population on Indar, although thanks to the alert system, the even balance went to Esamir and Amerish as well.

    AFTER the Helios & Connery merge, we'll have two continents that will have even 33/33/33 population instead of just 1 continent. The merge will give us two balanced continents to play on every night, that's a good thing, not a bad thing.

    This will be the last time I'll attempt to explain it to you.
  10. Wildcardgsx

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    To Poster:
    What do you expect! There to be an Even population at 4:40am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comon Give me a break!

    If you had been online during the day say 5pm-10pm you would have seen that the population was crossly in favor of the TR and the VU. I Suggest you playing during that time if you want your rewards! Mean while I have to be up at 3am to get mine! So dont you dare for one second complain about this!
  11. LordMondando

    Well thats were the 'believe' clause comes in.
  12. AIHatecrime

    Oh look TR and VS complaining about something again. Every time I play on Helios the TR and VS always have the same or within 2% population as NC. You guys are complaining about something that doesn't exist. Plus you two should just combine your populations. Its not like you two ever fight each other anyways.
  13. Cl1mh4224rd

    Ahh... I remember when VS used to be declared "easy mode" by the other factions and NC were either "hard mode" or just outright underpowered and the target of the devs' sadistic personalities.

    Someone even created a parody image: http://fireden.net/4chan/images.4chan.org//vg/src/1357388462614.jpg

    Seems like it was only a few months ago. My how times have changed. *wistful*
  14. Shockwave44

    Yeah, nothing is ever rigged.

  15. rickampf

    That was the most funny thing i read in this forum today. Thank you for the LoLs.
  16. TintaBux

    Miller it's a different story! Nc are worse of so far.
  17. jeuvisage

    It doesnt make any sense, the communist Chinese outfit 3KDC is NC on Helios.
  18. LordMondando

    Yeah, china... communist.
  19. AuxiMoron

    Maybe you should actually fight on all these servers or ask other people's opinion before assuming NC is #1 just by looking at pop stats for 30 seconds in the create a character page. Waterson favors TR, always has and always will, and we haven't won one Alert yet. TR got the first two we had.
  20. Peacemaker12

    Do they whine and complain much as the Helios TR/VS do? I haven't seen any Miller NC complain despite them being worse off as you say, because it's like every few days a Helios TR/VS posts or /yells a spiteful comment or backhanded compliment.