Extended downtime today

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Suchy101

  2. DashTech

    I know how tempting it is to push through an issue and hotfix during a release to make a "quick" fix, but this is very bad practice. If the release doesn't go to plan you must roll back. Hotfixes done during downtime are rushed and skip all the usual QA phases that a normal release would (should?) be subjected to.

    Roll back the release, and then work on the fixes during the normal process - sure prioritise them, but do not jump the gun on it.

    As an end-user, I'd rather have up-time than hotfixes.
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  3. SirJMD

    Can we expect double XP weekend, now that the servers have been down more or less the entire day?
  4. Tryton

    Had the stuck at "Logging In" thing. When I finally got in, I got the message that the servers were coming down in 15 minutes to remove external players or something like that. Then they went down in about 5 minutes, and the forums were down too.

    Did the game get hacked or what? Any ETA on playing today?
  5. Delain81

    You guys..lol
  6. subDiii

    :confused: SOE ya seriously gotta work on your post-update screw ups... they are past ridiculous at this point
  7. PS2Freak

  8. Ketadine

    Why do these issues always happen on the EU server times ?! It makes you wonder how much they care about their European players ...
  9. Zeewulf

    I think this highlights why SOE's patches constantly fail....
  10. Delain81

  11. TheHaunted

    not too much i guess... i dont understand why they dont have a test server anyway...
  12. PappI

    Might be a stupid question, but do you stop the boost time from running during these downtimes? They are actually worth something. Otherwise great job managing a f2p game, these usually aren't looked after at this rate.
  13. Hatamoto

    well it is an MMO right? Its supposed to operate under load, right? Just the fact a test server wasnt in from the beginning produces a disturbing image of mullets doing the harlem shake during an e-sports event. Is this just me?
  14. Jump Jets

    I hope this was a attempt at Humor.
    Or just a sign of being occupied with a fix.
    It was edited once.
    Imagine a few simple mistakes like that in the code
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  15. wavemop

    why on friday night? :mad:
    start this big things at monday noon!
    Keep your heads up...:(
  16. Ultramarine

    :p everybody casts judgement without an understanding of chaos theory. All calculations are slightly effected by initial conditions, there is not a single MMO out there that doesn't go through this on patch day. Even starcraft 2 had 2 days of **** when the expansion was released. As games get complicated, we screw up more. it's a law of reality.
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  17. Hatamoto

    Brining up current Blizzard is unfair ... nothing but ******* left running things there now
  18. CursedLeader

    Hey planetside 2 I'm gonna let you finish, but EVE online has an awesome patch system. May want to look into that in the future.
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  19. insane2170

    My daily 2 hour play time is now scrapped, off to work in 9 mins.

    Saw the vid on the new launchers, I want 2.

    Tx for the free 2500SC with my 650ti purchase.
  20. SirJMD

    I rather have some extra down time, than 2 weeks of horrible FPS.
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