Extended downtime today

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Unquietemu

    Maybe avoid patching all the servers at the same time?
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  2. Regnighc

    Can we please get an ETA or some kind of update SOE? and please comment on the questions about freezing boosts
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  3. Lessmessino

    this is so bad, i cant believe how a 'professional company' like SOE do this (or cant do this?)
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  4. frankhammer

    For gods sake, go out, get some fresh air, talk to your girl friend, wife or family. Read a book, listen to some music or play some other game.

    Or all of the above.

    Real life is just outside your door...
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  5. Hatamoto

    The Uwe Boll of gaming ... take awesome ideas and make a watered down and underfunded product out of it to make a quick buck. There i said it
  6. Stordito

    holy crap guys, give them time, game development is hard stuff.
    stop whining and get a C++ editor and DX libraries.
    servers will be online by the time you'll be able to print a colored "hello world" onscreen.
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  7. RickyShay

    Ihai could be an tssue ibh. T'd iry ihe oiher way round.
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  8. Ultramarine

    I'm stuck in a lecture hall listening to someone who can hardly speak English and can't write for crap as she tries to teach a hundred people how to find reaction constants and reverse chemical reactions. I'm teaching the people around me because nobody's gonna learn anything from her, and i'm on the forums between questions. I wish i could live a life right now :p
    Note: reply to frank
  9. Hatamoto

    Get it fixed or ill fly up the wall and spend money on it !
  10. NaySayer

    Maybe they're fixing ALL the issues in the game?!?!?!
    Wishful thinking.
  11. maxxlight

    i dont know, what i should say...
    when im telling my custumers their product going down for maintenance and ill tell 6 hours... and after 11.30 hours doesnt work anything... guys, thats... ...
    dont understand me wrong, its a "free to play" game, its very cool and makes many ppls happy to play with, but SOE gets stamp with "unreliable".
  12. Mr. Troffleops

    No. NO. NO! I have been 'outside'. You wanna know what I saw?

    Women of the night plying their trades on street corners. Muggers waiting around the subways, homeless people begging for alcohol. I saw a woman chasing another woman down the street with a shotgun over 'cheating'. I saw gang bangers waiting outside the gas station. I watched a politician, REACH INTO A CRIB AND TAKE A BABIE'S CANDY.

    Screw Real life. I want the safety and comfort of my Planetside 2. Also, I've been outside all day. I'm beginning to burn. My vampiric complexion can't handle these UV rays man.
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  13. Ultramarine

    Yeah! i can write in Ultramarine blue! edit: wow i didn't mean to actually post this
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  14. Bubbalicious

    Another Triple SC Bonus Deal and Double XP week would sure make us feel allot better for all these delays.
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  15. Tryton

    Hard to believe they didn't have a public test server from the start. Even that won't keep every bug from slipping through, but it should be a big help.

    And then there will be all the big egos who complain they didn't listen to them about their experience on the test server and how Sony must hate their faction or class, but that is another matter.
  16. wavemop

    YES it would ;-)
  17. bondKI

    That is no excuse, you know, they actually (should) have tons of experience with that and should have learned how to do proper coding and stuff.
  18. Shreddi

    Thank You very much for putting the Servers Down message at top of the Launch Pad. We know the issue without having to waste a lot of time searching. Thanks again.
  19. Tatwi

    "Make sense!"

    *sarcastic humor, for those who missed it.
  20. Lessmessino

    /applause [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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