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  1. BillBoBaggins

    I have played on all factions TR,NC and VS and i feel that VS have the worst of everything apart from maybe a few weapons.
    TR weapons are very easy to control the recoil their mossies **** evrything n the air and ground.
    NC have scatter Maxs that dominate in bio labs,Vanguards that take forever to kill.
    VS seem to have the worst of everything,why is this?
    Seems very biased PS2 Higby being NC and all etc etc and they just must laugh at VS when designing their equipment.
  2. NCstandsforNukaCola

  3. BillBoBaggins

    You not read?
  4. Hosp

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  5. BillBoBaggins

    Seems like the forums are bias also.
  6. Nyscha

    VS is fine its just the NC overpopulation which is ruining it, you cant do much when they outnumber you so badly.
  7. BillBoBaggins

    Why is it so overpooped?
    They have hard hitting guns and hard hitting armour.Or am i missing something?
  8. Nyscha

    Because NC is the current flavor of the month.
    Their rerollers wont stick for long when they get balanced.
  9. maxkeiser

    Factions are actually pretty well balanced at the moment. I don't feel any major changes are needed.
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  10. Huntdude

    Ok i dont know if this thread is sarcastic or what but here are three FACTS about the factions.
    NC -weapons/vehicles each balance eachother [Reaver is pretty bad, but they get a great tank]- so they are fine where they are at.
    VS- Incredible weapons (this is FACT) that are easy to use from the get go. VS is the most powerful faction, goods outweigh bads. [Sythe=Fantastic Fighter /Mag= Fantastic and Unique tank]
    TR- Weapons are incredibly meh, the abilities are stupid, and the bads outweigh the goods, therefore they are the weakest faction. [Prowler=Bad, I dont care what you say, its bad at its current state, Mosquito=Great, was better than sythe but now it sits in the middle, but very viable]

    In all, either you buff both NC a little, and TR a lot. Leave TR and nerf NC a bit and nerf VS alot. Or nerf VS and buff TR.
  11. Aegie

    Evidence? Anywhere? No? Oh, so nice opinions- neat how everyone has them right?
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  12. Nyscha

    Scythe is actually the worst fighter.. If you are skillcapped in a Scythe there's not much more you can do against a equally skilled pilot in a Reaver or Mosquito.
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  13. Vinakis

    Hobbits are obviously the most overpowered faction. They can fill any role out there with only minor loss of effectiveness. AND they get unique jobs, like stealing from dragons and carrying rings of power into the fires of Mordor.
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  14. Akeita

    Getting so sick people proposing their stuff, an opinion without evidence and proof is worthless.
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  15. Vikingo

    EU pilot community thinks differently

  16. Frostiken

    Doesn't the VS have the best ESF and the best MAXs?

    I also hear a lot of ******** about the Magrider. If I had a dollar for every shot I've made that has gone UNDER a Magrider and would've hit any other tank... I'd have enough money to buy one helmet in this stupid overpriced store.
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  17. Nyscha

    VS best max and ESF?


    Magrider best tank? Possibly..
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  18. Nonorf

    IMO, you'd better use your money to buy glasses... :/
  19. Kurohagane

    It is true that the scythe is the best ESF in 1v1 dogfights, but otherwise i find it pretty lackluster. It's the least versatile out of the three, too, imo.

    While it has the slim front and high velocity on its nosegun, it doesn't really have much else. It is arguably the slowest ESF, being marginally faster than the reaver while cruising, but loosing badly to the quick afterburn acceleration and top speed of the NC counterpart. I need not to mention that the mosquito also has a much faster speed overall. The shape it has makes it easier to hit from the ground, and because of the proximity detionation of flak rounds the area between the fins is actually a solid surface when talking about flak fire. They have the slowest acceleration overall, and it is hands down the worst ESF for A2G work.

    That is because of what i mentioned before, and due to a bug that has not been fixed as of yet, and has been in the game since relase, where if you point the nose down during hovermode, you will start rapidly accelerating towards the ground. This does not happen to the other two, where they slowly glide towards the ground at around 70kph.

    During group fights and pursuits it is also easy to hit, and ambushing the scythe will be incredibly destructive due to it's pancake shape.

    I do play all of the three ESF's and by no means i am saying the scythe is underpowered. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages (the number of them doesn't matter, too, because each one of them is of different worth).

    The reaver, which suits my playstyle much more imo, has a very strong afterburner and is good for hit and run/aggressive playstyles. It is very easy to "juggle" opponents in very close range with max hover, too, and get a very good angle on them. If you are not used to the reaver's noseguns you really appreciate the fact you can plink away a few times at someone and they're already smoking, and overall the gun feels much stronger. You'd be surprised how many comebacks you can make in a hoverfight. It is also the most versatile in my opinion, due to the better hover and afterburner power, enabling you to use different frame slots and secondaries without hurting as much, and fighting liberators in a mosquito or scythe with racer is a nightmare, trust me. At the very least, they have a AI gun usable against other aircraft, which is also another argument for versatility. To be honest, expect for it's huge frame, it doesn't have many disadvantages.

    The mosquito, i find, is much easier to lead with due to it's firerate, making it so correcting fire is slightly easier. That is not to say, that it's easier to hit, but in close range, or once you feel out the drop and distance, i find it easier to consistently hit at all (relatively, besides the firerate). The speed coupled with the slim shape makes for easier escapes, too, and it is unmatched in pursuits. I also think the hellfire pods are the most satisfying and effective out of all three. I find the hover capability really lacking, but besides that i really like it, too. Oh, and banshee.
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  20. minhalexus

    Scythe hands down is the easiest ESF to kill other ESFs with.

    I love everything about the scythe except for the 'Dual Photon Pods' which are worse at taking down infantry considering the fact that i usually use more than half a magazine to kill 1 infantry,
    But its slightly better at killing ground vehicles, and much better at killing enemy ESFs, and liberators.

    I've used all ESFs with the reaver as my main, and the one thing that i would say makes the scythe the best ESF is "SARON LASER CANNON"
    This thing is a killer for the ESFs, and is much more ACCURATE than any other noseguns in this game.
    I see most of the AMAZING scythe pilot using this gun over the Hailstorm rotary.
    The MV is insane, and the RoF is pretty decent for the damage.
    And its so much FUN to see the enemy ESF miss his shots, while I'm facing towards him.

    When i tried the mossie, it felt very weak.
    In terms of me using an ESF, i would probably use the Mossie the least.
    The only upside i feel for using the mossie is the hitbox, which is better all around.
    The hellfire rocket pods are cool, but i prefer the breaker rocket pods.
    Other than that, I'm not a huge fan of this ESF.

    Reaver is a classic if you are running an organized air squad. If your running solo, i would rate it better than the mossie, but worse than the scythe.
    I find it harder to hold off 2 reavers, than to hold off 2 scythes. (i will probably eventually die unless they are noobs)
    The hardest challenge i face on Reaver noseguns is aiming, with the muzzle velocity and adjusting the right angle for it.

    I know that the mossie noseguns have the same MV, but you still get higher RoF, which allows you to inflict some damage on the enemy ESF. Non the less this wouldn't benefit in 1v1 fights.

    The major disadvantage i feel on the reaver is the hitbox. Its terrible in every situation all around. It has a 7% smaller top than the scythe but it has nearly twice the size of every other dimensions of the scythe.
    This is what would make the reaver the worst in 1v1 dogfights.
    Best thing i like about the reaver is the breaker rocket pods, which is the better option of the 3 rocketpods in my opinion.

    In short i would rate the ESFs:

    I dont see as many Mossie swarms as i used to on Mattherson and Waterson.
    Just saying that i havent used the mossie as extensively as i've used the other 2 ESFs, so go ahead and disagree with me if i made it sound worse than i feel it is.
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