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  1. Aesir

    Now Tankers, it's time to gather some concentrated feedback again ... as unbiased as possible.

    Kinda makes sense, it was better against Libs and Gals on range than actually mounting a Walker. I have no issue with this change, other than that this weapon still needs an ammo pool increase overdue from the RoF/Damage adjustments several months ago.

    A buff to the weapon almost nobody want's to gun. Most use it, fully expecting that they will run that Tank 1/2 and hotseat to it.

    This patch could have been the opertunity to actually give all MBTs a point defense, my moving it into a third slot and into the hands of the Secondary Gunner. So that there is more reason to actually run an MBT 2/2, rather than 1/2. This could also have been the AI buff the Vanguard so desperately needs.

    Also, this makes the now buffed C85 Canister, again inferior, because it's better version the Kobalt, also got buffed ...

    Still nothing compared to a PPA or Fury ... the buff was needed, yes but it's major downfall is still range.

    I did see it coming ... but I still think that this change is unneeded, hitting 2 rounds on a moving target far out enough with the CoF mechanic in place was hard enough, now you add a third, possible fourth(Max FLAK). I have to question the purpose of the MBT overall if it's not supposed to kill anything ...

    Was expected, but harder than I thought, it will now be better to mount a maxed Halberd again for Vanguards, so no reason to pack out Enforcers again.

    It's still no reason over a Halberd, Tank combat happens most of the time well outside of 100m. Nobody goes really brawling ... And it's still better to pull a second 1/2 Prowler instead of gunning one ...

    You keep buffing the thing non stop and still very few people use it. The ammo pool change was needed, since you greatly buffed it's volume of fire recently, without compensating for this change.

    But even with this change it's less useful than a Dual Burster ... that one person is still better off sitting in a Skyguard, than gunning for this weapon.

    This will hit the NC the most, the NC already uses 20% more Lightnings than the VS or TR to compensate for our weak AI on the Vanguard. It was "ok" for the Lightning to OHK Infantry since over 1 and half year ... why change this now suddenly?

    A change to shift it more into either AV or AI I would have understood, but an flat nerf? I'm perplexed.

    For the good Tankers this change will have no real affect, most of them run AP anyway and kill because of direct hits. With the now nerfed Viper, even more Prowlers will probably be running around for the TR.

    On PTS the Vanguard shield has been changed down to 6 seconds(from 8 at max), but it gains said 6 seconds on rank 1. So this is a buff for low rank Vanguard Shields, but a nerf for max rank ones. You now only get lower cool down for ranking this ability up.

    Personally, I was hoping for more but some compensation in form of improved AI on the Vanguard.

    The Prowlers Anchor Down progression has been changed, it now always gives 30% Velocity, at all Ranks! It's reload speed progression is unchanged from 12% to 48% through out the Ranks.

    MagBurner is unchanged from what I can see ...

    The other 2 Abilities, IR Smoke and FS remain unchanged.

    Some other stuff
    G30 Vulcan now has a 900 rounds stock ammo pool, instead of 450
    P525 Marauder has been buffed from 125m/s to 150m/s Velocity

    Otherwise I have seen nothing ...

    Discuss away ... we probably only got a few days before it get's pushed live ...
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  2. Aesir

    Something I forgot, NAR has also been nerfed down to 12 Seconds. Instead of the old 8 Seconds if you max it.

    And not to forget my all time favorite has his 1 year anniversary. Activating Invert Reverse Steering for Tanks gives you more reverse agility than disabled.
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  3. Mechlord



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  4. Aesir

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    Magrider Saron nerf is ridicules.
    Trying to peg infantry with FPc is HARD because low projectile velocity and drop. Saron was already hard to hit infantry with. IDK how SOE thinks that the Saron is an OP AI weapon. I better be seeing some buffs to the magburner if this is implemented.

    On a another note, the HE rounds should get a buff IMO. MBTs seem to be SOE's new nerf target dispute the fact that they already are rarley mass pulled and when they do get pulled they quickly die. MBT n general need a buff. To both infantry and armor.
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  6. Riddlley

    I had hoped for a damage buff on the Vulcan, currently no advantage over halberd. I kinda expected an enforcer nerf to be honest though, but now its just flatout weaker than the halberd..

    With regards to NAR, is that a universal nerf to it? That will hit lightning's and liberators particularly hard if that's the case.

    Going trend is vehicles get weaker, and infantry stronger, nothing new here...
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  7. NoctD

    Halberd master race it seems. I'm done with the Vulcan, its got no real purpose, just time to can it for the Halberd.

    NAR is a universal 12 seconds from what I looked - I didn't check it on a MAX, but on everything else it looked that way, air and tanks. Didn't check a sundy either but suspect NAR is 12 seconds there too.
  8. Aesir

    So ... possible "fair" and "easy" to apply solutions to fix this mess?

    Here goes mine, move the Kobalt to third weapon slot and give it to the Secondary Gunner on all MBTs so that they have two weapons, to promote gunner usage, to outsource AI away from the hard to balance AV Guns against Infantry.

    Buff the ES AI Secondary weapons to fill a similar role to the PPA, so that it actually makes sense to have a PPA/Kobalt or Maruader/Kobalt or a C85/Kobalt.

    That way you can do what ever you want to the AV Secondaries in terms of AI usage for all I care ...

    Other ideas?
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  9. Alarox

    I'm not sure why the best solution is to nerf the hell out of things that have slight advantages, and provide small buffs to anything that is borderline useless.
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  10. Aesir

    Common guys, let's stop complaining about it and try to give SOE some sensible changes instead! That SOE doesn't like Tanks is well known since all we've been getting since release were nerfs.

    I'm going to dig up some old pic made by Klyptok


    SOE, if you really want to dump this load of nerfs on us, atleast give us something in return!
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    Please SOE
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  12. eatcow0

    Those saron nerfs are going to hurt... Might have to actually get the halberd now. Hadn't done so yet out of stubbornness, but d***...
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  13. Aesir

    Than you missed out, because over a year ago it only costed 250 certs, with the Saron 6shooter/CoF change ... did they raise the Halberds price to 750 certs last time I remember ...
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  14. Vivicector

    NEFR ALL THE THINGS!!! Yea, looks like it.

    Saron nerf was too much. C'on, 3 hits??? 3 direct hits with CoF mechanics? 3 hits with AV weapon to kill infantry? And buffing the radius at the same time...
    You better nerf the blast radius or remove it completely and it will be fine. But 3 hits to kill is waaay to much.

    ES MBT abilities are NOT balanced now. Vanguard shield is a broken idea, simply broken, making it 2 seconds less won't fix it. And Magburner was fine? Are you kidding me?
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  15. Van Dax

    recharge rate on low levels was buffed high ranks are unaffected, frankly a useless buff that anyone who uses magburn won't even experience.

    should have buffed max rank to around 10-15seconds at least with this change.

    I just wished Magburner would boost you faster that 99kph when you are going 65 kph.
    Like my ES ability allows me to increase my speed by 30kph for 2 seconds, while the prowler does 48% more damage at the cost of immobility and the vanguard gets a 3000hp boost for 6 sec.
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  17. Aesir

    So in general low rank for ES abilities has been buffed for all 3 abilities, doesn't affect the people who have it maxed. Only the Shield took a nerf of 2 seconds in this regard.

    I never said MagBurner is or was fine ... Overall everyone got hit by the nerfbat, it was kinda expected, knowing the history of changes regarding Tanks in general.

    But again, instead of crying around, suggest something better ...

    Vanguards have been underperforming compared to Magriders and Prowlers, because they can not farm Infantry as good as the other two. I gladly take a bigger nerfbat hit on the shield if in return that issue get's fixed.

    (Not that I encourage farming Infantry as an actual role of Tanks ... I rather do something useful instead ... like jumping outside of my Tank and play Infantry )
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  18. gigastar

    If anything, that Magburner "buff" just devalues the higher ranks of the ability. Not that there was any value to be had in the Magburners to begin with.

    Another Saron nerf, not entirely unexpected, but was it really needed? If youre going to start messing with MBT's there are problems much older than the revamped Saron and Enforcer to solve. Things like the realative mobility of the trio, and main weapon balance against vehicles.

    Viper nerf, we knew it was coming but did not expect the flat nerf. Not that i shold care that much because its a free weapon, and i got my auraxium on it. Ive been overdue to get Python HEAT anyway.
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  19. Takoita

    I'm not sure there is anything to be happy about that change list.

    I mean, I'm not much of a tanker, but nerfing Basilisk and Viper seems like a kick in the ****. And the Vanguard shield, its duration is not the probelm, the tank being able to shoot as normal while it's active is the problem. As for Vulcan, the accuracy does seem to be a little bit better, but the cof is still wide enough to miss everything but a Galaxy at any kind of range. Remove the spin-up!

    As for quality of life improvements, there seem to be a small flashing icon on your crew list when one of the seats runs low on ammo now. That's all kind of neat.

    I would like it very much if turning via A and D keys didn't drag my aim in first person view. It doesn't do that in third person view, but I would like for that to be added to the first person view too.
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  20. Aesir

    It also does in third person, which is why you compensate for it if you fire on the move in third person ...

    And the ammo indicator or hit indicator for crew members is live since the Lib update.
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