Explanation of Combat Medic Abilities & Tools?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Shylan, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Shylan

    Would someone mind giving me a quick run-down of the different combat medic abilities and tools, an how they work? The wikis I've read are either out-of-date, inaccurate to begin with, or don't tell me what I want to know.

    For example, the kind of explanation I'm looking for is:

    Nano-Emitter - Place on ground to heal nearby allies.
    Advanced Shield Capacitor - Reduces shield recharge delay & increases shield recharge rate.

    Specifically, what's the difference between the Nano-Regen Device & Symbiotic Healing, if any?
  2. Punishment

    I dont have any of those 2 as a Vanu medic.

    Didnt knew each faction had specific tools.
  3. Shylan

    They don't. Abilities and tools do have to be unlocked with cert points, though.
  4. Joust

    The shield boost you're talking about looks an armor modification, though for now the +health % option seems to be the better of the two (since AFAIK the shield mod wont help you much in a fire fight unless you break off for cover. The medic special ability is an AOE-tick heal that gains strength the more people being healed by it. Range seems small, around 2-3m, but can get very powerful (enough to keep 3-4 people alive long enough to burst into a cap room and spray red mist all over the walls. I have no reason to believe this is Empire specific.
  5. Dornez

    Nano emitter does not exist in game.

    Symbiotic healing no longer exists

    nano regen device is your F ability

    Medics have 2 abilities. Point heal gun at people, hit F and AOE heal....that is all, nothing else.
  6. Shylan

    Really? Then why the heck has no one updated any of the wikis to reflect that? So all the medics have now is the medical applicator (single-target heal & revive) and nano regen (AoE healing)? And the only remote healing or revival options are the healing or revival grenades? Did I get that right?
  7. Dornez

    Correct. We need love, lots of it.
  8. Shylan

    I did notice in the cert points video released on the official PS2 YouTube channel (on launch day) that symbiotic healing became a suit modification that augments the usefulness medical applicator, but it didn't get removed entirely. Is that out of date now, too?

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