[Suggestion] Faction Diversity is Dying. It Must Be Saved.

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  1. Foxirus

    Thats right.. Faction Diversity is slowly dying out. It is the one of the few things that makes this game shine above all others. It is the reason I came to Planetside 2. You are fighting on a unique side that has its own technology, its own way of doing things and its own vehicles. Or... At least that is how it once felt..

    I am starting to see too many of the same weapons with gimmicky "Faction Traits" duck taped to them with a fancy reskin to make them match their faction.. You have this weapon, But so do the other factions with a slightly different model from yours. This has to stop.. Start designing individual weapons that are not simply remakes of each other.. Give us new toys to play with, Give us new vehicles that don't belong to the common pool Nanite Systems. Stop using old models for new guns.. I should not have 3 "different" Guns that have the exact same model as each other (And no, A small streak of black does not count). I play the Vanu Sovereignty so I can only relate with their weapons, But I know that the TR and NC are in the same boat.

    Take the Lasher X2 for example, This weapon is completely unique. It looks amazing and even has a great animation when being fired. It truly feels like an alien weapon and really screams that my faction is a group of highly advanced technocrats.

    Take the Ursa as another example. Sure its similar to most other guns, But it is a unique design, This gives it some depth and feeling to its back ground. It feels like the weapon was actually thought about for more than 5 minutes. Both of these guns are prime examples. We need more faction diversity in both look AND function.

    Let me get onto Nanite Systems. Nanite Systems is the bane of faction Diversity. It is the most harmful and detrimental thing you can do to hurt Planetside 2. Sure, It saves time and allows you to make a weapon for all three factions with zero balancing required, but it also makes you look lazy and rushed (Don't get me wrong, I am sure you guys are rushed). Nanite Systems needs to stop. It is allowing you to make excuses and cut quality from the game because you don't have to take time to make individual versions for each faction, Its literally a cookie cutter one size fits all tactic, and I hate it. I can't stand the fact that for every one faction specific item we get, There are four or five nanite systems objects added. It is KILLING this game when it comes to faction diversity.

    I suppose I will summarize what I am trying to get across...

    I feel like the game is heading in a poor direction regarding design and functionality. We need to fix this. Enough with Nanite Systems, Enough with reskinned same stat weapons.. We need to get back to the grass roots of each faction and give them truly unique weaponry and vehicles. I play this game because its three warring factions with their own technology and reasons for being at war.. So why do I no longer feel like that is the case? Why do I feel like the only difference between me and that TR or that NC is that I am purple and they are red and blue?

    I didn't really have a sense of direction when making this thread and it is not directed towards the players. This is moreso a simple letter to any developer or art team staff who might just so happen to skim through it. I am not saying I am going to quit or anything.. But If I ever did quit? It would be because I became bored of the game because faction diversity died out and that my faction no longer feels like a group of elite technocrats who have mastered a lost alien technology and made it their own. This way in the future should I ever leave because of this, I will have no regrets as I tried to voice my fears in the past. Whether or not you listen to it is of your own concern, I highly doubt I will be leaving Planetside 2 any time soon.

    This is my attempt. Let it be known that I did my part to try and save it.
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  2. Outreach

    Sorry can't hear you over the sound of everyone crying for vanu nerfs because they died.
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  3. SpruceMoose

    wtb empire specific flash
    how much SC SOE?
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  4. tahn1000

    there is nothing awesome about tr weapony and artillary, unless you consider short range artillery, piss-weak rocket launchers and low damage-plus-poor accuracy weaponry positives.
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  5. Rovertoo

    If I could I'd:

    Let no VS/NC primary gun have more than 750 RoF, no VS/TR primary gun have 200+ damage, no NS primary gun have either

    Change Commie/Underboss/Deci/Annie/Halberd to be more accurate, adaptable guns with less damage

    Give all VS guns a trait to design around instead of just tacking on no bullet drop

    Then, give NC more Shotguns and Railguns, TR more miniguns and mortars, VS more glowy deathballs and laserbolts

    Increase NC vehicle health, increase TR vehicle speed, increase VS vehicle mobility. Nerf/buff weapon strength accordingly.
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  6. KnightCole

    Id remove NS entirely.....atleast for future buys....lol.....and then rework the entire game ot be entirely ES....

    There would be a facility named "Nanite Systems Factory" and it would be bombed, wrecked and in total disarray like the one crash landed bio lab on Esa. it would be to symbolize how NS was wiped the hell out and ES would be the only way from here on out!
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  7. tahn1000

    i use ns weapons and i will walk away from the game if they disappear. tr weapons are useless, pathetic accuracy, weak damage and if i have to put up with 50-60 rounds in the chamber i want a gun that manages at least to be good at one of those.
  8. Foxirus

    I am not saying NS weapons need be removed in the slightest, But I am saying that Nanite Systems needs to be second when it comes to content. Faction diversity always needs to be given priority. As it stands now, I feel there are MORE than enough NS things in the game for at least a years worth of content.
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  9. tahn1000

    SECOND WHEN IT COMES TO CONTENT??? did i just not type as to how terrible tr weapons are compared to EVERYTHING?? when it comes to content making anything worse than them means exactly the same thing. i will leave the game.
  10. Foxirus

    I believe you are failing to understand what I am saying. TR weapons are good. If you are having trouble with ALL of them, Then that is a personal problem. I am not saying the quality of NS weapons needs to be dropped, I am saying that faction specific weapons should be made more often than NS specific weapons are made. However, If you do grasp what I am saying and you still wish to have this game ruined by common pool weapons and lazy design rips from old weapon models, Please, Go back to your COD or Battlefield. Where the only difference is the color of your emblem. I mean you no offense, But I do not want this game to be bland, I want it to be diverse, with players proud of the faction and technology they have.
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  11. tahn1000

    no, tr weapons are ****e.

    and i'm sick of calls to nerf everyting that as a tr i might get my hands on, with and extra nerf on the side for anything i might get my hands on as a tr ha.

    and i'm also sick of getting onto the briggs server, and watching tr hold 10% of the territory with supposedly 33% of the population. you know why? and it's only a suspicion, but i may not be the only one getting sick of the way tr is constantly screwed over when it comes to "updates"
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  12. Foxirus

    Look, It seems as if you only want to complain about the faults of having a low population. This thread is calling for MORE WEAPONS AND VEHICLES to ALL Factions that are faction specific. If you wish to complain and ***** about why you hate your faction, Then please go do it in a thread you create. I will not respond to another one of your posts.
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  13. tahn1000

    33% is not low pop. and if you were truly concerned about faction diversity you would be worried about that.

    of course as far as weapony goes vs and nc have nothing to worry about when calling for "faction specific" weaponry.

    vs has it over tr in terms of accuracy and range
    nc has it over tr in terms of damage and range (plus their accuracy is better).

    so by calling or faction specific only weapons or calling for ns weapons to be nerfed, you're only ensuring that "faction diversity" will continue to die.
  14. Mechwolf

    The only faction I feel as though never has real nerfs is NC, and they have the excuse of "it's a shotgun, so we have no range." Although, some of their shotguns have better range than other weapons. And their ESF shotgun can actually fight air units, meanwhile the VS ESF weapon can't even touch an air unit unless it's huge and slow moving. Even then, that NC shotty does way more damage.
  15. Rovertoo

    Er... he's not saying NS guns should be nerfed man. Heck, I'm sure if you can argue it, he'll agree that TR guns should be buffed. He's saying that NS guns, being not TR are distracting from faction diversity.
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  16. tahn1000

    not being tr is the only advantage tr has, unless they change factions and further reduce FACTION DIVERSITY.
  17. Fatal_Finn

    Fully agree with OP.
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  18. Foxirus

    Now if I could just get more people to read this, It would be great. Hell, A post from a developer acknowledging it would be god send.
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  19. Golconda

    if you play planetside you want faction diversity, let the devs hear the voice of the playerbase!
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  20. TammelTR

    I completely agree, NS in my opinion should be phased out entirely, the weapons removed, and the vehicles designed into three unique ES ones.
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