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  1. L1ttlebear

    So I just got weapons locked. I have been weapons locked many times since early beta. What was I weapons locked for?
    Was it TKing people just because they spawn MAXs? no, I'm not a child.
    Did I TK friendly vehicles over road rage issues? Please, my IQ is above 50.
    Continuing to shoot into friendlies in order to get dat kill for ma KDR? I don't play COD sorry.

    No no no...SOE decided that I should be weapons locked for deploying my sundy. That's it. I deploy a sundy and 5 min later im a TKing butthole who has "extreme disregard" for friendlies and i get locked. That's not fair and it should have been fixed in beta.

    Dats aaaaaaalllll
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  2. ExquisitExamplE

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  3. Mhak

    In the zerg today I destroyed a sundy with falcs and saw it kill a ton of people around it, got a group kill bonus. I know the sundy driver got friendly fire penalized for it, because it's happened to me too.

    It ain't right that the explosion/debris of your vehicle is considered friendly fire. That is some bullsheets. How is it fair that the enemy gets a group kill bonus, but the vehicle owner gets called on friendly fire? =/
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  4. Brandmon

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  5. Mastachief

    The current grief system is far too forgiving and not very well thought out. Ps1 had a much better system.
  6. EmmettLBrown

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  7. Taemien

    Subscription is always a better option than anything else for anti griefing.
  8. Phyr

    I've never been weapons locked.
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  9. L1ttlebear

    LOL!!!!!!! as much as i dislike you very much right now i must say...that was funny :p
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  10. Timithos

    That's even an idea? You seem to think of too many reasons to TK, even inventing new ones. I've never been weapons locked. Never in Alpha, never in Beta, never ever. I've grenaded entire rooms full of friendlies. I've bombed them with a zepher. I've had grief from blown up sundies and gals. Nothing. No weapons lock. They build prisons for criminals that think they did no wrong, and PS2 has a weapons lock system that prevents "criminal", habitual TK'ing like yours.
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  11. L1ttlebear

    deploy a sundy...your chances of keeping your record will go down :( I have never been locked for anything other than from my sundies. I will see it happening, move my sundie and it keeps happening. its very sad
  12. L1ttlebear

    You sir should look at my profile.

    I never TK on purpose. I never have and never will. I am quite confident you didn't read the entirety of my post.

    Oh and that "invented" TKing you were referring to was actually from a post, not mine, from yesterday where a fellow named "jarcode" TKed an individual just for being in a MAX suit. The conversation became polarized and to i referenced to it here. The creative reasons to TK, im afraid, were left to the others.
  13. CaptainYamerica

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  14. Timithos

    Face the facts. You're careless. How can so many other people not get weapons lock since Alpha?
  15. uhlan

    This is how I imagine 80% of the players of PS2.

    A further 10% sound the same, but with the added value of a little helium and the final 10%, a *plink**plink* and a nice deep "Muahahahahahaha" *teabag*.

    Or something equally classy.
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  16. Camycamera

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  17. WolfA4

    No, the OP has a point. Look at his killboard, he has 11 friendly kills with his Sunderer. What most likely happened was his Sunderer was bouncing and probably crushed people as they spawned. During that time when his Sunderer was killing friendlies he was being killed by enemy infantry weapons, so he couldn't have been driving or gunning.
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  18. Timithos

    Well yeah, he's has a point. They should turn off griefing for exploding sunderers.
  19. WolfA4

    You should check his killboard before you get all high and mighty.
  20. Timithos

    Whatchoo talking about? I'm permanently high and mighty at all times.
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