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    We are Executive Outcomes. A Republic Outfit that only accepts quality, not all are accepted, and those whom don't meet expectations, are sent away. We are a group of specialized covert soldiers who work under the enemies radar.

    Our commands are precise strikes that cause the enemy front lines to dissipate. Our attacks are unwarranted and unexpected. We hit the enemy behind the lines and force them to retaliate, in doing so, we further the goal of the Republic by weakening our foes.

    Our members are both specialized in specific tactics, be it air or land, fast strikes, or the slow rollings of multiple Prowlers. We are an outfit that needs not to be coddled, we follow orders but also know how, why, and when to prioritize targets.
    We're now recruiting for a limited time. We're a small outfit with a quality over quantity mentality, if you share the same perspective go to our website and apply.


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  4. mpal

    Solid group, they are smaller than most of the outfits but they can really pack a punch for their size. Give these guys a shot if you're tired of zerging.
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    Thanks mpal;)
  6. Ender

    This man speaks the truth!
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    Thanks guys!
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  10. individual

    EXOC is one of those outfits I love playing with and hate playing against. Dont let their numbers fool you. They do not want to be a zerg outfit. They are full of high skilled players who work well together and actually use tactics and coordination to accomplish what many outfits would do through zerging. I have seen them hold bases against many times their number. If you are a skilled player looking for something a little different than the Zerg I would definitely check these guys out.
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    Thanks indiv.
  12. AnonymousPZ

    Thanks for the reps Indiv:)
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    I have merged the 2 threads together as multi-posting is a forum violation. "Bumping" is also listed within the SOE Forum Guidelines as a violation.
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    EXOC is awesome. And I love your website.
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    My fault, it won't happen again.
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    Thanks ZEPLN, I designed it ;)
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    Recruitment is now open, apply at our website.
  20. VengeanceD

    Recruitment is still open, if you meet the requirements go ahead an apply.

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