Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

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  1. Tekintakka

    As a person who spends moderate amount of money and most certainly too much time for this game monthly, I'm totally cool with this maintenance. Yes, i see why somebody would go ape turd mad because of it but then again; it is just a game and there is always some alternative stuff to do while waiting (perhaps even something productive).
  2. Tarius0508

    I'm by far not the best player in the game but here is my DA stats....


    If you are good, then I'm a god.
  3. Psyph

    By the look of your tone, your wife and kids aren't making you such a happy person. Please reevaluate your own life before telling someone you hardly even know that they are "doing it wrong"
  4. AllSkillorNoThrill

    Please **** if you're gonna cry all day 1.

    2. You can be mad all you want doesn't change the FACT that no one in TIW hacks - THEY ARE JUST BETTER THAN YOU

    3. Prove me wrong find me a TIW that hacks and I will post a video of how wrong I was

    4. till then try hard for VR training maybe itll help you out
  5. Librux

    Guys this is a public Server u dont need to yell at each other here cos we dont need to see it.
  6. Ronin Oni

    Most claims against "hackers" are people just being thoroughly outplayed and not knowing how/why they lost.

    I have seen very VERY few actual hackers in my combined time across 3 servers.

    There might have been some light hackers using wallhakcs or something that I couldn't tell of course, but I doubt that many.
  7. KirthGersen

    I'm waiting, I prepeat. https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428168624800020017/killboard
  8. Tykune

    I have a market value of $1,503,702 on dasanfall.

    What does that mean? o_O
  9. Librux

    Hey how do u get your character states up there. Im been trying to do that can u help me out.
  10. CharonLT

  11. KirthGersen

  12. KeF3aR

  13. Dhahlih

    Oh, hey, look - people waving around their ****** or demanding double XP and/or free SC because of scheduled maintenance. That's new.
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  14. Tarius0508

    LOL! You are a god when compared to Commander2x
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  15. Verviedi

    Congratulations SOE, I now no longer have any computer time today.
  16. Nitish Sharma

    I got i7 950(Ist gen *sigh)
    4GB DDR3 1600Mhz(but runs at 1333Mhz coz of mobo *sigh)
    GTX 660 OC (But on PCI-e 2 * sigh)
    My settings :
    Everything on Maxed,expect Flora is OFF(can't see mines if they're on) and yes,Shadows on Ultra as well,and no check box is ticked.I capped my fps to 45,(why not 60? I got some fps drops in bio labs or AMP stations,58 to 48 or 50s to 40s) I get 43 nearly everywhere(I don't play in zerg fights if I'm attacking,and I only defend those facilities which can't be attacked by air,ground,tanks all at times,hope you get why),just gets some fps drops in my scythe for some reason so I stopped flying,nothing else :)
  17. darkbouzouf

    i have an answer for this but i'm sure that should hurt a lot...
  18. brobackoff

    congrats i cant run my outfit on the frontlines
  19. cruczi

    Not really because of that, but because of "we'll be back up soon" - 3 hours ago
  20. RXZeroUnicorn

    Congratulations! No one cares!
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