Everyone's problem with PS2 right now.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightShift, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. NightShift

    We've all had this happen So many times its getting old.

    And its frustrating too boot.

    Problem #1
    When you spawn a vehicle and it Auto drives you out of the spawning area and you run over 1-20 Team mates because their to dumb to move.

    I'm not sure how to fix this but maybe add a something to push them out of your way or to the side with out killing them.

    Problem #2
    Sundders There Are so many of them You should limit them to select zones like faction tanks.
    It very hard to defend a location when there are 10 sundders around... and it is so easy to attack with 10 of them around.. Even with the deploy zone limits if one dies one goes up it dies and another... Endless.

    A cool aspect would be to link them to the Bio labs You must own a Bio lab to build a Sundder
    Giving a need for Galaxy's (Because it useless as it is)

    Problem #3
    Is related with 2 in a way, when to spawn on a Sundder you get no spawn protection And people with slow computers pay the price. It takes forever to load the map. And when you do you die if you're not already dead to some A hole spawn killing.

    Add a shield around the person until they move/fire.

    Problem #4

    Griefers You cant stop them or rid them from a game. But it was nice that they removed the Warp gate killings, Although Griefing has evolved into Galaxy Rammers which Really mess with everyone at the warp gates.

    Solution Adding ingame Admins/Mod's for each Faction on each server.
    I would volunteer to end the griefing.

    Anyways that is whats on my mind after playing for 10+ hours. Now lets have a laugh at my impending doom
    Not sure who the clan was if it was a clan But I shack my fists at you!
  2. Pugzii

  3. NightShift

    What do you not know?
  4. DeadlyShoe

    Neat trick: Put a turret in front of where yoru vehicle will drive and it will slam to a halt instead of driving out of the bay.

    This isn't really a problem anyway, people have to learn not to stand in the spawner or the path.
  5. NightShift

    That is a neat trick But can only work if your an Engineer

    And sometime it can catch you off guard
  6. OminousZ

    Problem #5:

    I arm a generator...it explodes, and 4 of my wonderful team mates die because they were too stupid to get out of the room. I laugh at their stupid ***** as i get a weapon lock.
  7. Evilnox

    PRO it up Maverick!! switch to guns.
  8. NightShift

    Yes that is a good one
  9. 12987

    not a soe problem sorry.
  10. Xasapis

    Problem 1 can't be fixed, it's player error basically, that or inexperience which you learn the hard way not to stand. Perhaps a sign or an arrow to indicate the direction the vehicles will spawn in non obvious locations would help.

    Problem 2 is a bad idea. Atm you see sunderers only as deploy platforms because that's what people are speccing them for. Eventually they'll become shield busters, infantry clearing machines of death etc. It's an utility vehicle, just because everyone is utilizing it the same, doesn't mean that we need to limit it for everyone.

    Problem 3 can be solved if the players spawn inside the sunderer in a capsule-like pod. So, once the map is loaded, they press use and get out. You don't need to have seats, everyone can spawn at the same spot. You won't need stupid invulnerability with that mechanic since the rules of being inside the vehicle will apply.

    Problem 4, no idea how to fix. Perhaps remove clipping on everything inside the warpgate shield. That would fix the grieving with turrets blocking the way out too.
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