[Exploit/cheat] Two cheats on Miller currently.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MaxDamage, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. MaxDamage

    I don't know where to post these things..
    I've been told varying things about bug/cheat reports and whether they're read or not.

    Probably a terrainglitch exploit, but they were informed and didn't stop exploiting.

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  2. Yeahy

    There was a TR guy named "Zogaroth" on my outfit leader's stream yesterday.
    He might be able to pull it up if SOE requires proof.
    Basically everybody in that one hex was taking random damage from an unknown source (either knife or a trac-5). I would guess he could move around anywhere or he was invisible+invincible.
  3. FlR3

    Although they say not post a name and shame, good catch and proof. That is a cheat as I have seen them inside walls/under floors/inside rocks also. Maybe they will swing the ban hammer on them, but they would just make another account and start over cheating. Not as many as there use to be but some still cheat because they can't handle being killed. Just loSers to begin with.
  4. Xasapis

    Shark hackers surface from time to time. They tend to quickly disappear. I don't know why somebody would risk his account over this, but I guess some people are not really invested into the game.

    Then again, I remember a time where some NC resorted to teleporting hacks when he was repeatedly outplayed. I also remember a very prominent high BR in a competitive outfit that was caught using an ESP hack.

    That's new to me. What I've observed a couple of times lately was teleport/noclip. Funnily enough it was all terribads who couldn't kill anything so I just continued minding my own business. Not even worth reporting lol. I also watched a NC MAX two days ago charging indefinitely out in the open on his way to a fight. Dunno if cheat or exploit. It was a rather weird spectacle for sure.
  6. vsae

    There is currently a bug which allows you to be invisible, yet vulnerable. Its roots are in desync, since your visible model stays at the under the floor of the spawn room and you are able to travel the map separately from it.
    If you hop into vehicle, the bug eliminates itself as soon as you exit vehicle.
  7. Canaris

    it's rather easy to glitch yourself inside terrain like boulders, it's an exploit not a cheat.
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  8. Xasapis

    Ahem ... and the difference between the two is ...

    Exploit is cheating. Hacking is also cheating. Banning is the solution to either.
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  9. Canaris

    by definition sure it's cheating but we call third party programs "cheats", got lingo? ;)
  10. FLHuk

    Well done sir. I really do love that someone took the time and effort to record then risked the oft quoted rules and posted!

    If there was more of this inclusion with the community we'd have a better game all round!
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  11. Prudentia

    Cheating is the Action of doing something that provides you an unfair Advantage.
    tough your Definition is the reason some People think it's ok to modify their graphic Drivers to disable stuff like the cloak shaders, because it's "an allowed Third Party Programm"
    which is just utter and pure ********.
  12. Ceiu

    There was a TR player* on Emerald doing this yesterday. The guy was playing normally until he got killed several times. Then he started running in through walls, jumping about three times higher than normal (as infiltrator). Fortunately he wasn't using an aimbot, so we were still able to kill him when he tried to flank us by jumping through the floor or marching through the walls to attack.

    * BR was sub 10, so I doubt they were a player so much as someone cheating on a TR character.
  13. MaxDamage

    One of these guys was BR100 on my death screen. I have to assume they fell through, perhaps from a vehicle bail/valk, and decided to have some fun. I wouldn't want anyone suspended or banned for that, just to have it looked into.