Faction weapon traits - Do they need to be better defined?

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  1. BluescalesNZ

    The idea you have is pretty much what I'm thinking - the faction traits need to be better kept to the faction that's supposed to have them. NC guns should never fire as fast as TR ones, there might be a handful of guns in the NC arsenal that have higher RoFs than the rest of them, but they're by no means as fast as anything in the TR arsenal.
  2. Goretzu

    The Railjack HAS bullet drop. :confused:

    It is also outperformed in pretty much all senarios by the Longshot up to 400m (unfortunately well beyond infantry render range).

    The NC6 is fine (but not better than the EM6 or Anchor as a general LMG).

    The GD7F was absolutely needed with the old flinch mechanics, but isn't needed as much now, so there is a possiblity that could be changed (the problem is RoF is still the most powerful trait by a country mile - conversely high damage per bullet is a trait, but has pretty much no inherent advantage unless they are capable of 1 shotting).
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  3. AzureKnight

    Pretty mch as it was said, almost every unique trait for a faction is seen as OP so the devs respond with nerfing it so hard that it because an ability that's only situational at best and requires 3-5+ people using the same thing to make it effective at worst.

    I'd love there to be unique weapons but as it stand, ZOE got nerfed, Vanshield will get nerfed, fractures got nerfed, phoenix nerfed, striker nerferd... The traits of the factions have even been nerfed since people thought it was unfair that NC got high damaging weapons while other complained about the TR's clip size and the VS' reload speed so now every faction has at least one gun that is comparable to at least half of the similar type guns of another faction.

    When a new weapon is released, it's always overused and then people complain about how OP it is and it gets nerfed in to the ground. The only exception I've seen so far is the Crossbow and stalker cloak which were actually released in a way that people aren't complaining about them.

    What needs to happen is in the future, all factions need to get a new gun at the same time, similar with what happened with the sniper rifles. When you release weapons for each faction at the same time, you don't have half the server switching to one faction to test out a new gun only available to that faction. I believe doing this more would actually have fewer "nerf this gun" threads.
  4. Radioactive Bomba

    To be honest, no. Of course the game could use some better things, some more exclusive features for each faction.

    But in my opinion, it's ok for now, having a little bit diversity in your factions arsenal is always welcome, i wouldn't love to play this game, if i play TR and ONLY get low damage rapid firing weapons, or as NC with ONLY Heavy hard hitter, and that's where i think faction traits are kept to a certain degree, while the majority of NC's main arsenal is hard hitters, and TR's main arsenal is primarily focused on high RoF, i would say they stick pretty well to their factions trait.

    A few green grapes inbetween loads of red grapes is always welcome, i can see TR needs more weapons that are more unique to their faction traits, as many of the TR's and VS weapons are actually very similar when it comes to the RoF which is supposed to be their main faction trait, however 40 bullets in a carbine mag has saved my life loads of time, TR also seems to have slightly more reload speed, these are traits that can't really bragged about, and loads of people seem to forget that. But they are useful assets many time, and to be able to put 3 143 damage rounds into an enemy while NC let's say get's to shoot one 200 damage bullet is a big addvantage in my opinion. So except incredibly unoriginal weapon designs when i don't really think TR needs too much of a buff. And not to mention the hipfire accuracy. Most TR weapon has an advantage there, and that is not to be forgotten.

    Because if they truly stick to faction traits exclusive, when people will complain "TR ALWAYS WINS CQC!!!11!" Or "NC DOMINATES RANGES NO COUNTERS URGHEUB!111! "

    Infact i wouldn't love to see it, as NC i love to be able to pull my GD-7F and adapt to tower or "Urban" fighting, As TR i love to be able to pull my trusty TMG-50 and dominate ranged engagements.

    How i see it now is that SOE probably had that in mind when they decided to give some weapons which is specialized in the complete opposite of the factions traits. That every faction should have some counter to each situation without dominating the other factions traits at the same time. And that's where i think balance is achieved. When the factions majority of their arsenals is made up by primarily weapons that follow the factions traits... Well that's where i think factions follow their traits.

    I have not posted too much about Vanu, i see them as the kind of "Middle man" when it comes to faction differences, they seem to the faction that has a good selection of guns for each situation, and master-of-none.
  5. GardenOfSilver

    I wish they would just get it over with and common-pool all weapons while giving each empire a outlier in most major categories or so. I'd kill for a 167 damage carbine for my TR at this point, they handle just that much better and is far more comfortable for my style.

    I'd kill for it, but sadly however much I try to loot every NC corpse I come across I can't seem to steal one. It sucks.
  6. NinjaTurtle

    Desperado for a start.

    Another TR weapon that the NC should never have got

    Damn I'm glad you aren't in charge.

    Sure fire way to make the game boring and kill any point in having factions

    SOE should be making the empires more different. Problem is as soon as one faction gets something even remotely good and different too many plays cry unfair or OP and want it as well
  7. phreec

    I like my high RoF weapons as NC. For all I care give the VS and TR some of our low RoF weapons.

    Sharing is caring.
  8. NovaAustralis

    There are faction weapons traits !? o_O

    Oh right... this:
  9. ColonelChingles

    Do the TR and VS get OHK shotguns and sniper rifles? Then they have access to the highest damage per shot infantry firearms in the game, which is an NC trait.

    Give those back and then maybe you'll have a point. ;)
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  10. minhalexus

    So your point is that the TR does not get NC traits while NC gets TR traits?

    Doesn't every1 get OHK shotguns and OHK BASR? That is an NC trait.

    The TR carbines are superior in CQC combat while being a bit versatile. Most combat takes place in CQC-Mid (10-30m)

    I dont mind the NC losing the 800 RoF guns as long as TR and VS have their pump-action shotties removed.
    Shotguns are the only option for NC players if they want to go CQC, and all factions have access to these shotguns.
    Non the less i dont mind if the TR got a 200 damage carbine like hte AC-X11.

    Shotguns seems to be always left out when it comes to weapon diversity.

    Infantry weapons are fairly balanced except for the GD-7F and Serpent. These can be balanced by bringing in a new weapon or nerfing them to death.
    The Lynx on the other hand is not a terrible weapon compared to these weapons. Mostly because of the 40 round magazine.
    Sure they can buff the RoF to 845 to match it with the other 2 weapons.
  11. minhalexus

    The TR got the Emperor for this, while the VS got Manticore. (these guns represent an NC trait, little or more)

    Burst fire is not a TR trait though.
  12. Wobberjockey

    the biggest problem i have with that is that High recoil, both burst and sustained SUCKS with the random left right recoil the VS get as a faction.

    you can't learn to compensate for recoil like that since it is random.

    the tr can pull down and left while firing. the VS can only equip fore grips.
  13. axiom537

    Personally, I think each faction should have a faction trait that it is strongest in, which means they do not need to invest any additional certs to upgrade those traits in their weapons. I also think each faction should be able to access a variant or knock off of another empires empire specific weapons, however the knock off would only be a shadow of the actual weapon it is meant to copy, and players would need to invest like 3-4000 cert points into that knock off weapon to bring it even with the Empire Specific weapon.

    This allows the factions to have their faction traits and strong suits. However, balance wise if an NC or TR Character wanted a Lancer like weapon, they could buy the knock off weapon & then invest 4000 cert points into it until it would perform identical to the lancer. Obviously, we would have some cosmetic & animation changes so that the knock off would match its empire a bit better. For instance the TR Lancer Variant, might charge up to launch 3 rockets at the same time and the NC Variant charge up would add additional rounds into the barrel to launch all three at a time.
  14. Outreach

    Ok by your ******** reasoning. Let's go ahead and remove smg's from NC. Also burst fire pistols isn't your thing so let's get rid of that as well. Oh and mobility is a VS trait no reason why you should have .75 move speed on any of your weapons. Also the caranage and reaper are too accurate and that's also not your trait. Also if you'd bother to actually learn something manticore and cerberus are not "copies" they're the closest thing we have while being flat out worst than the magshot and rebel. Also dingus 167 damage is not a NC trait neither is 750/800 rpm hence why it's shared across the board. Also let's go ahead and stop the reaver from ever going faster than the mossie and make it so it's no longer more maneuverable than a scythe.

    You can cry about no bullet drop when you actually have to deal with it some and we get it on all our weapons.
  15. CptFirelord


    Deal with your drop, it's easily manageable. You get the benefit of having NO RECOIL, so I'd stop QQing about the Swagrider if I were you. You also boast the best stealth tank, the quickest TTK of any 2/2 AV loadout, best damage degredation for the AP weapon / Saron, best ES AV secondary... need I continue, or do you understand?
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  16. Bape

    Aw someone is mad because im speaking the truth stop whining VS has nothing to complain about NC/TR has nothing that is VS that the truth deal with it. Also 167 dmg guns are NC because guess who has the most 167 dmg guns? NC do because look at the cyclone for example it empire specific 167 damage.

    End of the day the only one that can complain are the TR that is all so I laugh when I see VS complaining that NC has both TR and VS trait lmao.

    Edit- Also the reaper is accurate lmao???? here is a prime example of someone that never played NC I can tell you right now literally every weapon VS has is more accurate then the reaper.
  17. minhalexus

    I played NC after playing VS.
    NC weapons seemed extremely easy.

    Then after a while i went back on VS.
    VS weapons seemed extremely easy.

    More damage per bullet or shot is an NC trait.

    Its an NC trait to have more armour. Lets give some if not all NC classes 20% extra armour.

    I dont see how a VS player is complaining about NC having 800RPM, since they have nearly or exactly the same thing as the NC.
    Reaver doesnt cruise faster than the mossie if both are given equal attachments.

    Reaver has the largest hitbox, lets give it more armour to make up for it.

    I do not mind NC losing SMGs as long as VS and TR do not have access to shotguns.
    And ofcourse NC should also have a shotgun for the infiltrator, since it wont be having access to SMGs anymore.

    The only weapon that is causing trouble is GD-7F and the Serpent.
    SOE can remove these weapons, OR they can bring in NC like weapons for the TR. (like the AC-X11)
  18. z1967

    Higher Alpha damage (higher per bullet damage) are NC traits, hence their exclusive use of the 200 DMG tier for automatics. OHK and shotguns are not faction traits, just bad game design.

    Honestly, I think we should throw faction traits (high ROF, recoil patterns etc.) out the door and open up some more diversity in the faction loadouts. The main distinguishing factor would be subtle traits (faster reloads, bigger mags, faster bullets) and main traits like ROF, accuracy, and damage would be available across factions. Balance as necessary. NS weapons would fill gaps in or add bits and bobs (like a slower firing ACX-11 as an NS weapon or a 40 round NS AR). Another distinguishing trait would be certain types of ES weapons (like the MCG) that are designed to be less combat effective but far more unique and fun. Yes, NS vehicle weapons would also be provided for primary weapons(but they are already mostly balanced imo). I like my idea. Seems a great deal better than ganking other factions in certain weapon ranges and varieties/types.
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  19. Outreach

    "lol u madbro?"
    yeah replying to an idiot sure makes me mad. I'll go ahead and ignore you now. Especially since you're talking **** and I have a higher rank, better k/d and xp/min on all three factions than you. also the reaper is fine, maybe you should try not being bad at planetside?:rolleyes:

    whatever, the amc better go away then as well then.

    also don't even give me that large hitbox crap. if you hit a reaver then you'd be hitting the other esf's as well. you people are a joke acting like the reaver is the sunderer of esf's. and sure you can have more armor on the reaver right after it's never allowed to go faster than a mossie and stops being more maneuverable than the scythe, then sure enjoy your extra hp.
  20. Bape

    Yes yet you don't show your sig stay mad bad. The only one that mad here is you because you probably get handed by NC on a daily bases and you can't accept that you are just bad. Love to see your stats I bet you use HA/tanks/air and use boost :rolleyes:.