[Suggestion] Faction Diversity is Dying. It Must Be Saved.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. MikeyGeeMan

    Purple red blue. Faction diversity.
  2. Foxirus

    Actually they could take full advantage of player studio creations with faction weapons and vehicles. Go look at Favens armors sometime. You will see they could have their work done free for the most part. Each time it sales, creator gets a commision of a set%
  3. Andy04

    Faction Diversity has barely even been here in the first place and it will never be, What the game is now is what it is going to be... A never ending Beta :D
  4. Benton582

  5. Goretzu

    It is strange how much your opinion has changed in just 1 year! :p
  6. Foxirus

    Don't cherry pick something I have said to make it look like something else. Finish the quote if you are going to do it. You will see I was simply talking about its design and animations. No where in that post did I say the lasher was good.
  7. Goretzu

    So you're saying you used an example of a weapon to hold up that you though was both totally useless and completely rubbish in useage and balance..... but looked ok? :confused:
  8. Foxirus

    Essentially Yes. The only thing the Lasher has going for it is that it fires a discoball and literally opens up. The weapon looks like some kind of alien tech when it fires. This is what I meant when I said Looks and feels unique.
  9. Goretzu

    And is unique (in PS2).
  10. AirSuicide

    I left this game along with my entire Unit (Over 3000 People) Because of this exact issue. I am sure I am not the only Unit of people that has done so.

    Every now and then I pop back on to see if this has been addressed and every year I am sorely disappointed, only to find more common Core Vehicles which look exactly the same, and more NS weapons which look exactly the same.

    You no longer have 3 factions. You have 1 faction in civil war which uses the exact same vehicles and the exact same weapons, with different colors.

    This is why PS2 lost 80% of its playerbase.

    This is why DBS was able to buy the rights to the game.

    This is why DBS is losing money on the game and can't figure out how to make it profitable again.

    When the answer is right in front of them. Players appreciate unique content. We are happy to wait for it. So stop. Relax, and actually "Make Factions Great Again". Before one of us whales decides to buy 51% of your shares, fire the lot of you, and actually recruit competent developers with an imagination.

    We the players are getting tired of waiting, and tired of giving you chances.