Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. bronybuscus

    if this means bigger battles and more Vanu pop then I am all up for it!
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  2. RadarX

    My bad on that and I usually remember. I'll update the OP.
  3. chrisarn94

    So, it this to get ready for the merge, or is this the execution of the merge?
  4. minhalexus

    Wasn't Miller the largest server once upon a time?
  5. Librux

    Thats a long downtime and it affects all servers instead of the 2 that are being merged. maybe some other things are gonna happen as well. SOE surprise us maybe with some new things in game
  6. Scr1nRusher

    I believe that the 2 Outfit Related things are coming in this patch aswell.

    And continent locking + Hossin will come a few days later.
  7. Librux

    yeah maybe cos i know hossin is coming around thursday. i did forget about the outfit stuff though so maybe its that
  8. RuinyourDay

    Riddle Me This: Whats the point of bringing out another continent thats still not fixed or ready to play on? I'm guessing that's why after all these years I have come to call it "Brokenside 2".
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  9. RuinyourDay

    Cause if i think about it they promised at SOE live last year that "hossin" will be coming soon, and now that its close to launch its still broken just like the game we play on. Stop trying to bring us new things, when yall cant even fix the "Content" yalll currently have.
  10. GaBeRock

    It's pretty ready, when I was on test I just noticed the tree collision bug, incomplete points, and incorrect map as being fundamentally unready.
  11. RuinyourDay

    Theres alot more than just those problems
  12. GaBeRock

    Nothing I noticed that was gamebreaking. What did you see different?
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  13. CoRRh

    The thing is, is that so many people have been whining about Hossin coming out for the longest time, that they have rushed it a bit. Which in reality, is their own fault. Hossin was announced over a year ago. I seriously doubt it would have even taken 8 months to make.

    Yall aren't helping by ******** over it having bugs and it coming out early being a bad thing after we argued about getting it sooner than later. Shut up, go out there, report bugs and such, and have some fun. You aren't the one building something that would have been considered impossible 10 years ago.

    We all hate bugs, but sitting there and complaining is counter productive. If you don't have any legitimate way for them to fix the issues, don't comment.
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  14. GoEErs

    I like it. More Vanu to shoot....or get shot by. However you choose to look at it.:D
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  15. DK22

    seems to me I read on redit that the Hossin on the PTS hasn't been updated for a long while, its not the real one.
    (God I hope so, cuz there's major problems with that one.)

    As long as they don't glich my Char, I'm good.
  16. ReconOne

    Ugh. I'm not happy personally. Not like there is anything I could do, but without pointing fingers too much, lets just say I left one of those servers and started all over because of A: I was in a super aweful outfit there and B: the other servers I have played on seem to have fewer people who'd rather do disruptive things as in Tk for lol's during alerts, or specifically Tk other outfits on the same side over some weird grudge. Sure, there are going to be weirdo's where ever you go, but I just haven't seen them in such a concentration elsewhere. I moved to get away from them, that's why I didn't just create a new character on another faction. I didn't want to reward their poor behavior and game play by interacting with them at all.

    So I sort of have to wonder, if one server has a low pop problem of some sort, hey, maybe there is a reason for that, hmmm?

    But now here goes my shiney new character back into the mire once more.Blah!
  17. choon

    Merge EU servers NOW! Most eu servers are in as much need of a merge as Watersib/Mattherson was. I truely disslike not having different fight to choose from when I am playing. On cobalt at primetime on a good day we get action on one continent, but the other two continents are almost empty. I would love to see one or two almost full or full and 1 with some smaller fight so you have a lot of different fight to choose from. Indarside 2 is really getting frustrating!
  18. Scr1nRusher

    it HAS been updated..... go check it out on the test server.
  19. Levtech

    Special thanks to desync issues.
  20. Levtech

    Take your time polishing that emerald tomorrow, we need high quality stuff here as that first primetime is going to be intense and the server may not be able to handle the way planetside2 is meant to be played.
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