Faction Diversity - Have we missed our window?

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  1. Corezer

    OK, so I've wanted the *actual* faction specific weapons to take the limelight for a while, things like the lynx/torq/acx/reaper/eclipse (minus free attachments) and I feel like right before the big update to alerts was the best time to implement some significant changes to the game (I.E. before u sell them on a certain set of starting weapons)

    well that was a bust lol

    It has dawned on me though... how about unlocking them and making them default and putting them as the standard weapons? I cant imagine they generate substantial revenue, all the weapons I talk about have been out for a while and I cant imagine they generate a lot of revenue anymore... idk, it'd just be pretty cool, but I know that plebs love to look externally for the source of their problems (OMG blue doesn't blend in as well at night as purple does that's why I suck) so maybe faction diversity isn't such a good thing...
  2. Campagne


    They don't always make for good default weapons. The NC's AC-X11 & Reaper for example are terrible weapons to give to someone just starting PS2. It's better to have all-rounders with good usability.
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  3. Corezer

    well that's cause it's in terrible need of buffs, like for instance lower RoF is worse for close range, so it doesn't need a CoF nerf, and the NC trait of tight still CoF is bad for carbines in general.

    That doesn't mean that asymmetry cant be done, it just means DBG (well, these issues were actually here from SoE) has to let it happen naturally instead of going out of their way to **** things until they can only function in the intended box (something that they fail at doing anyway)
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Here's a mad thought - each faction has a decent general purpose LMG (Rhino, Polaris, EM1) that is pretty easy to use but arguably not best in class. Make them the starter weapons with maybe only basic attachments. The idea seems to be in place already for carbines and ARs.