Faction Imbalance

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  1. SwornJupiter

    bruh, the NC have the most well-rounded and capable arsenal of the three factions. They have arguably the strongest 1v1 MBT, Ravens which can kill your tank in <10 seconds flat, and the god overpowered Mustang AH on the reaver that can instagib a 450 nanite MAX unit.

    This just comes down to lack of organisation in the NC ranks and weak leadership.
  2. Savadrin

    Well really what else would you expect from the Rebel Rabble? ;)
  3. SwornJupiter

    Auraxis ISIS confirmed...
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  4. Campagne

    I agree with you on the topic of MAXes, MBTs, and ESFs.

    But the NC's main problem, in my opinion, is that their accuracy-demanding weapons are inaccurate. I'm sure you've used the Gauss SAW before? I think that if it had a pin-point CoF it would be the absolute best long range automatic weapon, even with its recoil. I'd argue it'd even be the best mid-range one too. I'd argue that it would become the utmost devastating infantry weapon in the game.

    The problem though, is that even if you go for headshots, plenty of shots will simply fly past. while high RoF weapons can simply point at center mass and hold down fire. :(
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  5. CleverAssName

    Appreciate you being one of the only civil people in this thread. Funny how the guy with BR45 account manages to act smarter and more civilized than the BR100s. I never claimed that the NC was totally underpowered, just that there is nothing unique about our faction. VS has their accuracy and ease of use which very few weapons share, the TR have the ability to lay down supressing fire and typically get around faster than the others, and the NC's 'thing' is supposedly high damage weapons that should have a faster TTK if you can manage the recoil. Currently, that isn't the case. The people saying the jackhammer is a one hit kill fail to mention that the ammo economy on it is ******* terrible if you want those one shots, and server latency tends to cause weapons to instagib anyways. To all the caustic ******* in this thread, sorry I said anything. I've repeated multiple times that I said TR shotguns FEEL better for a reason, I didn't say that they are inherently better. The fact that some of you guys who've been playing forever can't understand what I'm saying is funny to me. I'm not a 'new' player. I have days of playtime. I've experienced most of what this game has to offer already, from leg drops to harasser races to warpgates. The fact that you've been playing for so long has totally blinded you to the fact that the NC is by far the most difficult faction to learn as a new player. I feel like I do well. My KDR is around a 1.4, which is decent, especially with the large scale fights that take place. I take bases. I lead. I play. Go ahead and say I have a lack of experience, but I know otherwise, as do the other people with NC accounts in this thread. The only people being toxic are the people who didn't start playing as NC. With the TR you get so many bullets that you don't need to aim. With the VS aiming is easy because of the accessibility of most of their arsenal. The NC arsenal requires you to deal with high recoil, aim for the head, and even then you can be out damaged by the majority of the other faction specific weapons.
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  6. Imp C Bravo

    Hate to tell you this -- but according to Oracle of death -- the NC weapons outperform their faction specific counter parts in almost every category. So....NC is UP? Yeah not so much.

    What you feel you are experiencing is the differing skill ceilings / skill floors of the faction specific weapons.
  7. Daemonn

    You talk about weapon "feel" and insist the NC weapons are outclassed yet when I go into VR and try out the starter weapons, with no attachments, hands down the NC weapons feel easier and give me more confidence that if I land shots, my target is going down.

    Jump into VR right now and try each factions starter weapons, I'd be surprised if you honestly can say otherwise.

    "TR get so many bullets they don't need to aim" - right except we both know that statement is false. I don't think even a single player finds success in full auto firing without aiming. This argument is very weak.

    "VS can aim easier because of the accessibility of their arsenal" - how exactly does having "easy access" to their weapons make them aim better? And what do you mean by this statement, the VS weapons are cheaper? Because they aren't.

    NC has no advantages?

    Phoenix can shoot over and around terrain/buildings.


    Ravens are hands down the best AV max weapon.

    Vanguard can pop shield and stay mobile, a direct boost in combat.

    Jackhammer in CQC.

    Mustang can OHK infantry and turn MAXes into scrap faster than any other ESF main non-explosive weapon.
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  8. CleverAssName

    I'm just going to give up trying to explain my point after this because you idiots are clearly illiterate.
    #1. I've stated multiple times that I play the other two factions and have used their weapons. Don't tell me to go into VR and use the weapons, I do it in live play. The Gauss Saw is a good example of a weapon that the NC are started out with that is terribly difficult for a newbie to pick up and use.

    #2. The Jackhammer is only a reliable one shot kill if you have the burst mode on, which kills your ammo economy, and if you're at a range where a pump shotgun makes more sense anyways. I've had instances of hitting a target at 10 meters 9 times with the jackhammer and not even damaging his health pool. Shotguns are inconsistent. You can't argue with it. They are.

    #3. I don't know where you got the idea than Vanguards can pop a shield and 'stay mobile'. We can pop a shield, but what does that matter against the prowlers that reload in a second during lockdown, especially when the Vanguard is the slowest faction specific tank. This is the same reason why you hate Ravens. There's no effective counter and you can't escape because of how quick their TTK and reload is. I would also add that ravens take 2000 certs just to get. But oddly enough, when it's you that gets to stomp something with no skill, there's no remorse. The shield doesn't help at all, it blocks a few shots, but just like everything else in the TR arsenal, ammo is no object.

    #4. When I said the TR don't need to aim, that was ******* hyperbole, I'm not suggesting that you can aim 5 feet to the right of your target and still win. The TR have a higher rounds per second, leading to a higher chance of you hitting something because you're capable of mag-dumping high capacity mags.

    #5. The Phoenix is designed to have a uniqueness just like the other specialized launchers the other factions get. The Lancer makes long range shooting incredibly easy, and the Striker allows effective deterrence of enemy ESFs. The Phoenix's advantage comes in the form of medium range damage that can be guided by the player, but it lacks the range of the lancer or the ease of use of the Striker. All 3 of these rockets feel like they have a niche while still being balanced, which is how the factions should operate as well.

    #6. The Ravens are high damage weapons that you can guide with minimal skill. I bought them when I was rank 10. I agree, they do need a nerf. They're long range AV weapons, range and damage don't need the nerf. The ******* things reload in a second so you effectively have no downtime, which is why they're so annoying. There's no chance for you to get away while they reload. Reload times need a nerf. See that there? I admitted that something needed a change, and if it gets into the game the community will be better off for it. That's where you idiots fail. You're so incapable of being told that something you have is too powerful that when it's something somebody else has you feel is too powerful you lose all credibility because of your bias.

    #7. The Mustang IS an explosive main ESF weapon, which shows your lack of experience with it. The rounds do minor splash damage, and the way I see it, if you're flying close enough to shotgun a MAX unit with an aircraft and don't get dumbfired out of the sky, that's your own ******* problem. The mustang requires you to get into ranges that the other weaponry for ESFs doesn't. It's a high risk high reward weapon, and you'd prefer it be high risk for no reward.

    #8. The VS have better reload times, better accuracy, better range and muzzle velocity, and typically better hipfire CoFs than the other factions. These benefits allow even the novice players to pick up the weapons and use them with little to no difficulty. And since you wanted to bring it up, yes, the VS weapons are cheaper. They don't truly require extra attachments to be effective, beyond a scope to capitalize on their longer range obviously. The NC weapons almost require a foregrip and a compensator to allow people to hit the consistent headshots necessary to compete with the other factions.

    #9. The Railjack's only advantage to other NC bolt actions is the fact that it has a very high muzzle velocity. I hate that it's the only decent BA in our arsenal. However, it still has a wind-up that makes it incredibly irritating to hit a strafing target, as well as the fact that at range, the VS rifles still have absolutely zero drop, meaning that's an entire dimension of sniping they don't even have to break a sweat over.
    That's the last reply I'm posting on this thread. You people have demonstrated exactly why the developers don't listen to you, you're so ******* caustic towards anybody who even suggests a change for the betterment of the game that anything you suggest yourselves gets ignored. You enjoy tearing eachother to shreds like children, I'm going to go enjoy the game while you do that. Good day.
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  9. Ronin Oni

    the starter NC shotgun is literally an EXACT copy. All 3 have the EXACT same shotgun. All shotguns, except the NC ESHW JackHammer, are identical across the factions.

    NC are the ONLY faction with 200 dmg tier infantry guns.

    MAX shotguns are also considered the best point holding AI weapon.

    The game is assymetrical... the other factions do get their own advantages, though you didn't list any of them, and NC has plenty themselves.

    You have severe faction bias.
  10. CovertYank

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  11. Azawarau

    I find the vanguard to be the least useful of the three tanks but its good enough to get a pass

    The shield cant compare to the positioning the vanguard and mag rider can get

    As for guns its gotten much better recently so i dont have many complaints

    Though when im on my Vanu and an NC tries to shoot me at a distance i laugh at his face and gun him down easily

    So sad when they have seconds to fire ahead of me and still lose terribly
  12. Jubikus

    NC arsenal in a good players hands is evil. I main TR because i like the players there better because the average player there is older than the other 2 factions there are exceptions to every rule but ive not played with many people in their fourtys on NC and i just dont like vanu ascetically period. With that said i like NC arsenal alot more i find that a scatmax with slugs gives you slightly less range than duel mercys but higher kill rate as your opponents will likely get hit by 1 slug in the distance and be like pfft hes got shotguns im fine then suddenly 2 or 3 volleys later both slugs land and they drop dead where with mercys they take constant damage and just run off. They dont have much sustain but my experience is going into a room of enemys unloading my mags with a scattmax by the time im done ive taken so much damage its time to bail and get repaired anyways so this has been a complete non issue.

    Now everyone has different playstyles and skill levels theres also a degree of randomness with your experience on another faction. Some people try a different faction and think its weapons are OP when in all reality they were just fighting against unorginized bunch of lone wolfs instead of fighting against an organized squad like they would be on their main so they did better not because of the weapon but because the current battle was against noobs.
  13. Zombo

    well, you made a whole thread with only a call for further unneeded nerfs, so actually he was way more constructive than you are

    Vanguard is fine, Magrider is fine, Prowler is fine, all have their own strengths and weaknesses

    and whoever said NC guns should be better in CQC? the only thing NC guns are supposed to have are harder hitting rounds, and they have, and NC on top of that have by far the best infantry weapons there are, wake up!
  14. DeadlyOmen

    Balance is boring.

    Relax, and respawn.
  15. Azawarau

    Im gonna disagree here

    The TR are more well rounded with their tank convoys dominating other tanks and bases as well as heftier AA ability

    For ground the large magazines and fast fire rate and of course lockdown max make them incredibly strong at taking and holding positions

    The NC cant pump out as much killing power and are really only more effective at closer smaller encounters by comparison

    the NC advantage is that Zerg power in bases, when its used
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  16. Gundem

    Nah, VS shotguns still have lower velocity.
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  17. asmodraxus

    Put it like this

    VS is lacking an effective AI weapon for harassers and MBT's
    VS / TR are lacking ES Sniper rifles
    VS / TR are lacking effective long range Max AV
    VS / TR don't get instagib max weapons
    VS are lacking effective pistols

    NC are lacking an effective CQC AV weapon seeing as the boom box is lacking a certain something
    NC max's have limited long range AI options
  18. Pat22

    Shotguns across all three factions are identical, and NC's 167 and 200 damage weapon give them greater effectiveness at range.

    If you 'feel' otherwise from playing one faction only, then you simply don't know what you are talking about.
  19. Imp C Bravo

    Oh man. I wasn't going to get too deep in this thread -- but this is too easy I can't resist.

    #1 Everyone agrees with this. The thing you are ignoring (cutting out to fit your narrative) is that NC, while having a very high entry skill floor, also has a very high skill ceiling meaning that at top skill levels their guns can outperform other faction's guns.

    #2 Rhetoric is not sexy. The jackhammer works just fine as evidenced by the fact it performs within standard margin of error as the MCG. The only heavy weapon that performs poorly is the VS lasher. Saying the Jackhammer is bad is ridiculous unless you want to also say the MCG is bad. FUN FACT: The jack hammer has the lowest playtime but the highest kills per hour. Think about that.

    #4 True the TR can do more body shots and stay competitive. They have a very low skill floor and that makes them more consistent. However -- headshot accuracy trumps that letting a skilled player kill his body shooting opponent 1v1 before his shields go all the way down. NC weapons are best at that (see #1)

    #8 I think you are wrong -- but then again I might be wrong as well. Someone else might correct me in this but looking at the concept of 'bloom, CoF, and 'Horizontal bullet spread'. Those are based on RNG and cannot be compensated for (unlike recoil which can be compensated for) via player skill. Last I checked VS loses in that area with most weapons.

    Regardless -- while you have a few good points and yes you did admit that some things NC have are better than their ES counterparts -- you also are under a few misconceptions.

    For the record -- I don't think we should sacrifice faction diversity to the altar of balance. Each faction having a few things that are better than others and a few things that are worse than others seems like it would make for a more fun game.
  20. CleverAssName

    Maybe you haven't been paying attention, but not only did I already address my misconception with shotguns, I've said just as many times that I don't JUST play NC, learn to read.