Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. KAHR-Alpha

    Actually it's not an outfit but a recurring platoon. Yesterday's plan was mostly to annoy NC who had taken our tech plant several times, so we took theirs.
  2. Haba

    Miller has always been (during the times I play) having the VS as underdog. I don't think the situation has changed much post patch.

    Yesterday we had like 20 VS on Amerish _total_ at one point. Thankfully the patch fixed the population bonuses so they are not server wide any more. +15% XP is always nice.

    Frankly I don't understand the whole "magrider zerg" claims, at least on this server. I've seen far more vanguard and prowler zergs than I've seen magriders. Most of the time the sky is filled with mosquitoes, with no friendly air in sight.

    I enjoy playing the solo saboteur behind enemy lines, so being the underdog doesn't matter for me. For a lot of people it does seem to, though.
  3. Blue Ice

    Oh well.... lol. May I ask you a personal question since you seem to be part of that platoon. Are you guys feeling separation anxiety from not having Camp Connery anymore? I swear the past few days since the rotation the TR have kept pushing to capture and hold Camp Connery. Prior to the rotation if we (Vanu) began to even try and take Camp Connery you all would amass and push us out of the area. It seemed that you guys had family/friends living in that territory. Like a special alert goes off when ever enemies are detected in Camp Connery. All troops are called to stamp out the invaders. Whenever I would lead a platoon to the north from the south west I was tell people to leave Camp Connery alone. Let the TR keep it. anyways, lol
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  4. MadRon101

    I wonder if the reason for that is that most of the enemy infantry run away and spawn tanks they might not be fully certed into when they see a massive vanu armour zerg rush?

    Just wondering because I regularly play LA and changed to engineer then spawned a tank when I saw the vanu really really bigly massive grav tank zerg rush yesterday. I didn't last long though I did a lot more damage than I would have as an LA then I warped elsewhere.
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  5. KAHR-Alpha

    Well, right now it's just that we want to make clear to NC that it's our territory, and we want it back.

    Before the rotation, basically the loss of camp connery meant that the west was lost, at which point a massive prowler zerg would start rampaging around from the warpgate until it reached quartz ridge camp.

    I think we miss Dahaka and the crater much more.
  6. Roxputin

    VS has on average 26%~30% population on Connery opposed to TR and NCs 35%~40% on any given day. I played PS1 with the VS having the same underdog status. That is a big reason why I rolled VS from the start because I knew coming into PS2 that the VS were doomed to be the minority force again.

    Now for me this is not a problem but rather a challenge, but when I see the nerf stick flying in the direction of an already gimped f action I start to distance myself from the game as a whole. Fighting against insurmountable odds is one thing. Fighting against the same odds with substandard equipment is a I another.

    Btw, the NC and TR VS have not joined forces. Maybe a couple of big outfits decided to go into collusion but as a whole the VS still shoots at both RED AND BLUE.
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  7. Gobmi

    Before patch Millers pop was quite even between factions at least when I was playing. But now the pop has been lower. Maybe those (stat players) who have NC and TR characters are playing them because they seem really good.

    Rats are leaving the ship?
  8. maxkeiser

    Vanu have always had the lowest number of players on nearly ALL servers. They are the smallest, least played faction.
  9. InterSpectra

    On Connery, TR has held Indar bonus for over 2 months.
    This was Connery about half an hour ago, every attempt to warpgate TR has failed because VS does not have the numbers to maintain a front line forward (see how we, the VS, didn't even have the forces to capture Peris Amp), and NC has an unmanageable population to command (backcapping VS).

    Esamir and Amerish are ghost continents. The Devs should have put in a tab on actual count of players of a particular continent. Ratios only help so much, and when a full squad swaps over and changes the percentages by 20%, you know something is very, very wrong.

  10. shakkar

    im on miller too and play my vs char as well as my nc char... yes, i have both on the same server ( i like the server)..
    and vs was allways the lowest population ( i play since 2 or 3 weeks here and it was allways like that - everyday)..
    pop was allways low so pls stop spreading rumours.
    if some leave we really shouldnt care...winning team joiner are allways negligible.
    tr had allways the most (by far - noobfaction ftw and im sure they will grow because of the op-prowler rumour..) ..nc was next and vs was allways last..

    @maxkeiser - isnt that a proof that vs is sooo op?
    ppl never play things that are op ... because they want the challenge... huh...wait...
  11. wrenched

    Pretty confident they stealth buffed NC before the UES so that they would be competitive, but typically they overstepped.

    NC on Briggs overnight started doing much much better (tbh they did need a buff) and then picked up the north spawn which is, well, not the worst spawn. VS - with latest changes and also the NC buff - are slowly coming into line with everyone else and no longer as easy, therefore quit.

    But even with some unbalance people will still play. The biggest deterrent for me is the warp gate and SOE attitude.

    1. Changing warp gates lowers loyalty. I liked the land we had and got used to but it can be managed. The idea of balancing based on moving spawn is strange. Mod the map bases a little etc..

    2. Implementing the invulnerability changes even though on the roadmap it was 2:1 down voted just shows that this whole "listen to the community and base changes on feedback" concept is just a token measure.

    3. It's pretty obvious that the change that is most needed (beyond technical and server gear unlocks etc) is the continent locking. Having a small community split over three continents is so ********. I want to fight on the other continents, but sight seeing trips? no thanks.
  12. Roxputin

    Yep, this pretty much sums up the Connery experience as a VS. I would like to seeother some VS transfer from the other low population servers when transfer tokens become available. The VS on Connery have some good players, we just do not have any mega outfits.
  13. KM131

    Yeah, i remember a few weeks ago, when VS has a 40%+ population. That was so much fun.
    Anyway, most of them are probably winning team joiners, so who cares?
  14. Jessy

    i think it's not only vanu but the overall population. since patch we get massive lags on indar (its unplayable there) and could only go to the other two continents. and there, we fought with and against the same people (Yes, i'm looking at you evilknevil666 and your medic bodyguards :p ).

    i mean, c'mon, how many players do you remember over some days?

    I don't think it's the mag nerf, we didn't even touch tanks the last days and were smashed... don't know if its the patch or bad luck. but if all vanu got bad luck, it's no suprise they play BF3 or something else...
  15. Cyridius

    When dozens of players on VS used Magriders as their clutch, I'm not surprised they left when they were brought down to a balanced state.
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  16. NightmareP69

    It seems you didn't notice what i said, we lost people before the nerf. Right after the showdown for some reason.
  17. Jessy

    Vanu != magrider

    there are lots of people who don't use it. And do you know something funny? I drive a mag with full magburner and full dodge chassis and i don't fell any difference in a fight. i still kill other tanks and get killed by them like before. But if this ends the "mag is op" debate i'm fine with it...
  18. Cyridius

    And isn't it a continual drop in population?
  19. Cinnamon

    Superior VS organisation means that when they get bored and decide to play something else or have are stop playing due to technical reasons they all do it at the same time.
  20. NightmareP69

    I think the devs might as well remove Vanu and let us pick a new character with the same level and certs. What's the point of playing when you bearly have any teammates most of the time and everytime we get some fun new equipment, the whole TR army goes onto the forums and constnatly keeps sending death threats to Higby to nerf us more.