Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Nature

    Funny how the TR and NC players stayed with the game when you had the completely overpowering magrider. NC have been staying while having the worst ESF and a worse tank than the magrider.
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  2. Vanuub

    Count me in on that. Have not logged in since thursday.
    The messed up vehicles and 'balance' changes, and I don't just selfishly mean the magrider shafting, the bugs, the reports of bad performance and stuttering, the "breaking" of some camos....

    To be honest, I do not find it worth my time to even update my PS2 install until SOE rolls out some major fixes and a apology some time this week. They have to prove they can correct the mess and are not dumb enough to think that they save face by not admitting the obvious.

    It is not as if it has been easy to get people to give them more chances (rootkit drm CDs, NGE) and give this game a chance, but at this rate, if they dont turn this around very soon, one would have to be a turd not to warn anyone you care about, telling them to benefit from your bad experience and stay miles away.
  3. TintaBux

    Never use to be, but after new patch, especially warp-gate allot of VS seem quite hopeless/upset and now don't play as much. However on Miller usually the populations are quite balanced.
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  4. ThommiX

    We will adapt. And still kill the enemy no matter how much they whine.
    Magrider is bugged,so the nerf won't be that bad.
    Can't say much about the changes on TR/NC tanks yet,though prowler also has a bug with the bullet speed,afaik.
    So those couple things will get fixed,nothing more changed on us.
    Let the weak one's faction hop,we will still prevail!. All hail Vanu!

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  5. Flying Mug

    We're down to 28% on Jaeger too but it started well before UES/GU2. 28% isn't a complete disaster/collapse though.

    That said, I spend more and more time on Hoth, too. We no longer seem to have enough extra guys to hold/back-cap it and goof around on another continent. That is getting frustrating.
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  6. Sern

    I have also seen a significant drop over the past couple weeks in the Waterson VS population. I sort of saw it coming. I mean come on, you can only nerf a particular faction for so long before the others become too enticing to not just ditch the VS and switch to them. In fact as much as they've crapped on the VS I have even considered switching to TR. Right now they are the most powerful faction based on equipment and gameplay mechanics alone.


    The most recent patch reduced the Saron projectile speed. The ONLY buff our faction got was a useless accuracy increase from .5 to .4 on the VS pistol. Yeah as if accuracy is the problem with that stupid thing.

    Every other faction got significant boosts to their tanks and other weapons. Prowler got higher damage output per round now (was already just fine) and higher projectile speed. I've played the Prowler extensively before the latest patch and I could do so much more with it than I could with the Magrider. The Magrider is now officially a novelty item, a trinket. It should just be put on display at the nearest VS museum.

    The Vanguard which was already hard enough to kill got an additional boost to armor on the sides AND on the top making even aerial attacks less successful.

    What did the VS get? A less effective Saron laser that still costs 1k certs. Yeah I can't wait to keep playing these guys... That was just one patch. If I went back through all the others we'd be here all day talking about the programming nuke of the BS faction as I might as well call them now.

    I played TR a good bit before this patch taking a break from VS with a friend of mine who was new to the game. The TR was soooo easy to play. I blinked at the enemy and they died. The RoF is so high the enemy didn't even know what hit them. The Prowler was amazing with its two rounds to fire before reload. The first round even acted as a tracer for the second round making the second even more precise and deadly. Plus the HEAT turret rounds are more tightly packed making them easier to follow to their targets unlike the large ball of plasma fired from the Magrider.

    And while I shouldn't have to mention this I find all too often people forget. The Prowler and Vanguard don't have the issue of a fixed turret like the Magrider does. So the Prowler can respond to any threat from any angle pretty quickly while the fat Magrider has to swing its *** all the way around before it can even see what's hitting it.

    The jokes could continue but I'll leave it at that. If you don't rebalance the VS and you keep nerfing it you can find me on the TR too. I'll play super easy mode with the rest of those whiners. Then the population will look like 45/45/10 - ENJOY!

    P.S. - For everyone who spent real money supporting this game on the VS side, it seems awfully convenient to nerf them so you switch to another side and spend that same money all over again on the other faction's equipment. True or not, it's bad business.
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  7. Cull58

    I'm a leader in one of the two largest VS outfits on Ceres, and many of our members are just upset with the brokenness of the update. Combine that with dealing with the worst indar warpgate at the same time and I can see why people haven't been logging in.
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  8. Exoz

    I'm the outfit leader of Pandora Project another very big VS outfit on ceres, and for the most part some people didn't enjoy the warpgate rotated, others dislike the magrider movement being broken, and general bugs like not hearing the sound of a missle that's following you when you fly an ESF after it's been fired.

    And to add on top of that the buffs TR and NC got are a bit too much. And then on top of that there's fps issues for many after the patch, although that's not faction specific but yeah, showing a lot of love to NC and TR will make the vanu population fall.

    Despite what people may say, you should have left the magrider alone if you wanted to buff the other tanks. And btw you really need a test server to see how this feels on a grand scale, because people are very easily turned off by such changes, especially when there's tons of bugs coming along with them.
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  9. Spektri

    yeah, no Vs on ceres, All of you are on the ******* esamir, right now looking at the map Esamir pop 78% VS 12% TR and 10% NC
  10. TintaBux

    Oh dear...
  11. Spektri

    So reading all the comments of VS players in this thread, it seems that your population dropped when you got the ''bad WG'' and the magrider was finaly fixed? lawl
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  12. Exoz

    It's a percentage, the population on esamir is very low compared to indar, there's like a bunch of people there, mostly VS yes, but out of the total population it's just a handful of VS.
  13. Khethatipet

    Jaeger is also feeling the hurt. VS on this server seems to have lost a lot of its players. Or, more grown-ups play VS and it's only 5:30pm on the east coast.
  14. GamerOS

    They always seem to be second if you ask me, but that's just personal observation and I could be wrong.

    In my opinion, if there is a mass exodus of Vanu players it's most likely the 4th empire switching sides to next seemingly 'op' and 'easy mode' faction.
  15. dr_Fell

    I know ! I know where they are !
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  16. pnkdth

    Probably. On Miller we now have 26-28% world pop... yet still holding on to Indar with an iron grip. That said, we're taking a beating on two fronts. Only logged off because the horrible stuttering/fps drops making me want to pull my hair out.
  17. kill

    So right now you have 34% population, TR has 34%, NC 30% on Indar Miller. You have 21% of the Territory, TR has 40% and NC 35%.

    Your world population is pretty low right now. I'm pretty sure it's because you got the horrible warpgate location on Indar. Which NC whined about for months and everyone told them to shut up about it.
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  18. Gelohess

  19. Millsy

    Indeed, just look at them. The VS max looks completely ridiculous, whereas the NC and TR look great. I know it's only a game but people don't usually want to look stupid.
    And the nerf everything VS doesn't help either I guess :p
  20. HellasVagabond

    Jesus Christ all the whining because they nerfed the strafing speed of the Magrider........No wonder all the VS who didn't know how to play and relied on the mag left....Goodbye is what i say to them.
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