Extended Server Maintenance June 24th - Server Merges

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Valok

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  2. Tykune

    Dunno.. I heard there was going to be some content update with the merge, but I guess that is false?
  3. BlackHawkVervedi

    I agree with the small amount of updates (unless they ran into some trouble) when should the servers go up?
    They only were adding some name changes and bug fixes
  4. IamnotAmazing

    they're good players, just not hackers, I"m sure the guy who called them hackers is a baddie
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  5. Librux

    Hmmm u dont think they might suprise us with Hossin and cont lock XD
  6. Psyph

    Lol I think its only been 5 but same thing
  7. senondo

    ffs....get the servers up allready!
  8. planetsiderogue

    They've been testing the Venu for a good while now..may have ran into some issues

    Edit: Or they might've had a streak of A.D.D and theyre having GM battles.......hahahaha
  9. Tykune

    Its the word thats been going around regarding them being hackers/lagswitchers. I simply relayed information that was presented by several individuals. (Yes, its the first time I've mentioned the lagswitching, but I didn't see it as relevent since Lagswitching isn't really hacking.}
  10. BlackHawkVervedi

    Not to argue but servers went down at 6 am this morning and its 2:09 PM right now
  11. BlackHawkVervedi

  12. DooDooBreff

  13. Jahmanator

    agreed :confused:
  14. Tykune

    There was a time when the servers were down for more than 24 hours. This is nothing.
  15. BlackHawkVervedi

    I really hope the servers are up soon!
    I for one want to play on the EMERALD server!
  16. Psyph


    Usually when people get that defensive, they are hiding things. Let them hang themselves :D
  17. AllSkillorNoThrill

    Every 2 seconds I get an Alert that you responded you just can't let it go and no one needs validation especially not through the internet. Again you can be mad about the way you were talked to, its a free country.
  18. brobackoff

    Im getting restless this is madness
  19. popsicleclub

    do you even timezone. You are obviously in Eastern Time, the time they posted was in Pacific time. 3 hour difference. You think it is 8 hours, but 8-3=5
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  20. BlackHawkVervedi

    I do remember that but you know i just want to play.