Faction weapon traits - Do they need to be better defined?

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  1. Outreach

    because I barely come to these forums let alone post. but yeah you're right. "i mad":rolleyes:
  2. ColonelChingles

    The NC trait is having the highest damage per shot out of infantry weapons. For shotguns and sniper rifles they do not have the highest damage per shot because TR and VS weapons do the same damage. If the TR and VS shotguns and sniper rifles do not do OHKs, then NC will have the strongest damage per shot weapons, as they should.

    OHK shotguns and OHK sniper rifles are absolutely NC traits.
  3. z1967

    So basically you want other factions to have no super close up shotguns or efficient long ranged weapons... This seems like a horrible idea to me. The NC would have dominance at the two extremes whilst the VS and TR are shoved inbetween. I think this is a bit one sided.
  4. St0mpy

    It wouldnt hurt SOE to increase the RPM of the top two TR carbines just a tiny bit to be faster than the NC/VS variants.

    Doesnt have to be much, its almost there now and the small difference will hardly change the dps/ttk at all.
  5. ColonelChingles

    I actually agree with you. Which is why I'm not a big stickler for faction traits in the first place.

    Do the TR and VS get weapons that share the NC trait? Yes they do. Should they get such weapons? Yes they should, for balance reasons.

    Do the NC and VS get weapons that share the TR trait? Yes they do. Should they get such weapons? Yes they should, for balance reasons.

    Now what I don't like is when some TR shout that it's unfair for the NC and VS to get some weapons that share the TR faction trait, yet they completely ignore the fact that they have weapons that share NC traits.

    It's that hypocrisy that caused me to make my original comment. :) Can't stand hypocrites.
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  6. Ice

    I'd like to see one unique weapon per class per empire. The closest we have beyond the Heavy Weapons is the SABR-13 for the TR. The weapon doesn't have to scream "TR!" or "VS!" but just be something a little different than the other weapons in its class and unique to an empire.
  7. minhalexus

    You interpreted me wrong there.
    Its an NC trait to have slow and hard hitting weapons.
    Such as the shotguns and BASR.

    Just like GD-7F is not a TR weapon, but has traits similar to the TR weapons.
    The shotguns have traits similar to the NC weapons.

    Balance > ES abilities
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  8. minhalexus

    The Reaver is already like a mini-liberator at the moment.

    Armour + Slower + hard to maneuver = Liberator

    What you're saying is not true. You will not be hitting the scythe as easily as the Reaver especially in 1v1 dogfights.

    The scythe has a 7% larger top than the Reaver.
    But it has nearly 100% shorter dimensions compared to the reaver other than the top. (sides/back/front)

    In hover fights a Reaver and Mossie are easier to shoot down cuz they have a larger frontal hitbox.

    The reaver has a faster AB speed but has a slower cruising speed than the mossie.
    I mossie will outrun a reaver in most public server situations.

    AB advantage is only significant if you are using Ex-fueltanks.
    Since i do not run those anywayz i will gladly trade a slightly higher AB speed for the extra Armour.

    And i'm not sure what you mean by saying the Reaver is more maneuverable than the scythe.
    Cuz it isnt.
    Its much smoother flying the scythe than the reaver.
  9. vanu123

    *limited* the range at which you need to compensate is still further due to the increased velocity. God Saw is great. Damage per shot is more effective for longer ranges and for getting headshots.
  10. Epic High Five

    "Take away all of the bad things about TR weaponry and make them superior to all other guns at all ranges. Give them double the mag size of VS/NC guns and to compensate for dominating up close by also being really accurate at range"

    This personifies the forumside approach to "balancing" the TR as well as "the AMC should be 167 damage weapon, I'd be willing to give up some ROF for that."

    Yeah guy, I guess it'd be tough to settle for an insanely accurate 0.75x 167/725 carbine. I mean it'd be the best gun in the game but I'm sure you'd find a way. Or come down to earth and realize that you're going to have to give up 200rpm and 10 rounds in the mag like the NC/VS do if you want an NC/VS style gun.

    NC's got great variety but we're lacking anything OP. every single one of our guns is love/hate which tells me they're balanced. Take the 7F and toss it into a pit for all I care. I didn't sign up for high ROF and I wouldn't miss it. The only 143/845 gun in the game that's worth a damn is the TRV because it gets a longer reload because of 33% larger magazines, as opposed to the 7F which gets it just because. It's fun I guess, but I can't say I'd recommend it over the default, much less something like the Blitz, which trades an unnoticeable amount of damage for 66% bigger mags and MUCH better hipfire both still and on the move.

    The TMG-50 is the better version of the Flare/SAW S and I hardly ever see it on the battlefield. Go ahead and give the TR a Razor/Pulsar C style carbine and watch as they never use that either because waaaa, it has 30 round mags and a low ROF
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  11. KnightCole

    What the doof? Im not saying anything about upping TR Damage. nor NC RoF.

    Slightly buff their ranged abilities a tiny bit yeah.
  12. MajiinBuu

    Balance > Lore and "Traits"
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  13. Epic High Five

    You pretty much quoted NC guns to stay as they are but to lose a bunch. The bloom over time is already the lowest unless you're hipfiring, in which case what's wrong with you you're NC, the damage already drops to only 167 or 143 with very few exceptions, our FSRM are in line with the other factions, and our recoil is already largely vertical.

    You're proposing that the NC be in a situation like the VS are in, where you've got one gun in every class that's pretty much like every other gun and then the NS option if you're feel saucy.

    People generally agree that they want the TR/VS to be in the position the NC is in - with no really bad choices and guns with character that are fun to use. Why is everybody proposing everybody get 200 damage weapons or the NC get nerfed to hell! I want free exmags and no bullet drop (whine all you like but it's a free perk - the downside WAS worse damage degradation but that was removed - that's hugely useful on battle rifles and scout rifles), high velocity (check the stats, the VS own velocity outside of the sniper rifles), high mobility guns with swift reloads too but I live without them because I'm happy with what I chose.

    Oh and the complaints from the VS about the Railjack being no bullet drop are just rich. There was a no-bullet drop OHKO sniper rifle introduced that patch alright, but it wasn't the NC one. It was the one that's also a semi-auto sniper with unlimited ammo in addition to being no-drop :eek:

    Just make the AMC into a Pulsar C clone and be done with it good lord. Making the SAW into a 75 round gun with a 4.875 second reload isn't going to change anything about the TR LMG lineup. Hell it'll probably make their lives harder.
  14. KnightCole

    No where do I want the TR to get 167dmg guns. No where do I want everyone to get a 200 dmg gun.

    You sure you read my post lol? or you confusing stuff......

    I proposed the addition of Exmags to almost all TR weapons. And yeah, the NC to lose their TR trait style weapons so that we have defined faction specific weapons. So we get NC Trait weapons, good damage, moderately increased RoF weapons for CQC. 167@620RpM. While the TR get 143@750-800RpM weapons. Then the VS get Lasher effects on their guns.

    Where you getting I want the TR to get a 200dmg gun?
  15. TheMercator

    You may be interested in the fact, that at the beginning of the game TR and VS didn't have a bolt action sniper rifle, just the semi auto one.
  16. Epic High Five

    It's been proposed many, many times thus far.

    If we're leveling the playing field across the board based on dps though those 167 damage guns would need to be 642rpm not 626. 200 damage guns would similarly have to be bumped to 536rpm, and that's just to match the lowest tier of TR dps of 143/750!

    The problem is that the TR guns are kinda samey and meh despite being effective, because nobody wants to play the now military in a future space game. VS guns are all pretty much the same damn gun with awful damage per mag and most of them overperform a bit statistically so they're even harder to fiddle around with or suggest things for.

    I don't see why anything the NC has needs changed dramatically. We aren't winning any dps races and our guns require more thought to use overall, and on top of that they're all loved or hated. The Viper is OP as hell and it's not hated by a single tanker. Likewise, who hates the Jaguar or the Orion?
  17. BluescalesNZ

    Personally I like the TR, their guns may all look the same, but I like their sound effects, and being able to take my Rhino, point at a guy at middle-to-long distance and just hold down the trigger with minimal mouse compensation and watch them dance is fun as hell.
  18. KnightCole

    I dont propose to lvl the playing field. I propose to make guns faction trait based.

    200dmg@500RpM is prefectly fine and deadly.
    167@577-600Rpm is plenty deadly enough.
    167@620 seems like it would be a good dmg/RoF ratio to bump up an NC CQC based LMG or AR to without obsoleting the SMG and without being to TR or VS like.

    143@750-800. Those are perfectly fine dmg/rof ratios. THey perform plenty well enough, if the user realizes the gun is not made for ranged combat.

    I do agree the TR guns are kinda boring to play with, but for me thats mainly due ot the sound and the same looks on all guns. Same kinda goes for the NC and VS on the model side of the house.....the same model copy pasted 10 times is old.
  19. Epic High Five

    Blech, let the TR and VS create a big pile of inaccurate CQC guns and leave my high damage/low dps guns well and truly alone. I'd rather we just get more slow, hard hitting gear without stupid pointless crap being added to it like what made the RailJack a worse version of the common pool tier 3 snipers and why the X11 and Reaper were so awful for so long.

    Our CQC LMG is the Anchor and it needs 0.75x a whole lot more than it needs 20rpm. Not every class needs to have access to a gun that fills every single niche, it's why NS guns and SMGs and shotguns combined can do everything across the board and are common pool.
  20. z1967

    Today I learned something... Other than graphing in three dimensions.

    I think that is something that we can both agree on for this. Along with quite a few other people by the looks of it.