Extremely high ping while playing on EU servers

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matlock0, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. nallar

    I have a VPS in Dallas which gets this route:
    11 ae-41-41.ebr2.London1.Level3.net ( 97.876 ms ae-42-42.ebr2.London1.Level3.net ( 99.271 ms ae-44-44.ebr2.London1.Level3.net ( 97.546 ms
    12 ae-47-47.ebr2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 97.789 ms ae-48-48.ebr2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 98.896 ms ae-46-46.ebr2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 97.895 ms
    13 ae-59-224.csw2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 881.903 ms 97.861 ms ae-56-221.csw2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 98.047 ms
    14 ae-2-52.edge3.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 97.898 ms 98.633 ms 97.932 ms
    15 SONY-ONLINE.edge3.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 98.253 ms 98.405 ms 99.067 ms
    16 SONY-ONLINE.edge3.Amsterdam1.Level3.net ( 98.803 ms !X * *

    With ping showing 98ms latency to

    Now may be a bad time to test - either they fixed it, or enough people logged off in frustration to reduce the load. My connection via equinix is good again.


    edit: Spoke too soon, route via equinix is broken again.
  2. liamsmithuk

    Yeah, the random 200ms spikes I got have gone, I edited my previous post with a traceroute

    Which suggests the problem is with
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  3. EzioDevil

    I dont think SOE give a fu-ck about these lag

    Biolab fight! 24-24 ping? 15000 mms

    Its all cause of RadarX, never had these issues until he shows up
  4. nallar

  5. nallar

    High ping has returned, shortly before 6pm again.

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  6. Qel

    On Miller for me it sits at around 130ms (around 100 higher than normal) for about 70% of the time but spikes to between 500 and 1000 regularly so another night of not playing PS2 for me then I guess.... sort it out please SOE.
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  7. Beyond The Grave

    If you're reading this PLEASE like the posts in this thread. The more Likes they have, the more attention they receive from CSRs and developers.
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  8. Neutrino

    :( ... :mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    not again, another night unplayable. pls fix this!!!!!
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  9. RadarX

    This is not really accurate. We don't track likes especially in regards to technical issues.

    Folks we are starting to see some common denominators here one of which is many of these reports I'm seeing are coming during the EU prime time (like right now). We are still having some additional conversations and hope to have more information for in the near future (next week at minimum).
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  10. Beyond The Grave

    I am happy that there's acknowledgement (on these boards) regarding this latency issue. I've logged off after but a short time of play due to these issues, it's been getting really bad and really frustrating.

    Thanks for correcting me regarding Likes being useful. I could have sworn I saw it stated somewhere that the Like system 'works' - I will stop spreading misinformation.
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  11. JaL

    You said "anyone connecting through equinox will experience this", which i was, on both connections, yet only one experienced the problem. That's a direct contradiction to your statement.

    It was not "due to timing" :)

    Read the post below my first one.
  12. nallar

    Anyone connecting through equinix during prime time will experience this problem. Both of your traceroutes also showed the problem, as there was a latency increase after that IP.
  13. JaL

    Ping times on the route is just supplementary troubleshooting. It's the roundtrip time to the gameserver that matters.
    This is why i tested by logging in to multiple game clients and monitored the ingame ping.
    So when i say that one connection had the problem, and the other didn't, i mean the connection between the game client and the game server. I would not conclude something just from the route ping times.
    Thank god for 100+ upload =)
  14. JaL

    Also the issue is gone now (day+ ago actually, i mentioned this) yet routes are the same.
    So "Anyone connecting through equinix during prime time will experience this problem." (nice adding on the subjective "prime time" factor) is still not true =)
  15. JaL

    But w/e, i got the ball rolling about the network, and it's being looked at. So it's all good.
  16. Frostbitten

    Cobalt is currently in extremely rubbish state. Everything has one to two second delay.
  17. nallar

    That that doesn't make sense given the constant on my non-equinix connection, and wildly fluctuating ping on my equinix connection which returns to normal at off-peak times. From asking around on IRC and getting people to give traceroutes, everyone with this issue is routed via equinix, and the people without it aren't. Data provided by liamsmithuk also supports this conclusion.

    Graphing ping to the node before and ping to Miller shows that ping to the node before it is ~30 always while ping to Miller spikes up. Comparing ping to the node prior to Miller on the level3 connection does not show such inconsistency.

    Please re-do your test, it seems much more likely that you experienced a fluke.
  18. JackD

    Same here. My connection is fine but i have reoccuring lag spikes and overall my ping is worse then normal. Strangely enough it seem to get higher the more enemys are close.
  19. nallar

    I had previously stated on multiple occasions that it starts at about 6pm. Posted in this thread, again in this thread and twice on twitter.
  20. iFlanker

    Played for an hour today on woodman and my ping was 117ms. I guess its a bit higher than it used to be but it was playable. No spikes occured.
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