FACTS on the Vulcan, Marauder, and striker

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GoogleIntern2013, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Cinnamon

    Fun Saron HRB fact. More than twice the potential dps than Vulcan at any range vs ground vehicles and benefits more from upgrades. Killing ground vehicles is the main job of these weapon systems.

    Fun Marauder fact. Everyone thought it was awful until every other HE weapon was nerfed and now it suffers from tall poppy syndrome.

    Fun Striker fact. Lockons are very frustrating to use most of the time. People only generally use them on the rare occasion they work well like a stopping a zerg coming in over flat open ground. This probably leads to high score per hour.
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  2. Ganelon

    It's true that these are facts, but it's also true that you're listing all the pros without listing the cons.

    E.g. your post is so biased it's irrelevant.
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  3. p1nkbr0


    this is what i think of whenever somebody says "FACT..."

    TR's OP-toy defense squad sure jumped on this topic in a hurry. not at all unusual though.
  5. NietCheese

    Harrassers with Turbo/Composite and Vulcan are why I went from playing this game 12 hours a week to playing it 30 minutes after every GU comes out to see if it's been fixed.

    They broke this game through horrible balancing. I enjoyed driving tanks and now they are a disgrace. At this stage I am checking how the game is progressing after each GU, but really it's just in decline. Beeping mines? Red cursors to tell you when to shoot? AV Turrets that shoot forever still in the game? What the hell are they thinking.
  6. boom-mug

    I like how people defending the striker leave out that it has the fastest lock on time and does 1k more damage than the annihilator. (the only other thing that works on air and ground)... then complain that it requires the most time to hold a lock? lol the first three shots require the same time (or less), the last two are bonus damage... that's not a detriment, if someone could hold the annihilator for another 2/3 of a second locked to make it do another 1k damage, they would.

    They also don't seem to get how you simply aren't just countering their other weapon by "not getting close" (to the fastest vehicle in the game)... What do you have that they have to react in a certain way or die? What do you have they "can't get close" to or they die?

    The most powerful items in the game are things that FORCE you to react a certain way. This is the point where you can be controlled... if you can be controlled you can be killed. Most of these items are typically "lock ons" and "close range weapons" shotguns, vulcan etc...

    TR just happens to have the cream of the crop when it comes to the controlling weapons that are easy to use.

    You guys should really play the other sides and see what you are up against, at least to level 20 or so every couple patches. Sometimes people discuss things that are non issues, others you'll see are very much issues.
  7. Bad News

    Nice facts you have, guess you have never tried a Vulcan? It is not good against inf, it is a AV weapon. First the bullet spread is huge and then you have smoke from gun that make it impossible to see. You just shot in one direction and hope to get lucky.

    15 kills per mag... you need to spend less time on the forum and more time ingame.
  8. Tommyp2006

    If the vulcan could not be mounted to the harasser, would you complain about it?
  9. BigMacDeez

    You already know the answer man...
  10. LoneMaverick


    Use **** before you blatantly call it OP, seriously.
  11. Cougarbrit

    Typical VS. Don't worry guys, Higby knows not to listen to the VS.
  12. GoogleIntern2013

    Lol I was playing today and saw a HE prowler with a vulcan kill 3 battle sunndies in a row (with at least 4 people in each sunndy)

    The main driver of the MBT didn't even shoot at the sunndies, the vulcan 2 clipped each sunndy instantly
  13. Aethestis

    firstly, two clips is not instant, you are dumb to even try putting those two things in the same sentence to support your argument

    secondly, its too bad the 4 guys in each sundy just sat in there trying to basilisk a prowler to death, crying shame indeeed.

    Your thread is bad and you should feel bad (as are you)

    Also for even more lulz, vulcan has the worst ttk on sunderers of the three av secondaries, try again troll
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  14. ShureShot

    Can you maybe show me a post or a tweet from a dev that these are bugs, that this is not intended, that this will be fixed?

    Afaik, the devs consider the Striker 'working as intended'.
  15. Tommyp2006

    can you show me a post or a tweet from the devs that says these are intentional? SOE rarely admits most things are bugs. Why would they intentionally make a rocket launcher that ignores flares or clips through terrain?
  16. CrashB111

    So that NC and VS baddies could play Forumside and complain about it.
  17. SpaceKing

    The problem isn't the Vulcan is OP, it's that every single TR will roll up to the base in a Harasser or Prowler with one equipped. It's like pre-change Saron.
  18. Gendomaoken

    Wish TR would land at least once on the recieving end of their own weapons...
    Oh well, at least quite soon striker will become useless...
  19. CrashB111

    You are acting like every single Magrider doesn't equip the Saron, or every single Vanguard doesn't equip the Enforcer.

    Sure each faction has its random Marauder/PPA/Kobalt user mixed in, but the majority of tanks use their ESAV weapons since they know they will lose against an enemy tank using one if they don't have one.
  20. Kaon1311

    Yeah because a CQC gatling gun, with terrible COF and Bloom which makes it terrible at range is like a no drop, 1 second delay, massive damage laser beam......

    Old saron and Vulcan are in different leagues.
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