Extended downtime today

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Plantjen

    Thanks for the update. I would however like to get updates more often in the future. Even rough ETA's make the wait seem a lot shorter.
  2. eddemundos

    Same issue for Woodman (for me at least).
  3. Ketadine

    Are the servers still locked ? I am having trouble to logging in.
  4. codeForge

    We actually do have internal test servers, and a public test server is coming... we're just dotting the T's and crossing the I's now.

    I definitely understand wanting more frequent updates... I just have to ask that you trust that if we're not updating you, its probably because we're still working on the issue. Job one is getting the game back up...job one.point.five is talking to you guys.

    But absolutely I prefer to let you know more information as it comes available. I'd want the same.
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  5. ST4LK3R

    They are up for me on the website. Trying to log in now.
  6. PS2Freak

    cant login to Miller, "logging in" since eternity
  7. Craigr910

    Still having problems logging into waterson stuck on the logging in spinner
  8. PS2Freak

  9. ForgottenExile

    Login is still locked for me. Can't get past the character selection screen.
  10. Starss11232

    cant SOE just tell us whats going on ??
  11. L33T-T3CH

    am in right now
  12. Aerolath

    Thanks for taking the time to post here and keep us in the loop, it's appreciated.
  13. ST4LK3R

    no joke? came up again but i'm stuck in "Logging in...". Good for you!
  14. CommanderMichael

    Will try again and post results asap. My specs are not too far from yours.

    EDIT: 1st Try: Same thing. Click "Play" then it stays on "Logging in" and the character freezes and is no longer able to spin. The "exit" and other buttons still light up when moved over. Hope that helps SOE.
  15. Vilem

    This explains a lot.

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  16. Starss11232

    guy guys just been told they working on the fix to stop ppl getting stuck on login screen 'We are looking into an issue with getting stuck on the loading screen. We will update you guys as we can. Hang in there!'
  17. NC_agent00kevin

    Ill take a few hours downtime over the frustration of shooting people with no result any day :) While I dont compare to the level you guys are on, I make Total Conversion Source Mods when Im not gaming and finding/fixing bugs and performance issues is top priority. Thats because if I make an awesome mod that is buggy and runs bad, its still no fun to play.

    Thanks for taking the extra time. Im sure you'd rather see a few complaints about extra downtime than a million complaints about bugs anyhow :p
  18. Arcalyn

    ( commas can be your friend ) , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ( few extra in case you ran out )
  19. codeForge

    Well, we are looking into another issue that is effecting the servers once we let people in. It's an issue that would only happen under load, which is why it got past us. As soon as I have an ETA or more information I'll let you know.
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  20. Starss11232

    servers locked you having ******* laugh?
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