@Everyone who swore off the "nerfed" Carv

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by gunshooter, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. gunshooter

    Slightly less bad (but still bad) quality: http://tinyurl.com/ca6k739

    Still the best all-around TR LMG by an order of magnitude. Recoil nerf isn't even noticeable.

    My aim is not even good.

    I've noticed a very big improvement in my overall performance since I started using it 3 days ago (With the MSW-R, I averaged about 2.5-3:1 KD. With the Carv, I average 5:1+) and I have video evidence of this.

    Most of the people complaining about the "nerf" (which really changed nothing, the gun still has easy to control, balanced recoil) are either using the Carv-S or are hardly good enough to be able to accurately judge the difference between weapons (seriously if I can do this well as infantry in this game when i'm a mediocre FPS player, then anyone should be able to)
  2. KnightCole

    Oh, the nerfs are noticeable...the guns simply dont ******* kill anyone when it matters. I get tons of kills when the enemy doesnt fire back, but as soon as they do, the ******* ******** of the Nerfed TR shows itself plain as day. The TMG, it loses all the goddamn time because it fires to slow, has to much recoil and is not at all accurate.

    Yeah, the CARV might still be the best, but it still sucks now all the same.

    Update 2 had best not buff the other nations and had best buff these TR LMGs somewhat......cuz OMFG do they BLOW now...

    In your vid, you just got lucky a **** load of times

    Oh, and one question, is the Laser better then the Grip?
  3. gunshooter

    blah blah blah, it's the games fault -everyone ever
  4. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Though shalt not show off the abuse of impaired people.
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  5. Kiekeboe

    Blablabla you lucky
  6. Xiphos

    Never was.

    But who am I talking to... "by an order of magnitude".
  7. gunshooter

    Just got "lucky" again


    I wonder when the luck will stop? 800 kills and counting.
  8. Haskaal

    Your argument would be better supported if you had a video that showed you fighting another LMG user one to one, firing at each other somewhere around the same time. Several times.
  9. gunshooter

    Happens plenty of times in this video. Anyway i'm pretty sure TR can't fight TR, so what does that prove?

    The only time I died in a straight up fight with another HA today was vs someone using an EM6 who got 3 flinches in a row, and a couple of times because I chose to hipfire when I should've been ADSing. I was also streaming at the time so you could go and find it in the vods if you really care.
  10. Ghoest

    By that standard then all the NC LMGs still are bad too. The truth is LMGs are the worst gun in every faction except for their larger ammo capacity. Maybe you should try a different class.
  11. Vytality

    Wow, the sight picture doesn't even bounce around when you fire.... When I started watching the vid, I thought you were just watching through your scope, and then the enemy died. My GD7-F bounces way more than that, to say nothing of my fully certed EM6....
  12. Casual

    His argument would have been better supported if he had a video that stuck to the topic title. Firing at enemies at point blank isn't a great way to show a change in recoil. The new recoil doesn't even matter at these ranges. At around the 10:50 mark, he fires at a mid range where the recoil might come into effect, uses fullauto (wtf?), and ends up expending 40 bullets from his clip to kill the target. Granted, he admitted to having bad aim and being a subpar shooter player, but even that's stretching it.
  13. CaptAmazing

    This. No one ever said Carv is bad at CQC. Its even ok for medium range - but at long range its bad now. Killing at long range isnt about your skill now, but just putting us much rounds as possible and hoping for hits.

    Before the nerf it was a great allround gun.
  14. gunshooter

    CQC? Carv is awful at CQC. I think you vastly overestimate what "mid range" is and also seem to underestimate what "long range" is. There's no LMG that can kill people efficiently at "long range" without burst firing and there's no TR LMG that can't simply hold down left click at "mid range." There are plenty of different combat situations in this video, at one point I camp a tower shooting down at people advancing on an amp station at the maximum draw distance of my scope and get a bunch of kills. The only TR gun that performs better in such a situation is the TMG-50, and it has even worse recoil with high velocity. The recoil is a non-issue and always has been a non-issue.

    The fact of the matter is that this video represents a wide variety of combat situations. You mostly see fights at at 0-30m because these are the vast majority of fights in this game for a HA. These are fights where, even IF the recoil was bad, it wouldn't really matter because your enemies cover the entire pattern. Guess what's better for these fights, 14% extra damage or a slightly more controllable cof/recoil? **** your performance in the most common combat situation for a bit better performance in a niche situation?

    Why are you pretending to be someone you aren't? That's really sad/weird. When the actual Casual logs back on i'm sure he'll be laughing at you popping up and just randomly pretending to be him. I have actually known him for years and play with him on Mattherson, this is his forum account: http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?members/videogamesaregames.11917/

    Is that you Kyutaru?
  15. wabbitseason

    I know, the level of whining is hysterical. Oh no! .2-->.225 horizontal recoil for the CARV! It's USELESS now.

    Btw, where can one find accurate horizontal recoil values (the main spreadsheet doesn't seem to be accurate)?
  16. Ripshaft

    The voice of reason has entered the thread.
  17. KnightCole

    ITs not useless, but its alot less useful then it used to be....that 2.25 is noticeable. Before, I was able to hold LMB and kill people at decent ranges. Now, the recoil and worse bullet spread has me 2 round bursting and not being able to hit **** at those same ranges. The recoil throws off my aim then I have to reacquire the target. The TR LMGs are like firing the 88SV Sniper, minus all the power.
  18. Phatts

    I haven't really used this gun at all but to be honest, all you did in your video was shoot people that weren't looking. Your sneaky skills are pretty good, but it does nothing to show off the power of the gun....
  19. gunshooter

    There's about 80 kills in this video. pretty sure that is not "all I did." In the first 2 minutes even I win 2 1v2s straight up, with both players shooting at me.
  20. videogamesaregames


    I don't even know what to think about this.