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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. codeForge

    Hey guys just wanted to personally apologize for the long downtime. We had several fixes we were trying to get up in this build, and one of them was to fix a large portion of the "Desync Issues" that players have been having for way too long.

    Once we got the fix to live, however, we saw a problem that we hadn't seen in any of our other environments. We scrambled to fix that bug but try to preserve the actual desync fix, rather than just reverting the change out.

    Hopefully, this results in a better play experience for you guys... I know these downtimes are frustrating, but we are working hard to improve the game.

    Thanks for your patience.
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  2. Starss11232

    can i just say as a suggestion for future updates add a test server where u do updates etc. so u dont have to shutdown the main servers?
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  3. PS2Freak

    Thank you!
  4. Starss11232

    that way before u put the update out u can test it and make sure everything 100%
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  5. c0r3

    Thanks for all the improvements made. I really appreciate the work gone in.

    Would have been nice of you guys to freeze premium/boosts or add a 1 day extension though. I am less inclined to buy another now I know they can be wasted.
  6. Josh Developer

    Believe me we want to get the test server out as well. We're working on it.
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  7. Nyerk

    Nah it's cool.

    On your marks.

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  8. KAHR-Alpha

    Well, thanks for taking the time to write this.

    Now I'm curious, what was that bug?
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  9. Acceleratio

    Its good to know that you communicate with us about this! I cant say it often enough but this is actually preventing me from getting annoid - to know you are working on it and let us know :)
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  10. Starss11232

    great stuff thats good to here :)
  11. ST4LK3R

    It says that servers are up both on the website and in-game but I believe they are still down and you guys are still working to fix the issues, right?

    Edited : Nvm they are down now. Take as long as you want to fix'em. Rather wait longer and get a smooth game update.
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  12. Lex Striker

    Thanks for the info... very much appreciated. However, had this been communicated earlier, especially in the News and Announcement thread above, I think the children [myself included] would have been far less restless. There would have been less 'boos' and a lot more 'yeas' at this point.
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  13. SixReasons

    This thread is awesome because 2 developers actually posted.

    Thanks devs!
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  14. Naceo

    The extra downtime is annoying but if they nail that deysnc issue it will be totally worth it.
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  15. L33T-T3CH

    mattherson is broken for me its stuck on Logging into the world.
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  16. Frenetique

    Strange. The servers are up and unlocked, but when I click play from the character list/selection screen, I just get a spinner and the words "Logging In ..." at the green button on the bottom of the screen. Listened to the theme music loop through three times now, no joy.
  17. Starss11232

    exactly same with me click login on character select and nothing happens... :'( maybe coz amount of ppl trying to get on?
  18. ST4LK3R

    servers are down now. They came up a moment ago and went down again.
  19. Basileus

    Thanks for taking the time to update us!
  20. reddragons

    I am in the take all the time you need to get it right boat. Thanks for your effort!
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