explosions/effects being turned on/off automatically?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Camycamera, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    lately i have been having problems with the effects (explosions, tracer bullets, sparks (physx off btw)) seemingly turning off and on. i have most of my graphics settings set to high, and sometimes i see explosions, etc, but sometimes a couple of minutes later i wont.

    this is really effecting my gameplay experience in that i cannot see where i am getting shot from / what is shooting me sometimes, while other times i can, if the effects are turned on again.

    i am just wondering, has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Evil Messiah

    No I just think its the worst patch to date. Back to crashing, graphics gone most of the time, falling under the map and getting stuck behind walls. What a bunch of s@#t.
  3. Hypersot

    Yeah, I have. It seems to happen when I play continuously more than 2 hours and only when I play on the US servers (I play from EU)
    So it's probably a combination of network lag along with memory leak? o_O