Fact is K/D Ratio + Kill Per Minute show how good of a player you are in PS2 most of the time!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by G.O.A.T, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. andy_m

    Thing is, who really cares if you are good or bad. As long as you enjoy playing that is all that should matter.

    Also, it is all relative, in my opinion. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king...
  2. SerialNumber1221

    best way to put it

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  3. RageMasterUK

    Hmmm I think I gotta disagree with OP on this one.

    Most of the time I pull up the scoreboard in a hot zone and its players with approx 0 kills with the most points, which leads me to believe for all those hyperactive killcrazy frontline K/D obsessed gunrunners there's a handful of super-savvy medics and tireless engis, the unsung heroes of the skirmish, picking up/repairing everyone's sorry *** so they can actually continue fighting.

    K/D is all well and good but there are players who burn their K/D to really help their empire out.
    That medic who just picked up everyone who died in the last 30 sec so they didnt respawn 400m away from the hotzone.
    That engineer who just repaired your MBT without you having to get out at all allowing you to fire that cannon, who then goes on to repair every other tank in your column.
    That sunderer driver who ACTUALLY STOOD NEXT TO HIS SUNDY to protect it from the odd Light Assault with C4 so people still have a spawn to buff their KD from.
    That AA base turret you just jumped into that you didnt even know was destroyed 30 seconds ago, rep'd by an engi who's now repping every other turret.
    That LA that died 5 times without kills to blow the Sunderer up on his 6th life.

    All these things go together to underpin other people's K/D. There's always gonna be players who dont even recognise this is going on, but really, the high K/D players probably have alot to thank the support players for. Its the difference between a frontline that rolls on in favour of your empire facilitating K/D, or a frontline that collapses and falls out its own @$S.

    As others have mentioned also, there's plenty of 'non-progressive' ways to pad K/D that don't do a single thing for your team.

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  4. SerialNumber1221

    or even put it like this...

  5. ohmikkie

    Usually when I come across those with exceptionally high KDRs they tend to be those that are hard to kill: Most probably laggy connection causing them to teleport in front of you or moving unrealisticly too fast. I'm not accusing them of cheating but I am sure it is less about ability.

    Even yesterday I unloaded at least half a clip from a corvus into a guy head at close range and got not one hit registered. There was clearly bad syncing going on.
  6. Konfuzfanten

    Excluding the vehicle+MAX kills/players, then yes K/D and kill pr minute is a good indicator of skill, but not how useful/good a player you are.

    Being a skillful player and being a good player is not the same.

    Ohh i fully agree, but i still think that PS2 could do something, so ppl couldnt rely so much on crutches (vehicles+MAX's).
  7. AssaultPig

    score per minute is probably the best 'simple' stat if you want a quick measure of how effective a player is; what matters in PS2 is how quickly you're killing enemies, not the number of times you die in the process.

    it's kind of stupid to talk about measuring 'skill' via stats because a lot of things that are really difficult to do won't necessarily result in a high SPM or KDR, and a lot of things that are easy (ex: MAX in a biolab) will. I also think it's dumb to complain that players who are doing something effective aren't 'skilled.' They should be easy to beat then, right? Oh wait.

    if you absolutely must measure 'skill,' then the dasanfall accuracy stats are right there.
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  8. SnipersUnion

    • KD never gives an indication to the fight you are in, let alone your role or performance. People say that PS2 is one big team death-match. Tell me, how many bases have you won by getting kills? NONE. PS2 is about Control points. (As we are constantly reminded now! :D)
    • Many players main their first character, meaning there will be in some cases thousands of noobie deaths on their stats forever. a br 70+ with a low KD is potentially just as good or dangerous as a high KD player, maybe even better.
    • There have been changes to the KD mechanic over the last few months. Being rezzed will not count as a death on your in game stats now, whereas it used to.
    • Sometimes death is the best way to serve your faction. Some fights, especially large bio grinds for example, simply require throwing meat in a certain direction. KD players won't go near the front lines in that situation. Players camp and hide. The best heavies are the ones that start the charge. The ones that have the balls to get out of cover and take one for the team.
    • You could argue that KD is still an indication of win/loss in engagements. But in a combined arms game, with such a low TTK, and people running around with SMG's and invisibility cloaks, it's fair to say that some engagements give the player little chance to react, regardless of skill. Trust me, all these little MLG videos you see of people running around racking up massive streaks with 360yoloswagnoscope's have edited out the death right before that where they killed no-one and got run over by a lightning or lolpodded or something.
    • The main reason good players have higher KD's is because they understand the mechanics of the game, not because of their 'skill.' Knowing what situation requires which weapon can range from having a sniper rifle on a flank to having a lib above a bio landing pad. For example, look at Daddy. A very skilled pilot, with the highest KD. But he knows how to get the most out of the mechanics of the game. How to engage another ESF with low risk. How to farm infantry etc. In a way, his understanding of the mechanics is just as, if not more valuable than his actual flying 'skill.'
    • It is possible using these mechanics for example, to get kills and never leave spawn. This would lead to a very high KD, and ultimately achieve nothing. This further exaggerates the point that a terrible player can have a high KD.
    • SPM/KPM means nothing to me, and never has I'm sorry. If you do nothing but play this game constantly, super serious, every minute you are logged in, I feel sorry for you. Other than that its just an incredibely vague statistic that may or may not indicate whether or not a player goes AFK.
    These are just a few reasons as to why the focus on KD etc is misplaced as it is, out of all the statistics we have in PS2, one of the most useless ones. Ultimately is not an indication of anything, except a vague hint towards play-style.

    That being said, it should not be removed. Some players don't care about their faction, they don't care about control points, and they play this game focused solely around KD. Those players are as valid as the next. There is no 'right' way to tell someone how to play the game, that's to the credit of PS2, not a problem. Some players try to get the highest KD they can. Some set themselves a personal target. Some don't care. It's there if you want it, and so it should remain.

    TLDR - Good players can have terrible KD's and terrible players can have good KDs, so really KD means very little in terms of how 'good' you are. But, if you want to use it for a personal target, knock yourself out,
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  9. Pirbi

    I think part of the appeal of this game is that everyone can find their niche and then claim anyone who doesn't see that niche must suck. Which is brilliant for a video game.
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  10. Huxer

    So the op says fact is k/d measures skill. and in the microcosm of 'front line infantry who are at a or going directly to a control point you could probably compare their success vs each other with k/d ratio sure. The problem is that this is only one way in which this game is played. Without even considering vehicles I can see how if all I did was stand in spawn rooms in overcamped losses and shoot out and redeploy before it turns I could have an infinite k/d. Does this mean I'd be good? I could get a friend to play engineer and stand on an aircraft pad for a bio lab and gun down esfs all day with a burster max. I could take a prowler with HE and shell the side of a 3 point tower for a ridiculous score. I could play a max in a BIO lab, what about inside the shield again? Anyways, you are comparing apples to oranges. Is k/d something that matters? Sure it is, but only yours and only to you, because that's the only person you can be sure how it was obtained.
  11. TRick Shot

    Disagree. Been playing since beta and my K/D only went positive end of last year. Round about the same time I thought I’d try out the MAX and see what all the fuss was about. I mainly play a support role with Engineer or occasionally Medic. I play those roles well, support my squad/platton, keep the fight moving forward, and generally enjoy myself. Great success. Licking my nib over KDR? No. That’s for children who use one easily propped up stat as phoney high-ground for looking down their noses at others, declaring themselves the arbiters of the definition of skill.

    In a game with this many players, if you are getting high KDR you are not taking risks. You are playing it safe. I’d say that’s not skilful. The only skill involved is in spotting the game mechanics to exploit the right risk v reward ratio.

    This might be a tangent but…
    During my forced hiatus from this game due to Nvidia driver issues, I got bored and picked up Titanfall. Do you know what Respawn have done that is so refreshing? No public tracking of stats. KDR isn’t even recorded past the end-of-round score board. Your player overall stats just records wins/losses. CoD kiddies can’t ********** about KDR. So do you know what happens in that game? Teamwork. I was expecting the domination to be the usual crowd of scummy KDR padders using the capture points as ‘here be killz’ indicators. Nope. People capture, defend, stick out the entire round even if loosing,…..I was amazed.

    Without that KDR distraction people just seem to kick back, relax, have fun and PTFO.

    Now we just need other developers to take notice and follow suit! ;)
  12. Hosp


    On its own, K/D is irrelevant. Why? Because you can get 4 guys with a 5+ K/D and they'll be unable to stop the 12-24 guys rushing them.

    "But they have 5+ K/D!" So? I'm nearing 2 K/D. But probably am better than some of those 5 K/D guys.

    K/D is a measure of just what it says and only what it says. Kills vs Deaths. It doesn't take into account quite alot of other information, some of that information being tracked (/suicides) or some as not being tracked (Medic Revives).
    - It doesn't take into account the time it took for you to learn the game
    - doesn't take into account the fact you've learned a very effective farming method,
    - doesn't take into account the fact that you may or may not be aiding the cause (pushing empire objectives).

    At best, it may show the amount of lemmings that threw themselves at you stupidly till the 1 or 2 smart guys among the zerg decided to flank you.

    K/D need be taken into account with many things. Job(s) you're performing, battles you find yourself in, people around you, mates you're working with, learning curve you're overcoming/have overcome.

    It's a stat that helps in showing overall effectiveness, but on its own doesn't show much of anything.

  13. G.O.A.T

    Ok so according to you people you can't judge any player by any STATS because you have no idea how they got them.......


    I mean you have no idea if those captures were real captures or just part of Zerg where the person basically did nothing...or u cant judge by revives because you have no idea if they were reviving farming....

    So according to Forumside logic, nobody is good unless you see it in your own eyes.

    As for the people mentioning Libs/Lightnings "farming" people.....uhhhh it's actually called killing people from reaching the objective so yes it does effect gameplay a lot.

    Sure an infantry player with high k/d ratio and KPM gets more respect than Libs/Lightnings with good K/D Ratio and KPM but fact is you can't deny they are doing a great job at stopping the enemy reinforcements.

    So yeah I don't understand this attitude of suppressing the enemy via killing them......That actually helps the team.

    BTW Read what I said.

    I NEVER said this is the only way to judge if you are good at the game!!!!!!!!!!! I Know there is other good players who don't get kills but I am not gonna sit here and act that having a good K/D Ratio with good KPM means nothing.

    Sure it could mean you Farm your friend 24/7 to get that score etc but like I said you can say that for anything in this game....for the most part K/D ratio and KPM mean something.
  14. Wecomeinpeace

    It doesn't mean nothing, it simply can mean so many things and not all of them mean that you are a "good" player (which btw you seem to have some obsession with going by the wording of your posts). At the same time the opposite applies, not everyone with a bad k/d + kpm is a "bad" player.
  15. FABIIK

    You can have a good K/D and KPM AND be good.

    You can have a good K/D and KPM AND be not that good.

    => K/D and KPM are bad indicators of a player's quality of play (whatever this is).
  16. G.O.A.T

    So killing people at a constant bases without urself dying means you arn't helping the team? lol.

    Using your logic having a lot of revives/base captures/etc means nothing either because who knows maybe the medic was revive farming his friend thru a spawn shield or something.
  17. G.O.A.T

    No there isn't.

    Sure you can claim somebody in a Liberator/Lighting with a good K/D ratio and KPM arn't as good skill wise as some infantry man with the same stats.

    However both are Killing people at constant bases without dying.....Sorry that actually helps your team take bases/suppress the enemy/defend bases/etc.

    So I have no idea how you people can sit here and claim that killing the enemy does nothing for the empire when it clearly does.
  18. Slandebande

    All these stats are nothing but indications, assuming the player follows a play-style you can predict. If you cannot predict such a thing accurately you have no idea how his stats reflect his playing style (and even if you can, there will be outliers). Say for instance that there is a guy who prefers to support his team in other ways than directly killing people, his K/D would most likely suffer as he isn't kill-whoring, but he is pushing for the points, ressing, repairing, all that mumbo-jumbo. Similarly, a person could have a miserable SPM, but maybe he plays the game whilst doing other things, often taking breaks. A person could have a much higher SPM, but focuses his entire game-play around obtaining a high SPM without considering what's best for the faction, what's the most fun (for me, maximizing my SPM does not imply fun game-play a lot of the time) etc etc. A high K/D can also mean a player is proficient at using the weaponry and choosing his battles, but perhaps he lacks an understanding of the underlying principles of PS2, and thus misses important aspects for winning fights.

    TLDR: If you know nothing about the player and how the player behaves in game, you cannot determine much of anything from the stats. You simply need much more information than the raw stats to be able to conclude anything at all about them. Yes, at times the stats can be used as indicators, but that is about it (and correlation is NOT equal to causation).

    Oh, and a side-note: You can't use a persons stats to disregard their arguments either, as if you have to resort to "attacking" their personal stats instead of the argument itself, you have lost the argument.
  19. Kevibear

    You are everything that's wrong with this games player base. This is not a "Killing Game" This is a capture bases game. Unless you are advancing and moving the front forward you are part of the problem, K/D is part of the problem. It makes window licking morons think they are a special snowflake because they have more nerd points than someone else. Deaths don't matter, winning matters.
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  20. G.O.A.T

    I always move Forward.....I rush in like a mad man, like Rambo himself....I got a great K/D ratio and KPM........

    Sorry but Im making my empire win.

    You act like killing people doesn't make the empire win...Yes it does....First of all it Takes out enemy combatants who are trying to defend bases, it suppresses them if they know they are going to die if they go outside.

    So yeah killing people captures bases.....Is not a radical idea.....

    It happens in real war, you kill the enemy.....and guess what, you can take over there territory.


    I know crazy right?......Even in real war, killing people it's good for taking over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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