Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Gelohess

    they don't look stupid, they look fashionable :D
  2. Deavonere

  3. pnkdth

    It wouldn't have been so bad if SOE hadn't decided to also give the other two factions buffs. It is the thing that always baffle me about the devs, and how they balance PS2, why can't they just do one change. No, we must buff and nerf at the same time so the nerf feels extra painful.

    It is particularly bewildering since, apparently, the prowler and vanguard(according to SOE's own stats) weren't really fairing all that bad.

    It seems in every case in this game people act like idiots when their own faction is concerned. Certain NC players keep defending their splatterMAXes and talk about faction advantages/disadvantages but as soon as anyone mention the magrider all that stuff no longer applies.
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  4. PapaMojo

    This has been the Vanu situation on Connery since well before the patch.

    Fight on. Might through Technology (and tactics, and predicting the zerg, etc)

    Your silver lining is that you have a target-rich environment at all times.
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  5. Skiptis

    I don't really have a problem with the SE warp gate as VS in terms of terrain or anything, the annoying thing at least on Miller is that since rotation TR sits in The Crown pretty much exclusively leaving the 90% of NC who cba assaulting it to smack VS (maybe they just want to get home, idk) - and with the NC having a population advantage that means VS are pushed fairly far down (Zurvan? and Rashnu are usually the border). It's really fairly static like that which is very boring.

    Occasionally you have VS pushing into Peris which is never defended (I took a satellite and blew all the generators solo today at ~1700 and then I sat there shooting mossies with a flak turret for 15min before anyone showed up to take it back), capturing it and then TR waking up and an outfit or two sends down people to take it back. Hell, TR didn't even care about Hvar most of the day, because who needs tanks when you can sit at the Crown and spam annihilator rockets at everything that moves all day?

    Not saying this couldn't happen before the rotation except with different factions, but it didn't. And it really makes Indar really dull for VS. And no, I'm not necessarily saying the layout of the SE corner of the map is or was fine, but believe the fairly static map control is a far bigger source of attrition for VS than that at the moment.

    Of course, all of this is more a consequence of the population loss rather than a cause, but it serves to perpetuate the situation.

    And yeah, the Vanu fashion joke is really getting old, can we have a MAX that doesn't look like a cheap plastic Japanese transformer toy please? Get rid of all the sickly cyan stripes on our armor while you're at it, it looks like someone decided to stick patterns made with dumped bubblegum on there.
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  6. WetPatch

    It doesnt really help that all the game advertising has got TR front and center (barring the pretty awesome trailer with NC LA).

    Just look around the website at the promo pictures TR are everywhere, then they went and had that Empire Showdown and put the most popular guy promoting TR.

    Then we had the Tobuscus disaster forced on VS.

    Totalbuscuit has nearly a Million followers on Youtube, while LevelCap has 180k and Seananners has a very respectable 1.5mill but lacks TBs appeal.

    TB said himself that his link for new players clicking on his Play Now link was 50k new players. Even if 50% picked TR then thats a massive pop explosion for them.
  7. Cull58

    If you actually read and didn't quote mine you would see that the main reasons given were the damage done to the playability of the game with the patch. Everything else is just a stacking effect and POSSIBLE reasons.

    Don't misrepresent.
  8. NotPaidActor

    I'm TR on Connery, and for the record would accept a free transfer to VS. My friends and I love playing the under dog, unfortunately I can't unless I delete all my SC and unlocks.
  9. Fear The Amish

    Yeah had a drop in waterson but w/e. I played VS in PS1 when they were UP and Under Poped, Played them in beta when it was the same, and i will continue to play them. What this leads to is the best players stay and get even better with broken equipment and will still kick the tr/nc ***.
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  10. Radec594

    Eh, must be the reason why vs keeps locking 2/3 continents on my server, even after WP rotation.

    *hint hint*
  11. Ender

    Yes! Goodbye you foolish opponents! Get out of here we don't want to retain players in this game! Bash Bash Bash, whiners l2p!
  12. ({x})Kyoji

    I am sure population is dropping everywhere as people lose interest. It happens. Server transfers and merges will help with that.
  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    i am vanu :)

    and i play bf3 right now :D armored shield and alborz mountain is where it's at
  14. metalfreak

    Same on Miller, yesterday it was like 27% VS against 35-38% TR and NC..
  15. Slyguy65

    The vanu are just whiny little cry babies...seriously they get hit with a bit of balance...holy god.

    The people who play this game...
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  16. Slyguy65

    If they don't come out with a fix for the FPS by wednesday...they better start refunding or expect a lot more to leave.
  17. Veri

    Maybe they ran to Briggs.
    There seems to be an influx of Vanu or people from the other factions have left.
  18. {joer

    Based on Indar lately, do we get to start calling the NC OP now :D

    I think part of the issue is the VS are on the "bad" part of the map for tank zerging now and the mag is no longer OP (bug or intended). They simply don't know what to do without 10-30 Mags and the surrounding vehicle zerg.
  19. Slyguy65

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  20. Skadi

    1 bug happens to their mag and they go haywire...
    It was announced as a BUG and they ragequit... Just lolwut?