Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

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  1. Ronin Oni

    Make an account at Planetside Universe, find your character, "Claim" it, and then make the banner using the website forms.
  2. MikeCobretti

    Thank you pal ! :]
  3. AirSuicide

    WTF is Emerald?
  4. Amenofhis

    i believe i can fly!!!!!!!!!!!! sing with me!!!!
  5. Nitish Sharma

    Your character name ? It depends on lots of things actually,mine is bugged and it hasn't increased for past 3 weeks or something.-.
  6. KirthGersen

    Looks like our 0,7 k/d expert is crying somewhere else now:eek:
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  7. DooDooBreff

    How many more of these posts before the guy tries to say... " I was kidding you been trolled lololo"
  8. Malagath

  9. Nitish Sharma

    I believe I can touch the sky
  10. Psyph

    Guy, you must be very ignorant to not realize all of what you're saying here doesn't apply to me, you're getting bashed so hard by so many people you can not keep up.
  11. NivekelyoD

    The 1:16 version wasn't enough :p
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  12. Stellus

    When Planetside 1 went through its first merge, the new server was named Emerald, keeping an original server name. This is sort of a nod to the predecessor, a bit of nostalgia of you will.

    Other server names pre-merge are Johari, Markov, and Konried
  13. geekrider

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  14. KoRneY

    How the hell anyone can play 9-10+ hours a day for days straight is absolutely beyond what I'm capable of these days. What a sad mess.
  15. 1Shot003

    Where did you get this signature??
  16. senondo

    put it together myself ;)
    if you can get the servers up ill make you one =D
  17. Amenofhis

    I think about it every night and day
    I think about it every night and day
  18. CharonLT


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  19. GoldstarIV

    sigh.. In everything we do in life, there's this guy.. "Drinking is NOT for casuals. If you do not drink seriously then you are doing it wrong.." "Basketball is NOT for casuals.. You must make every shot like me, or you will never make it to the NBA son" "Riding a Bicycle is NOT for casuals. You better be able to ride at least 20 miles a day and sprint 3 like me if you ever want to be in the races with Lance Armstrong."

    Seriously bro.. I play this game for fun and while no my stats will not earn me a million dollar check from the MLG, I am proud of them because I earned them. Stop trying to tell people what the "requirements" for this game are. Just because you are desperately giving everything you got to make an appearance in a professional gaming league doesn't mean we all want that from this game. Honestly, I was part of the crowd that wanted them to move further away from this ESports and more towards an actual WORLD like EvE with real politics and economy, but alas I enjoy it all the same as a large scale FPS..

    Call me bad all ya want, but I don't want to take this game seriously, and no where did Smed tell me I had to.. Get off of your horse man.. Pfft, gamers these days..
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  20. KirthGersen

    Looks like average 6 hours per day for me. Well, I feel shame:oops: