Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

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  1. Tarius0508

    I looked at your player page and you do deserve your terrible KDR, you die more than you kill. Also welcome to Mattherson where the VS players are 100x better than you. Time to step up your game.

    Stats are not worthless. Stats are based off history. Your history says you suck. Sorry but its the truth and it hurts. Keep trash talking but I'm done with you. You should have just not said your character name because not only did it prove you are wrong but now your forum name is even funnier because its so far from the truth.
  2. DooDooBreff

  3. Toxah

    Any ETA for the Servers?
  4. nexesss

    when the servers goes up I GUES NEVER -.-
  5. Librux

    hmmm wonder if the servers will get up at all today. maybe its another 24 hour downtime again. BUt i dont care as long as they get everything on right wither no bugs. It woulkd be nice if we did get some updates about the servers from radarx.
  6. Psyph

    "Dude" I hardly think 1 person checking your profile 1 time can be dubbed "paparazzi"

    On the other hand, YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS GAME, and when you say NOBODY hacks, you are just being a knob. I have seen 3 people from the NC on Mattherson banned this month 2 of which were br100s. So telling someone they can't handle the truth when you're just flat out wrong tends to lead to people thinking you are young and stupid. I'm 21 and you sound 15 to me.

    Please leave this thread if you can't contribute.
  7. Richie1985

    So we get US server merge and all servers are down on EU prime time :s
  8. KoRneY

    also as a sniper, you've killed 1660 more people in 56.2 less hours. good site, you should register. (compared to dudebro)
  9. KirthGersen

  10. CharonLT


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  11. Amenofhis

    With all the talking... the RAx something should at least tell us after few more hours waiting.. (customer have rigths....) to tell us what its happening and not tell us soon or later... a Direct awnser.
  12. Anarchistt

    We want to shot some heads please. p........lease..... p l e a s e ..... P.......L......E.........A.........S..........E .
  13. Tarius0508

    ROFL! It says his Market Value is negative! If he were to join a pro team, he would have to pay them yearly money! LOL!!!
  14. Munr

  15. FaelP

    and what is the time based on time zone is -03:00 to Brazil? it will be hours or so tell me what your schedule foso for me to have an idea of time to wait.
  16. MikeCobretti

    As always my first vacation day I have to look at this **** maintenance sign :confused: OK...off topic when we are here merged so nicely :) Anyone playing with 4670K and GTX 660 combo ? Will it run ULTRA all the time above 40 fps ? Thank you in advance.
  17. Mianera

    The creature known as RadarX does not roam these lands. You must look far and travel long into the lands of TWITTER to find this mysterious being who long ago abandoned these forsaken lands now known as Forumside 2.
  18. Psyph

    Thank you, now this is an appropriate response to a accusation of hacking. I appreciate the feedback and I now look forward to fighting against them. The NC need some legitimacy after all the bashing they get.
  19. Ronin Oni

    I manage to play for 30 minutes just fine o_O

    Hop on, jump into a fight. Play for a bit. Log off.

    No sweat off my balls.
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  20. Sedisp

    Why would anyone sit on their cpu? The pins are quite fragile.

    I can't be lonely since I'm married. Though we semi recently moved so sometimes I miss my friends I wouldn't really consider it lonely.
    I would consider playing PS2 for 12 hours a day to be lonely but since you're the expert on that matter I'd defer to your wisdom about it. So how lonely are you? Very lonely? Extremely lonely? About to snap lonely?
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