Explosive bolts & stalker

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Moonheart, May 13, 2015.

  1. Moonheart

    Did someone tested the explosive bolts on a stalker?

    I did test in VR, and noticed it's totaly pointless to use them on vehicle, the damage being so laughable that the full quiver is not enough to kill a stock Lightning.
    The damage against infantry is still ok, but you have 25% less ammo.

    What I'm wondering is about two things:
    - Can you do something significant to MAX with them in a real battle situation?
    - How do react player when getting hit by them? Do they seems like to think it's coming from vehicle, ignoring to search for the infiltrator?
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  2. _itg

    I've played around with them a little bit, and I was thoroughly unimpressed. It takes something like 7 shots to kill an unarmored MAX, which is never going to happen in actual combat. A little extra damage to MAXes could be a nice bonus if there were some other point to running explosive bolts, but I don't think there is one. I did steal one or two vehicle kills, but that's not exactly helping the team, and it's pretty obnoxious to your allies. It's not even a good way to earn certs, since the opportunities are few and far between.

    As far as the explosion confusing enemies, that's an interesting thought, but I didn't notice anything like that. I think the greater minimap ping from the explosive bolts will draw a lot more attention from enemies than the explosion will distract them.

    I'd say the only practical use for explosive bolts is for trying to solo sunderers as light assault with c4. It's not exactly life-changing, since you need to find a non-deploy shield non-blockade sunderer and survive long enough to put 4-5 bolts into it, as well as detonate the c4, but explosive bolts are definitely worth considering when you're sunderer hunting.
  3. OldMaster80

    Devs were afraid to give too much extra explosive power on a secondary weapon that can be unlocked on all classes account wide for each faction.
  4. Leivve

    I mean I'm ok with them having this philosophy, better to be slightly UP rather then OP on release; but the problem is they don't fix it after.
  5. Moonheart

    Does the explosive bolt really do a greater minimap ping?
    I was unaware of this...
  6. blackboemmel

    for a solo stalker they are pretty useless. but having 5 or more explosive stalkers working together is hilarious and quite OP against tanks.
  7. Moonheart

    I'm not convainced about it. It takes about 28 shots to kill a stock lightning.
    It would be dubious that the 5 stalkers kill a tank without getting 2-3 casualties on their side... and you can't call "OP" something that make more deaths on your side than on the opposite side.
  8. CuteBeaver

    I pull them when i want to troll enemies or in a group for shenanigans.

    On top of that you also have differences in drop. Less bolts (Rant: Really is that necessary???) So unless your bored out of your mind in a group it really isn't going to accomplish much. However if you have at least one friend you can pretty much kill any landing ESFs. Takes 4, so 2 shots each isn't much different then killing infantry.

    In this video we were having a good time, but as you can see at the end we had to wait till he was nearly expired before even having half a chance at bringing him down.
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  9. TheKhopesh

    They're virtually useless (they need to be able to take out a non-flak armor max in 5-7 shots, then they'll have a solid niche).
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  10. Voross

    1.) Honestly I had better experiences with the activatable knife and/or my SMG.. if the MAX is distracted or you're circling around him when he comes for you it's an easy kill.
    2). In most cases you need to be so close to hit them with those bolts (since the drop is pretty hard) that they can hear the Crossbow sound and/or hear you cloaking.
  11. Moonheart

    SMG perhaps... but I once gave 7 hit of the activable knife to a max without making him loose more than 20% of its hp, so I'm surprised you think it achieve better results than the explosive bolts
  12. wqert505

    Thanks for the info. I'll stick with detect
  13. TerminalT6

    They're fun for stealing kills on over-ambitious Lightnings. Sometimes. Every now and then. Once every other session.
  14. Navron

    I use to dislike the explosive bolts and consider them useless but after reading some of the posts, I've decided to try it out again. I find myself getting a lot more armor/MAX kills now.