Fact is K/D Ratio + Kill Per Minute show how good of a player you are in PS2 most of the time!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by G.O.A.T, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. KenDelta

    Plz , we all know how to rack kills easily , from camping a Maxsuit into getting into our tanks and bombing bases.

    if getting 100 kills in 20mins is gonna make me "Good" then count me in the Good-players list because I broke that threashold after 30mins of boringly shooting scrubs with my lightning's Viper.
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  2. Prudentia

    I'll remember this post the next time when i stand with an outfit mate in a biolab teleporter room with Corvi an just farm all the NC and TR who show themselves and ignore any cappoints in the Biolab or thr Outposts. going somewhere else might hurt my K/D.
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  3. Irathi

    Do you really feel personally insulted / offended / angry because people have different views of what is important in a game?

    I guess you could say this is a "killing game", but you could just as well say it is a "teamwork game", "support game", "capture the base game" and a number of other things and still be equally correct.

    However SOE does not give you any clear goal in the game and the only thing that really matters is entertainment value. So if a high K/D doesn't float your boat, well then frankly it isn't important and it doesn't represent how good of a player you are. Perhaps you simply enjoy healing people and reviving, and you are darned good at that.

    This isn't counter-strike where the goal usually was to be at the top of the killboard and if you died you stayed dead until a winner had been decleared and the next round started. Killing hardly even matters in planetside 2, because the oher play will respawn and no clear "winner" can ever be announced. The closest thing we get to a "winner" and therefore a clear purpose / goal is the WDS. Still here it is about collecting points which is awarded for holding bases, so it is still not a goal to kill the most, it is a goal to capture and hold the most. Which of course includes killing, but also so many other things.

    See the problem here?

    Point is; "a good player" is defined by what you personally view as "good".

    Best example is perhaps a person who doesn't kill anyone, doesn't revive anyone, doesn't repair anyone. The only thing he does is sit and observe the fight and relay information to his outfit / squad members. At several occasions he spotted enemy sunderers and also when and where the enemy attacked. By doing so his squad was able to kill all the enemies present and capture the base.

    So is the observer a good or bad player? - it depends on your own definition.
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  4. Kociboss

    According to the OP, every galaxy/lib pilot and sundy/hara driver is bad by default.
  5. Bl4ckVoid

    Only true if you play a non-cheat class (infiltrator) infantry.
  6. Prudentia

    But i have a ~45+ K/D and ~1.2KPM with my Galaxy Bulldog! #MLG :cool:
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  7. EmmettLBrown

    The best players I know are the PLs. They're usually the LA or inf that's off to the side not really shooting much because they're on the map screen coordinating between the 47 people under their command and the other leads in their outfit to win alerts. Maybe they make up for it with a ridiculous KDR during the off time, but I don't really care because they're the ones that actually know what's going on across a whole continent most of the time.
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  8. Niller

    My K/D is 3.2 right now, about half a year ago it was 3.6. I stopped playing for half a year it fell 0.4, I don't really care about it and I don't think it is important, so you are not right about anyone who thinks it's irrelevant have a low K/D themselves.

    It mostly just shows who are the best at farming infantry newbies or best at spawnroom fighting, not something I enjoy I like to get challenged instead of farming.
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  9. SerialNumber1221

    personally i play the game because there is no other like it, even though it has a lot of issues and its population is thinning out...

    there are a lot of elements to the enjoyment, part of it is kills, killstreaks, part of it is teamwork and socialising with friends (i play this game with people who i have gaming with for years), and dying is a part of it too...sometimes dying causes rage, sometimes its even humourous...

    if you take the kdr or even spm thing so seriously, good for you

    but its not like a PHD and its no good on a CV... hehe..because, its just a game....

    and all that MLG stuff is just a gimmick that makes money from kids...bright idea for whoever came up with it..charging people hundred of dollars to enter tournaments which generate content for MLG to make money from hehe

    i play for the fun of it...stats are interesting but they are just an aspect of the game...nothing more
  10. Sebastien

    I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed in the OP, or the people trying to justify their KDR/KPM.
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  11. Bvenged

    Total nonsense.

    My outfit doesn't judge applicants by their SPM or K/D, but we do judge how well you communicate and how much of a team player you are (Something we take very seriously). We are one of the most successful, effective, efficient and satisfying outfits on the server.

    The fact of the matter is, judging by K/D or SPM is incredibly unreliable:

    Sure, a rubbish K/D could reflect a "poorer" FPS player and a rubbish SPM could mean a spawn-room warrior - but all it takes is a few days sat in a MAX suit farming a Biolab, running around as a cheesy SMG Infiltrator, or sitting in a Viper Lightning farming infantry - to pad your stats. It's an insanely unreliable source of information.

    Besides, how do you judge a strong leader by K/D or SPM?
    We might be really good players but because we have to check the map every 30 seconds, constantly run ideas though our heads as our minds race, and are busy communicating on several layers of comm's all at once, our statistics will suffer from it.
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  12. Llaf

    The easiest way to put it is K/D matters for classes intended to kill things, if you're playing an assault class and you aren't killing things, you aren't fulfilling your role and supporting your empire(Staying alive generally results in killing more things than dying over and over again). If you play engineer, medic, or run a support vehicle and have high SPM but low K/D and KPM, that's perfectly FINE, and generally the mark of a good support player, and everyone loves a good support player.
  13. FABIIK

    KPM and SPM fall when you play out of prime time and/or in less populated areas. You will obviously score lower if there are less people around to kill/heal/rez/repair.
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  14. ddraig

    but the discussion is:

    "Fact is K/D Ratio + Kill Per Minute show how good of a player you are in PS2 most of the time!!!!!!!"

    So we are not talking about individual skill, we are talking about what makes you a good player. I'm guessing OP is a nub or does not play in an organised outfit.

    I play almost constantly in a 48-person platoon, a 4 man fight is not something I would even notice.

    but this game is all about critical mass, it's the whole reason we play PS2

    hmmm, no preview, I hope I got the quoting correct
  15. Verviedi

    Oh really? I have a KDR of 0.48 and SPM of 118, because I don't farm. All KDR means is that you like to camp or farm in a lib.
  16. pnkdth

    The reason people say KDR in this game is meaningless because it stops people from trying to push through heavy defences. Rather than going in they prefer to sit and shield themselves in order to keep surviving, ie, maintaining that KDR. Your death as an infantry player is fairly insignificant, and the insight you get from dying is usually valuable in itself, ie, you get a position on your opponent. I'm not saying you have to throw yourself mindlessly at each other in order to play the game correctly.

    For example, if you are a heavy and push towards a sunderer, every rocket counts. If you get a KDR of 0.1 but blow up that sundy, you've made far more of an impact than Mr MLGproYOLOn0sc0p3 over there farming. That said, both of you had a large hand in winning because this is very much a team focused game, and both playstyles compliment each other. The point here is, one style will look better on the stats page while the other won't look so good but both work well together even if their aim and purpose of play is different.

    Overall, I think that's the issue, too many players who think they're doing it right and everyone else is wrong. Broaden your perspective, ladies and gentlemen.
  17. variablez

    it has some merit.
    however it is too easy to pad stats by just sitting in a tank spamming explosives at spawns, playing max all the time.

    or my personal favourite padding kdr with sniping, which doesn't really help take any objectives. (as shown below)
    it is dependent on the play style of the player ie: it is fairly easy to pad kdr's...

  18. Llaf

    Okay, obviously. I suppose I should have added the word "relatively" before the word "high", but feel free to nitpick.
  19. ddraig

    For most of last year my outfit would be asleep when I play (I'm in Australia, my outfit is mostly West Coast USA and we play on Connery) so I'd run public platoons. After a while I had a regular crew who would play together most nights. A lot of these were very very senior players who were bored with running platoons for their outfit and who would come and hang out with me.

    We won 95+% of our engagements(*), often against superior numbers. I'd find the largest fight on the server and throw us into it. Once we smashed a combined NC/TR fight so hard about a third of TR left the server.

    Look at my score per day once I started leading public platoons



    (*) mostly because I'd ask the platoon for advice and, being mostly very very good players, between us we'd have a lot of great ideas, and know how to implement them
  20. BillBoBaggins

    It is not hard to get high KD or SPM if you roll with a good platoon,camp in tanks etc.

    A good player in my eyes are the players who think and do things in middle of the action eg changing to engi to save that sundy,hacking the V-terms and pulling armour,medics that kill the enemy first then rez etc.Things that change tip the scales of the battle.
    Anyone can run around as a heavy all day and go on 10 + streaks on any other life.
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