Extended downtime today

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Watz

    Ah EU servers still offline....so not PS2 at all today. How to convince my wife that I -need- to have to play tomorrow evening cause SOE screwed us today :)

    Unexpectedly, my downtime is on schedule today. Good night everybody!
  2. codeForge

    Once again, I owe EU a beer.
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  3. pucwyczes

    I would like bottle of Jack Daniels please
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  4. Amanirism

    I would like one Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Yes, that is actually a beer.
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  5. SheerTorcher

    Nerf tactical nuclear penguins. Another NC-only Higby special. And nerf scatmaxes.
  6. Karrs

    I would like 2x Reflex Sights on my T1 Cycler. Also, I would like to stop my tank wiggling after a few shots. Because this "patch" hasn't solved those problems. The beer, I'll buy myself.
  7. Zakuak

    ^ this is pretty funny, surprised I have not seen this before...well at least I don't remember it.
  8. atsiv

    How much longer does Auraxis have to be undefended?
  9. Arenthas

    As soon as everyone leaves the crown.
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  10. RadarX

    As this downtime is complete, we'll go ahead and put this away to allow other technical issues to surface. We once again thank everyone for their patience.
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