Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

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  1. NivekelyoD

    lol, yeah.
  2. TeknoBug

    lol Mattherson VS with Waterson's super organized VS are going to be a tough group to beat, NC sucks *** on Waterson and TR... well I think TR are going to dominate the population chart for a while.
  3. Foxirus

    I am pretty sure they already said Hossin will be delayed to an unspecified date due to it need massive reworking. It is not ready yet, Have some patience.
  4. AirSuicide

    That sounds a lot like the US.

    Honestly, this is the breakdown of Political agendas for the factions:

    NC = Anarchist/Terrorist/Fanatics - Middle East
    TR = Organized/Well Funded/Loyalists/Socialists - Russia/Ukraine/Germany/Japan/China
    VS = Technologically Superior/Fanatical/Well Funded/Tactical/Spyish - US/Europe/Israel
  5. Librux

  6. Roy Rogerz

    There will be no mercy.
  7. IDayRax

    Hello, I know this has nothing to do with the subject. But what happens is that I am currently in the Briggs server, I have a horrible ping and most of the time you can not play well ... I was wondering if you could pass on my level 98 character VANU to another server (Mattherson).

    I do not want to start from 0 again ( - _-)!
  8. Aelyn

    Are you actually in Australia (since you play on Briggs)?

    Because I truly doubt swapping to a US server would improve your connection then.
  9. IDayRax

    No ... I am from Mexico, I made the grave mistake of choosing an Australian server :( ... it was the first time playing PS2.

    I'm a complete stupid, not to say Noob .. with the passage of time nothing of it, but with all the changes that had the game, started to be very annoying.

    if anyone knows a way to wire my character, would greatly appreciate it.
  10. AirSuicide

    Dude you really need to read NCR's back story, they are separatists and terrorists of the Terran Government. All Terrorist organizations have a cause, be it religion, Freedom from perceived persecution or otherwise. You know what the US calls freedom fighters who don't like the government and do seditious acts to rebel calling themselves freedom fighters? "Terrorists".

    Vanu are religious yes, but they are not even remotely close to being a terrorist group.
  11. AirSuicide

    No The NC are not Merica, The Vanu are technically and politically speaking the most like the USA of any of the factions, the NCR are a Terrorist group of seperatists from the Terran Government. And the Terran Government is like the ****/Stalin Regime.

    Anyone who actually thinks NCR are anything like the USA does not know anything about the USA or it's Government, or does not Know anything about the NCR's back story.

    Merica is not a terrorist country, In fact it has strict laws against such.

    The NCR regularly resort to acts of sedition and terrorism as a mode of operation for their military forces on a regulaar basis, They do not even care about governements and are against "All Governments, or any type of societal structure at all which governs it's people whether fair or otherwise. This is called "Anarchy".

    So the NCR can not under any circumstance be confused with the USA, or other anti terrorist (Or governmental) European Countries like Great Brittan etc.

    You all play these factions and don't even bother to read the lore or back-story for them, or to keep up with what goes on it, Then you come on here and make outlandish claims about the "ONE" Faction in game that clearly states in its bio "Anarchist, Terrorist" as being the USA. I mean really people do you even read the **** the producers write for these factions or the stories that go with them?

    Even if the USA supported Terrorist activity, The US is not an Anarchist Country. So on both counts the NC is not the US.
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  12. KariH



    Terran shoots red blobs and has average music.
    Vanu looks perv but has best music and shoots violet blobs
    Nc looks conservatist and smells conservatist and shoot conservatist blue blobs. WTF rebelll? Worst music!!!
  13. Jeron

    I don't think any of the factions resemble any of earths governments. I think they done a good job making them NOT like what exists today, but using recognizable archetypes but in opposite ways.

    TR - Authoritarian Military regime, over 400 years old, created by earths nations to end a 200 year war. They first started colonising Auraxis for 20 years, tasked with the burden of exploring the worm holes and Auraxes inevitably. In this period they discovered Vanu artifacts, developed "rebirthing" tech and realized that the new technology will lead to colony destabilization. So, they put "draconian restrictions" on the new tech, so that private companies could not "meddle" and use it for military uses against the TR. Paranoid, but efficient with hundreds of years to perfect a military cult.

    ****A one world army in leading the human race under its own control? - This is NOTHING like any government on earth, even if we consider the soveits, it never lasted long, it was not formed to end a war and it was not formed to bring peace.

    NC - Formed on earth, profit minded, made of civilian companies (men in Suits, and boiler suits), worked alongside the TR for almost every project in the solar system and after arriving on Auraxis. After the TR enforced their very strict rules, blatant systematic elimination of human rights, and most likely the prevention of profit margins reaching their potential, the civilian population began an uprising against the TR, first with insurgents and terror tactics, to a brutal fully fledged rebellion, stressing brute force tactics, but relatively unorganized, potentially not very wise, young infact, compared to the aging TR ways.

    ****In contrast to our world, where the corporations have all the power, rule the world behind the curtain and have the financial control to pull the strings in the military and political lines, happy to screw over the working man for more money freedom through corporate slavery and stating wars through economics.

    VS - Formed shortly after the discovery of Vanu tech, The paranoid TR suppressed experiments on Vanu technology. Deeming it a form of oppression they broke away from the TR alongside with some excelling scientists. They vowed to destroy the TR for the freedom to experiment with Vanu tech and also altering the human genome which was the reason why the NC declared war on the Vanu. Feeling victimised and pulled into a 3 way war, aided by superior weapons and genetic technology a superiority complex developed amongst the Vanu, with a zealous attitude towards their cause and a disregard to anything or anyone that did not match their ideals.

    **** This is a tough one, as all nations are striving to improve technology and our genetics etc, we might need to do so in order to survive and explore etc.... however would we give up our identity and eliminate thoses that are not like minded?
  14. lovetheserpent

    has anyone else's ping on briggs f****d up after this merge cuz my ping is all over the place
  15. Jouka

    Praise Vanu!
  16. nuclearunicorn

  17. RuinyourDay

    For instance the vanguard was still broken on the test server on hossin, whenever you turn it would over-turn/over-extend to the left or right whenever you move backwards or forwards
  18. GaBeRock

    yeah, I've been hearing about that since the post. Don't worry, it affects all tracked vehicles, and the devs will likely have it fixed by thursday next week.
  19. MIchaelortech

    I think it does follow certain governments, just not modern ones. Try the late 1700's...

    The TR would be the British.

    The NC would be the American Colonists.

    The VR? Maybe the French.
  20. midon

    No thanks spandex is not for us:D