Facing New Infil Guns: Trap, Phaseshift, Railjack, Vandal, MKV

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  1. SolRG

    I've bought and used the Phaseshift.
    In theory its an amazing weapon, no need to every resupply for ammo or reload and can be used as either a bolt action or semi auto.
    In practice its terrible, having such a long charge for bolt action damage leaves you open to being counter-sniped or just straight up shot and it has awful velocity. Its nearly impossible to hit a moving target.
    When using semi auto the recoil is insane, it has the kickback of a shotgun and it fires just as slowly if not slower.

    Essentially its a Vanu weapon, it looks awesome, and can do some cool things, but it sucks. Honestly a parallax and vandal are so vastly superior to the phaseshift that it is 100% not worth buying.
  2. Seuchensaal

    I wonder why I should use Phaseshift if there are better bolt-actions and semi-autos and regret spending money on this gun.

    It just feels awful playing with it, the recoil is, as stated above, terrible and it just lacks some firework while charging yelling a bit louter "I´m here... shoot me in the face while I charge my crazy rifle.".
  3. zaspacer

    With the Spectre I often try to setup on, just behind, just in front (but facing away from it), or to the side of enemy lines. Sometimes I'm perched on a hillside maybe 15 yards just below a line of enemy MBTs, sometimes I'm in one of the lower crevices of a mini-tower (but again, facing toward my sides front lines). This lets me put shots on targets that are facing away or the side of me. It's where they have cover, a Sundy, vehicle terminal, etc. and they let their guard down and stand still.

    If I used a non-Suppressed weapon in those circumstances, I would be spotted and blasted instantly. If it's loud enough from a heavy fight, I can use the cloak without worry. If it's not loud, I won't use the cloak and will try to crouch walk in and out of cover to take shots.

    Moving targets are not worth it with a Spectre unless you are just spamming shots from your own line with a bunch of allies around you. Missing shots gives them a much higher chance of seeing your tracers and catching you. Spamming shots too quickly together will also draw attention to your tracers and location.

    I typically don't use the Spectre. But when I want a gun that can work almost any range, there is not substitute for me. I typically use an SMG or top longer range Bolt Action most the time though, because I have access to a terminal or I know the narrow range of engagement I am gonna be in. But I'm a sad panda when I am NC or TR and I need that Spectre. But every faction has their strong and weak weapon slots, and I rarely play VS these days because of that. (Scythe so slow, no Striker, no Armistice, no Cyclone)
  4. SolRG

    Only use it if you get way behind the enemy and they like to stand still and do their thing. Also, try to get somewhere that takes about 20minutes for the enemy to get to, so if anyone actually commits to finding you, itll take em a while.
    It also does have no bullet drop, which is probably why the charge time is so long.
  5. Larolyn

    It's a shame about the TRAP. As 3 fire mode Scout Rifle it has so much potential. I won't pretend it is a sniper rifle. It isn't. It's a Scout Rifle. I would love to see this weapon go through some changes to make it competitive. I am a huge fan of scout rifles and have auraxiumed both ES ones and working on my first Vandal now. I will get the black and gold versions to Auraxium it again cause I love this gun so much.

    The Phaseshift is another weapon with huge potential. The charge mechanic is definitely something unique and an interesting idea to play with around. The concept of a bolt action and semi auto combined into one weapon is very interesting. It's a shame we're just not seeing them out there in the field.

    The Railjack seems to be accepted among the NC and I see them around a lot. I don't understand what role it is suppose to fill as everything it does, the Longshot does too. Another bolt action feels like something that was not needed in our arsenal but nevertheless, here it is and some people like it.

    MKV. I have been trying it out. Got it for 1 SC a while back. Don't think I have even gotten a silver medal with it. I was always a big Cyclone fan and the TTK on the MKV feels way too long. Feels too long on the NS7 too. Just not a fan of the NS SMGs in comparison to what the NC have.

    TL;DR: TRAP has potential to be a great Scout Rifle. It is lacking.
    Phaseshift has potential to be a great semi auto and bolt action in one gun. It is lacking.
    Railjack is a BA that does what the Longshot does but with a snazzy delay mechanism on firing.
    MKV is a bad NS7-PDW which is an awful SMG when compared to Blitz / Cyclone.
    Vandal is potentially the greatest thing to happen to infiltrators since this game came out. Amazing gun.
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  6. Antich

    I got killed a few times with the TRAP. In the hands of a good infiltrator can be deadly however i must admit not many stuck with learning it. I can´t really blame them either though, scout rifles or smgs outperform them in their role(they don´t however crossover as the TRAP does). All in all, can be both rewarding and frustrating.

    The phaseshift ... think i was killed once by it and that was a finisher not a headshot for 100%. I feel it had potential to be a good weapon however it suffers the same problem as the railjack for me(though i seen a lot more ppl using railjack). In a game that ends up being a twitch shooter more often then not, with both of them is like playing with very high ping.

    Larolyn in the post before me said that MKV is a bad NS7PDW which is an awful smg compared to Blitz / Cyclone. I agree with the part that MKV is an awful smg compared to Blitz / Cyclone however i wouldnt say that NS7 is bad, the NS7 has it's niche in medium range engagements where other smgs would suffer. It is somewhere between a carbine and an smg instead of being a pure smg.

    Vandal is a good weapon, i like it a lot(even if a stilll prefere the semi-auto low scope sniper rifle), it's problem is that is way too similar to the semi-auto scout rifles.
  7. Mustarde

    When someone is within 20-30m of you and returning fire, the 2x mode of the TRAP doesn't have the damage output to compete with most weapons. Even tapping someone in the head will take too long compared to what many weapons dish out. The only way to kill them before they get you (assuming similar skill) is with the 3x burst mode.

    I use ammo belt with the TRAP, but I still ran dry many times. Which is fine, but happened more often than when I used the Vandal with belt.

    The TRAP needed to feel like a slightly longer range, beefier SABR-13. Instead, it's a less accurate version that compensates with a 3x mode. I would have settled for a carbon copy of the SABR for infils.

    To respond to your earlier point about suppressive fire and queens of chess or something, infiltrators are not suppressive units, generally speaking. The only suppression we are good it is keeping players pinned behind cover through sniping (though it rarely comes up in actual combat). If all you are using a TRAP for is to suppress the enemy and snag a random kill on a wounded target... than it is even worse of a weapon than I had thought.
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  8. Plunutsud pls

    Those Railjackers I detected thanks to the radar were also flankers who were working alone. They were hidden well but the noise gave them away. That gun is loud as heck.

    As for tracers, I haven't noticed anyone tracking me down when I fire just one single, charged shot. But the weaker fast shots get everyone looking towards me at once. Maybe the charged shot has a less visible tracer, or no tracer at all? Need to check.

    The Phaseshift's velocity is really not that bad. It's still higher than the Ghost's (550 vs. 500).

    I have to admit that after using the Ghost, I really hated the Phaseshift when I first tried it. But after a few hours with the gun, I realised what it's best for and have really come to love it.
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  9. Mustarde

    Not to nit pick, but I'm pretty sure all sniper rifles have an 80m radar ping, not 40m. Anyone care to double check me?
  10. Plunutsud pls

    You can fire at full power as soon as the three bars converge on the crosshair.

    It's only a fraction of a second, feels the same as the shot delay on the Railjack.
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  11. Plunutsud pls

    It only takes a fraction of a second to charge up, you don't have to keep holding LMB until it fires by itself.

    Recoil is perfectly manageable with a grip.

    Velocity is still higher than the Ghost's, so it's not that bad at all.

    Of course dedicated rifles are better at what they're dedicated to, but the Phaseshift has unique flexibility and is that one and only bush wookie's dream in this game: infinite ammo, no bullet drop and two firing modes which you can combine without having to manually switch between them.
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  12. Jawarisin

    The tracers are quite there I can assure you. For the rare time when I've seen someone try to shoot with one, they standed out like a light beacon. Not to mention they died in a second due to charge time.

    And the velocity is still faster since you're using a silencer on your Phaseshift (ego says I can't possibly be wrong).
    As for being loud, the Phaseshift is loud itself.
  13. Plunutsud pls

    It doesn't take a second to charge, it's a fraction of a second - all you have to do is wait for the three bars to converge on the crosshair. I guess some players don't realise this and keep holding the charge for too long.

    I didn't notice much of a difference in velocity with and without a suppressor, it's slow either way but not too slow to hit moving targets.

    Yes the gun emits a distinct noise while charging, but the shots are pretty quiet when suppressed.
  14. Plunutsud pls

    Here, I made a vid to show how fast you can charge it.

    First 2 shots in the vid are overcharged as a demonstration, the rest are fired as fast as possible (give or take a fraction of a second).

    You can basically fire right before or as soon as the three small bars appear.

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  15. EvilMindedSquirrel

    As of this writing I have 2,562 kills with the Phaseshift, so you could say that I know a little about it. Most of what has been said about the rifle I can understand. The positives are from people who have learned how the rifle works and can work within its limitations, the cons from those that expect it to be like any other weapon in the game.

    The main advantages and how i would rate them (1-10):
    Infinite ammo (3 for when in squad, 10 for a lonewolf)
    No bullet drop (10 for beginners, 6 for pros)
    semi-auto damage(1, use your sidearm it will do better)
    Charge up damage (7, ohk up to 200m) {10 for Double tap, see below}

    charge up time (not as bad as you think)
    slow bullet speed (painfully slow, but you can get used to it)

    It is NOT a bolt action, it is NOT a semi-auto, it is NOT a scout gun. It is a Lone wolf hunting rifle.
    In this way the weapon is most effective.
    That being said I have great success in counter sniping, It can ohk infiltrators at any range, no drop means no worrying about distance, and i found that I can bait people out of cloak. If i know the approximate location I aim in that direction, decloak&charge, when the enemy sniper decloaks i quickly take aim, release the trigger and move to the side hopefully avoiding their round

    About the double tap:
    You start cloaked,
    Aim for the head,
    hold breath,
    charge up to third bar (full) & fire
    re-center (should be automatic and fast with forgrip)
    fire a semi-auto shot.
    cloak & reload.

    If the Full charge shot hits the head and the semi-auto shot hits the body you can down any class out to 300m even with nano-weave Lvl 5. Enemy heavy with full shield is only 220m (ish) and two head shots. (not 100% sure, did not do any intense testing)
    If you see two enemy infiltrators sitting close to each other you can take out both with one breath and two charge-shots.

    If i could change something it would be that you can charge up the rifle when in cloak and increase the bullet speed, but I am aware that this would make it somewhat OP in the eyes of many.
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  16. Silvermyst

    These two posts shows why people who say the Phaseshift sucks are so wrong with their assessment.

    I mean, if you don't like it even after knowing how to use it that's fine with me. Different people like different guns.

    But honestly, I think that the Phaseshift is a very balanced weapon without counting it's infinite ammo. And the ammo makes it that much more convenient to use than other sniper rifles, where if you're lone wolfing that ammo belt can start to look very tempting.
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  17. SolRG

    It takes 3 seconds to charge up to 1 hit kill, you know who stands still for 3 seconds? 1% of people who play. I have a total of 10 kills with the thing. To compare, i bought the cerberus a few days ago and have had the phaseshift for a lot longer, i easily got to 10 with a damn pistol in a fraction of the time.
    The recoil is STILL atrocious with a grip.
    The Ghost is designed for Medium range, not long range.
  18. Astraka

    The post literally right beneath the one you quoted has a video showing that this is not true. It only takes a split second.
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  19. SolRG

    I don't read the whole thread dude, but that is useful information, i think the audio queue should reflect its charge then, because it doesn't sound like its at full power until the whole charge happens. But then again i'm not even sure i buy the science behind this rifle.
  20. Plunutsud pls

    I hope you've watched the video by now and discovered it doesn't take 3 seconds to charge :)