Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

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  1. MonkeyOnTheWing

    That's the thing about MMOs. Most of the time, those tiny problems that need fixing aren't apparent, until they squeeze LITERALLY thousands of players through them to find all those problems.

    I would have no problem playing Hossin as is, and then getting an updated version several months from now, with various improvements and several brand spanking new bases
  2. Amenofhis

  3. BadLieutenant666

    It's Time for PANIC!!!
  4. =ADK= Turrican13

    Merge all the servers you want, NC will still remain unorganized and unwilling to fight.
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  5. CharonLT

    Any ETA when will be on?
  6. MaxDamage

    Might have to make a character on a US server finally.
  7. Mytwyt

  8. MasonSTL

    can confirm, but it was toward BCP... so it really doesnt matter
  9. Levtech

    I tried to be clever but turned out saying some obvious statement... oh well.
  10. Commander Tychus

  11. kakswap

  12. TommyXXL

    how about merging the 4 eu servers into only 2 if you took them down anyway? or considering the ping lately i would not be surprised if the eu servers were moved to us o_O
  13. FrankMite

    So once again EU players are losing their primetime because US players are getting a merge that EU servers need far more. It really disgusts me how much SOE don't care about EU players!
  14. ElephantNp

    So how much longer??
  15. VS X57

    He's talking about PlanetSide ONE, note the internet connection referred to, also. So 1 yr 8 mo isn't the time frame. Came out in like 2003.
  16. SashsaACIII

    Save-date profile * na Server PS2 *DB

    * time msk 19:01 PM

    Servera ON to Run Alert ALL *8
  17. Irocode

    not again. continuously play break :mad::mad:
  18. Mianera

    Are we there yet...?Are we there yet...?Are we there yet...?Are we there yet...?Are we there yet...?
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  19. fusionross

    Any ETA???? Im not paying for a subscription to not be able to play
  20. Jeron

    Can't wait till it comes back, might just blow £30 on station cash for absolutely no reason when I get back from work. :)