[EXPLOIT/CHEATING] PL13 (NC Platoon) Using Exploits/Cheat to win the Esamir Alert on Cobalt +proof

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Nemetis, May 5, 2015.

  1. Nemetis

    Today in the Esamir alert on Server Cobalt, I just see something very strange.. a Flying Sunderer (YES, FLYING) landed on Est River Sky Station, near A point and deployed to a Zerg take the base and win the alert in the last 4 minutes!

    When I threatened to report, as always, I was called of crybaby and all kinds of bad language.

    I taked this photo with the cellphone in the last minute of the alert, because all TR and Vanu will be expelled from the continent after the alert.

    Sorry for the bad quality, I tried to take a photo when I try to aproach with a sytche (flying with only one hand)..


    I Hope Daybreak take some action against this type of players, that ruins the game using trickery to win.
  2. Skiptrace

    Was said "flying Sunderer" actually flying or was it possibly propelled by a Galaxy that it drove on top of? I know used to you could pick up a Vanguard with a Galaxy and have the Vanguard ride atop the Galaxy with no problems, but that was fixed. maybe someone did it successfully with a Sunderer? (Little known fact you can get a Vanguard AND a Lightning inside a Biolab along with a Scythe, but no other ESF's sadly...)
  3. stradic

    The VS pro super skiller do the same 20 min before to win this base!!!

    Im so pissed of that DB doesnt care and all the super pro skiller use this sundie .

    Please DB bann this scrub we need a fair game and not this bastards they are in the game and please dont care about there YT friends there Comunity or there big Outfits.

    Clean this **** up !!!

    I have forgotten: There are no cheaters in the game only veterans and they have learned how to play and hide the dirty work .
  4. Nemetis

    I see the sundy coming flying.. not propelled by galaxy!
    Maybe is some exploit in this base, maybe is some cheat, IDN!

    And I'm defending this base in the last 30min and there is no VS sundy at A point, so you are lying!

    I do not consider PRO those who use this type of trickery to gain an alert, to me, that's the skulduggery of people without honor.
  5. RainbowDash9

    i know you can drive a sunderer on the crystal....things... on the side of the base, thats how i get my harrasser up there.
    are you sure it was flying?

    I could make a video of it if you want :p
  6. Skiptrace

    Well... Erm, here's a video of a Sunderer "Flying"

    Some interesting sunderer Deploy properties are being experiemented on here. It's similar to
    where the Sunderer is locked in place whilst deployed and cannot move on its own, but can be moved by an outside force (Such as the Galaxy depicted in the first video) And that Sunderers ignore gravity while Deployed like the Quantum Locked object in the second video. Though, the Sunderer does take damage while this endevour is going on, I would like to know if it can be spawned from...
  7. stradic

    Im not lying!

    I defend the base against VS (Esamir Alert Server Cobalt!) and we all use the Yell Chat to make clear VS use the Sundie and it is not possible bring it to the Capturepoint in this base. Deploying the Sundie is possible there is no Restricted Point.

    Maybe the time i say is not correct but the rest is! PL13 is not my Outfit and they make the same **** VS do to win the Base.

    And we talk about Skydock not the other Bases there is no chance the base is like a biolab!
  8. Skiptrace

    If you were to please type in proper, more easily readable English, I could understand what you are trying to say. This is a garbled mess and I have no idea what you are trying to say with this post.
  9. Nemetis

    The Harasser is lighter, and have turbo..

    It's possible to do this with a Sunderer ?
  10. Daboo

    Did you even watch the vid "flying sunderer"??? Thats how you make flying a deployed sunderer... and to my mind, this is a bug exploit and it should deserve a ban.
  11. RainbowDash9

    yes actually, just takes a little more finesse.
  12. Nregroepis


    This picture won't show on my screen
  13. kszyhokiller

    of course you can get a sundy there, people do i all the time, with some skill you can drive onto the crystals and end up in the base
  14. PasitheeVS

    It's pretty tricky to get a Sundy up there using this Auraxium Crystal on the west side of the base, but it is possible. Without cheating/exploiting etc. It's just a bad base design... Like the Rashnu Biolab I like to enter with my Magrider when I'm bored of farming.

    Also I can remember being on East River Sky Station with an armored Bulldog+Fury Sundy some time ago... and I play on Cobalt...
  15. Rachitynowy

    Hah, i'm commander of PL13 and i love those little tricks :D

    I don't know if you seen this sundy "flying" unless the crystal had not rendered for you completely. It is pretty fine trick and i advise everyone to experiment with various bases. At least that one is simpler than getiing on techplant(9/10 flips for me so far). I'm clumsy driver but if I manage to pull something like that you will get 99% capture.

    I don't know if this is actual exploit and if DBG states it is, we will stop it but then i want sundy on techs and various other bases banned as well. Galaxy propelled as well :D

    Moreover, I'm not even sure if those were my guys who drove there at that time. I remember some other guy doing this and ordered everyone to watch and learn. So there should be at least 2 sundies there. As mentioned before VS done it earlier as well.

    The one thing i am sorry for are the insults. I was already on other base waiting with becon and setting hacked sundies( pun intended) so i wasn't present there for large chunk of time. I don't know how it went so i won't judge it for this time.

    As for sundies in strange places go for youtube. You will be amazed what kind of deployment options you can get. It is not my original idea.

    PL13 can into space :D
  16. Nerfav

    It has a white camo and is exactly in the same position that I am used to deploy mine. It could also be my sundy.

    It's not cheating at all. If DBG wanted to removed this trick, they have many ways to do it : expand the NDZ, remove the crystal, put poles in the base, put rocks around the crystal, modify the position of the crystal, nerf the sundy. It's not like the teleporter room shield bug which is far more complicated to remove.

    And by the way, we are in 2015, screenshots exist, stop taking photos of your screen :rolleyes:
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  17. Rachitynowy

    I knew there was someone doing it. I was unsure if my guys copied it after all, i was somewhere else. So it is you who should gain glory (and blame). How it ended in PL13 hands is mystery :D

    Whatever, it is still legit in my eyes
  18. Mianera

    I've always wondered, how do some heavies get on the roofs inside the biolab? I thought only LA's could get up there.
  19. VXMorte

    There are a few 'parkour' style videos on youtube that will show you how to do this. I think cutebeaver may have done one also.
    RoofMaxes are an interesting site.
  20. DK22

    LOL, its called 'bad connection' you start banning for that? this game is completely done.
    It takes a while see it yourself, just tell them and shut up! It happens to every one.