[Suggestion] Faction Diversity is Dying. It Must Be Saved.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Foxirus

    Higby.. If you see this.. Mother of god make it happen. Do not let faction diversity die under your watch.
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  2. Golconda

    oh my fragging god give me that a TR motorcycle O:
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  3. DatVanuMan

    Revive, you accursed thread, revive!
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  4. FieldMarshall

    Would be fun with some faction diversity that isnt vehicles or weapons. Like suit slots, grenades, class abilities and attachments.
  5. Bankrotas

    Eh, faction identity based on weapon damage model is bullcrap anyways.
  6. KnightCole

    "Charges Defib" CLEAR!!! SHOCK!!!
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  7. DatVanuMan

    Good one, doc. The thread is sort of saved!
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  8. The_Blazing

    I agree 150%, but I'm afraid that the dev team may just be too small for each new feature to come in 3 ES flavours. It's sad but true, PS2 has very little resources allocated to it by Sony, at least judging from the overall state of the game. If PS2 received a huge boost in funding tomorrow I'd be the first to call for more ES stuff, but realistically, this is not going to happen in the current state of things.

    Hey, at least we're getting empire-specific buggies someday. Or so they said, the new Liberator weapons also had to be ES but...
  9. WarmasterRaptor

    They could even monetize it if needs be XD

    Like they are already planning to do with different NS skins for vehicles, well dang, make empire oriented ones too!!!
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  10. FocusLight

    Post-count before the first derail attempt to get an unrelated tread to be all about the VS (Vain Sociopaths): 1.

    This is a completely new record. Congratulations.


    I feel your pain OP. VS Carbines is the worst example, but have a look at the average TR gun. You see the with ease the same parts used all over the place to make the different guns. It's... just sad.
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  11. Outreach

    Can literally smell the ******** on this one. Then goes on to do exactly what he just cried about.

  12. Nalothisal

    I'd like to see this be a thing in Planetside.

    I know there was a kind of air-flash thingy in PS1, but I'd like them to make something unique to Planetside 2 and not just ported. So here we go.

    Picture if you will an empire specific air-flash. This thing can fly about as high as the tower landing pads for max height and would have a unique "passive hover", which would mean that if you were flying at max height and came to a dead stop the craft would fall until it was a foot or so off the ground and stop and not descend further, (Unless you hit crouch, then you can crush the wee person under the vehicle and get a pancake bonus :p), at which point it would sit there hovering a foot off the ground as long as the pilot stayed in it, (think of it as thrust analog being passively engaged). This craft could easily "fly" over the ground at the Valerye's speed, (I think its 125 kph), and float over small rocks and stuff. It wouldn't be able to float over a cliff, you'd have to fly over it. Now based on what faction you are pulling this for it would have different flying capabilities.

    For the TR the craft would have more focus on speed than anything else. It would have the fastest ascent and descent and overall speed. The faction specific ability for the TR is a thing I will call "Air Compressors". This will allow the craft to jump, even above the max height, (but wouldn't be able to maintain this height).

    For the VS the craft would be more focused on faster strafe and overall agility while holding the mid range in speed. The faction specific ability for the VS would be a "Super Charged" version of the mag burner, (maybe a poor mans version of after burn)?

    And finally the NC would be the toughest, having the best in armor while sacrificing speed and agility to achieve this. Their faction specific ability would be a passive shield that would absorb all damage until it is inevitably overwhelmed and you start hitting the vehicle, (Think of it as a personal shield for the vehicle like what all infantry have).

    (Don't worry, none of them would have Wraith).

    And finally a default ability that all these craft have, a self destruct feature. Once activated it will kick you out of the vehicle and allow you to land on the ground safely while speeding off in the general direction you were last pointed at and explode dealing mass damage to all infantry targets while doing very little to armor, (basically two rocket shots in the rear of the Vanguard for a damage reference)

    Now for the weapons. The default would be dual Basilisk (the one on the Sundy) in a fixed direction, forward, and it would not be able to turn, you would have to turn the vehicle to aim it, (it'd handle like the Magrider and fly like a Phoenix with a sensitivity buff). The craft would be able to equip any of the normal guns you'd find on the Harrasser (aside from the Bulldog, I'd want a hybrid Bulldog/Halbeird cross to fill the role of a HE gun), including all the faction weapons, Vulcan and Marauder for TR, Canister and Enforcer for NC and PPA and Saron for the VS.

    If you have made it this far, you're probably saying that this thing is way OP. Well here are it's weaknesses. For starters the cost for such a vehicle would be around the price for a Valkyrie. Secondly this craft is not the strongest, (it's actually weaker than the ESFs), composite armor can help mitigate this. That plus this counts as an aircraft so both ground and air lock-ons can lock on this craft. Plus bursters would just murder these craft, so have fun MAXs. :p

    Soooooooooooooo that's my idea. Prob not the best place to put it but eh why not?

    Oh and here are what I think they should loosely look like....




    Enjoy :p
  13. FocusLight

    Seems English is not your strong suite. The OP speaks of weapon diversity being poor, you say you "can't hear him over how people cry about VS" thus completely derailing the topic and to that, I noted how fast it was that anyone tried to derail the topic, and THEN, I commented in regards to the OP's topic and agreed that weapon diversity is poor.

    To that, you say I did the same thing I said you did. I did no such thing, you tried to derail the topic, I commented on that and then spoke in regards to the OP's topic.

    I did the exact opposite of you. Try again.
  14. DrBash00

    100% my Opinion!
    Give more unique stuff!! Let every faction have some "op" Weapons as long all factions have "op" stuff and let us have a lot of DIFFERENT items for every Faction so we can manage the "op" weapons of the enemy with good teamplay and/or special strategys!

    YES to difference!!! YES to fun!!!

    NO to a 100% balanced game where we have all the same like in 1000 other shooter games.

    ps: I general dont play shooter, but i play planetside 2 because of strategy and it is special! Dont balance this away!
  15. Nalothisal

    As far as I know there are two kinds of balancing methods. One is the cookie-cutter, different skins but similar functionality. (COD) The other is RPS, (Rock, Paper, Scissors), different skins, different functionality with strengths and weaknesses. (Should be PS2)
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  16. Outreach

    How Ironic of you. He's saying weapon diversity is poor because any time something is different and effective, it gets nerfed. He was speaking of all factions at which point I made my statement in half jest. You're the turd who somehow decided to get offended without bothering to spend a few seconds comprehending what you were looking at. The topic wasn't derailed isn't derailed now and was perfectly fine until you decided to show how butt hurt you were. It's a comment aimed at ALL factions you mongoloid. Spend a little less time spreging out and a little more time reading. Now if you're done derailing the thread with you whiny ******** kindly **** on off and I'll go back to what I was doing.
  17. FocusLight

    Spend more time reading, you say?

    I have. How many different ways am I to understand this drivel you shared? THIS BS was the beginning to the whole issue I had with you. You tell me that this don't mean that I think it means. Well, that's to bad. You wanted it to mean something else, then write that something else and post that something else.
  18. Outreach

    Or I can do what I did and continue to tell you to **** off. Take your butt hurt somewhere else, cause it takes is a quick look at your post history to see that all you do is go around trying to jump on VS players since you obviously have some sort of problem us. Got a problem with me? Good then **** off. OP wants things to stop being nerfed due to whining then people should sit around screaming for nerfs to VS only to turn around and talk about how nerfing is bad when it's time for their faction's **** to step up to plate and get the bat.
  19. FocusLight

    "You spend to much time responding to VS players. Never mind WHY you respond to them, I'll just assume malice on your part and use this as my excuse to ignore what you are trying to say HERE in order to slander you and somehow negate your argument in this tread. Nevertheless, you are the one who should [censored] off."

    Noted. Getting any kind of argument out of your biased self won't be happening anytime soon. As such, welcome to my ignore list, there are some people I simply don't want to waste time dealing with. Better for us both if you return the favor.

    Have a great day.
  20. DocteurVK

    Didn't see this thread before, and I agree with OP.

    We need more ES stuff to make each faction has its strengths and weaknesses...
    I'd like to see various combat methods being used by each faction depending on their own technology.

    For example, I'd like infantry to have a diversity of ES tools helping in the fight, but for specific situations, as the Lasher for VS.
    Each ES tool would have to respond to a very specific scenario not to throw balance away.