[Suggestion] Faction Diversity is Dying. It Must Be Saved.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. 7 Drunk Midgets

    Oh no. No no no. I'm all for faction diversity, believe me, but with how wonky infantry movement in this game is, a flat movement speed buff across an entire faction for all classes would be madness. The servers are stressed enough as it is.
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  2. Archlyte

    Let it die. The faction population problems in the game are largely due to the stupid diversity. I'm tired of being content for other factions with easy mode equipment.
  3. Foxirus

    Actually that is where you are wrong. Because faction diversity is so little to begin with, The population problems are because people are going to where ever has the best cert farm at that time. An extremely easy fix for this would be temporary faction lock outs. In example, If you log into a VS character, You cannot log into a TR or NC character for 6 hours.

    This would balance the population trends I feel. Naturally, The lowest population would have their locks removed until their population reached more suitable levels for the entire server. The reason you give has nothing to do with faction diversity in the slightest, Because at this point in the game, There is little to none left to make a difference...
  4. Archlyte

    I'm for the lockouts, but it would never happen because real money changed hands to buy Vanu hats and hood ornaments.

    I don't know how you figure equipment having nothing to do with faction play rates.
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  5. tahn1000

    ... what's that server where everyone is a vs? must be fun playing there, with barely anyone in the opposing factions.
    easy pickings.

    no thanks.
  6. noobishtactic

    I dont understand why you are discussion something that will never happen for one reason:

    You can sell NS stuff to 100% of your customers while faction stuff can only be bought by 33%.
  7. Foxirus

    I posted this because I don't want to look back on the day I finally end up quiting because faction diversity died, only to question whether or not I gave them enough chances, Whether or not I tried hard enough to get them to see what was happening. For them to see how faction diversity, The major selling point of this game was slowly being killed off...

    At least this way I know that I tried and did all I could do. I will have no regrets because I tried my hardest to get them to see what was happening with faction diversity.

    Anyone who posts and supports this will be in the same boat. We did what we could do to try and show them.. We will have no regrets should we leave due to the game becoming stale with no faction diversity..
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  8. SpartanPsycho

    Oh no you haven't said it directly. You've said it INDIRECTLY.
    Its like passing a bill through congress, then denying the funding for it. That is what you do.
  9. AlCohonez

    The differences there are not so drastic, in PS2 the differences lead to constant nerf rants and a generally toxic game play discussions, so yea, there is a 3rd way but it doesn't really work well
  10. KnightCole

    The problem with populations is everyone wanting everyone elses toys. Players are not content with learning their faction, playing thier faction and being content with it.....players feel every faction should be identical and yet different somehow so as not to be a cookie cutter game......and well...it cant really happen that way.....and so, in the end, we get Planetside 2.........a game with 3 factions, with what could be called faction traits, but they are all melded together, kinda vague, and in the end, the game is just very bland and boring.......
  11. Archlyte

    Except that it isn't. When you could use the other factions equipment in PS1 you got the feeling that the other stuff was interesting, but not especially superior. In PS1 I also didn't have any cash shop purchases on any one faction, so I hopped factions more (especially when my faction was overpop and had an xp penalty).

    They should not have made such big differences across the board in the weapons, a few here and there, sure, but the giant diversity just presented problems.
  12. Brad seven

    What about our "stick you in place to die" I mean "lockdown" ability?
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  13. Kwyj1bo

    I like there are common pool weapons and vehicles, as well a faction specific weapons with subtle differences. I'm not a fan of huge asymmetry. And in some cases, even subtle asymmetry is annoying. For instance, making the Scythe the best A2A ESF means I now have to choose an entire faction based around one play-style, if I'm mostly interested in being an ESF pilot. Some people like that, but I do not. And I suspect that is the reason I see more Scythe gank-squads, and more Scythes in general(on the US servers), than any other ESF. I don't really want to go into depth about this Scythe issue here, just pointing out an example that I am all too familiar with.
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  14. DatVanuMan

    I just realized...
    I love you.
  15. Strottinglemon

    I 100% agree. Even a reskin of NS vehicles to be more in line with faction aesthetics would be huge. Something like this for the lib


    And this for the flash.

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  16. Foxirus

    I would kill for these things to be added... Why.. Why do people create such nice things as teasers T~T
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  17. DatVanuMan

    To tease us, you fool!
    BUT OH, that Liberator; I MUST HAVE that Liberator!
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  18. Canno

    You're right! Someone go post this on reddit...
  19. Cookie5000

    You just suck dude, I pwned with my Minigun all the time. This isn't CoD, use tactics.
  20. Dualice

    This guy [the one you quoted] really has an axe to grind about either his performance with TR weapons, or TR's presence/performance on whatever server he plays on. A number of us have suggested he tries a different server, or even a different faction... :)