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  1. bestan

    One thing I don't really like with the new design of the main facilities satellites being transformed into outpost.

    With the current system, it's really easy to see from which satellite the ennemy is coming, and if one is under attack. You just have to visually check the color of the different satellite. With the new system, you have to go to your map to see which satellite belong to who, and to put your mouse on them to see if they're under attack.

    in counterpart to that, there is obviously the fact that you have to capture a satellite to gain acces to the main base, and the standardised capture time giving time to react, so I guess we'll se how that work
  2. Ash87

    I actually quite like it, because I observed the reverse of what you did.

    Treating the facilities like actual bases, means that they have capture ques, and you can actively see that they are one sides or anothers just by a quick glance at the territory map. Plus, I can see which big facility is in more danger, because of how many of those bases the enemy has flipped. Heck, the big facilities are actually more defensible for that matter in some cases, because those bases are actually half-way decent defensive points.
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  3. Craigr910

    Also for me it gives a whole layer of strategy as if I know that the NC are zerging using vanguards that they are getting from Hvar tech I can get people to head down one of the paths and take the subbase cutting off Hvar and leaving the zerg with no tanks. This means that if you plan to push you need to keep a constant eye on the map to make sure someone is not trying to outmanoeuvre you
  4. carbonite

    The breaking down of the major facilities into satellites is a good one. It changes things up, makes things more tight nit, and can potentially lead to some very interesting engagements. I think there are some other things that can be added to the satellites to further increase their viability and add more dynamic to the game.