Everyone see me cloaked, what's the point?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kiro, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. RoaRawR

    cloak and stay in shadow, seriously if you stand still in shadow you now offical invis from the high end users lol
  2. Tenebrae Aeterna

    It's good for running through chaos, that's about it.
  3. Fishie

    Pretty much. And of course, remaining unseen miles off from the enemy base, when you're finding a sniping position.
  4. PurpsUK

    Think of your cloak in the same way as Invisible Boy from Mystery Men.

    It only works when no one is looking at you ;)
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  5. Ghoest

    Its pretty useless except for sniping and maybe moving in the dark.

    At sniper ranges it doesnt hide you but if you are in irregular terrain with shadows etc then the cloak makes a great camo.
    Up close(inside 100 meters) its worthless other than at night.
  6. IceSword

    As many have said in this thread, it is not a fool-proof cloak. It heightens your stealth, and at the right moment, it could save your life. (Or cost an enemy theirs.) I once went toe to toe with a TR, he had me in his sights, I cloaked, managed to get behind him because he lost track of me, and knifed him in the back.
  7. iller

    And again.... Even with all these points, it still sucks.
    (b/c I do all of these things by habit without even needing stealth to pull them off)
    You wanna maybe post a video or share the name of your INF main with us to prove it results in high KPM?

    only thing this proves is that he had his Graphics on Low
  8. Elapid

    Unless they spent a whopping 30-50 certs to have night vision, in which case your invisibility is nonexistent and you can't return fire.

    Cheap and ubiquitous NV turns your class's biggest selling point into its biggest weakness.
  9. KastianJJ

    The problem is your invisible to those who play on low
    High and ultra you might as well be a giant **** me sign

    make it crouched and standing still they're completely invisible.... they cant be stealthed 24/7 so it's useful if someone is just running by the room not camping it
  10. antofornax

    I agree, I play 100% infiltrator as infantry and i try hard, but the "invisibility" should have no cooldown... its **** and when you have a good spot , you dont even need that much more then 5 sec of invis because you have to cut it to shoot. The fact that this skill has a cooldown/timer makes players beleive it has to be saved and used only wisely, but its not the case. You will be seen when you run, so why even activate it because your gona need it after you pass that frontline...but then if you dont use it while running through the brawl, good luck.

    Its really frustrating and needs some kind of better desing. I dont even hide with this when i pass the frontline, I just make alot of "S" pattern while running, i really rather have a faster sprint then a guy who carries 7 rockets and a launcher
  11. Obsolescence

    On Infiltrators and Cloaking:

    Expect to be as a chameleon, not as Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak. An infiltrators cloak is effectively a dynamic camo print that displays to an observer the objects, textures, and patterns directly behind you. However, it isn't perfect. The cloak is very effective, and if you disagree then I am under the impression that you are thinking about it in the wrong way or using it in the wrong way.

    If you want to get better using the cloak, and you're having trouble, consider practicing running around the battlefield stealthily with no cloak at all. It can be hard for less experienced players to see the value in the cloak because the majority of the time when the cloak works you have no positive indication of it's success.

    Did nobody shoot you when you cloaked and crossed that road because nobody was looking or because nobody noticed the light shimmer and silhouette against the backdrop of explosions and fighting?
  12. icesail

    The way cloak works nowadays, I would rather that the cloak would only remove the red triangle over my head but keep me visible..... If you are using the correct camo, you can pass for the enemy much easier them by cloaking. At close range, wearing my black and white camo, and not shooting while facing my own forces have net me pretty much invisible in the crowd of zergs more often them using cloak just for it to run out and make that sound and see 20 zergs turn my direction.... Heck last night at the crown I had 2 TR snipers wearing black and white camo sit next to me not noticing the little blue accents on my helmet .. (yah, they got killed with a silenced pistol....) and after spawning they came back and sat by me again....
  13. Glowcat

    Cloaking is pretty lackluster from my experience. It's more of an edge to escape or slip past enemies than it is actual cloaking. Unfortunately this edge is outshone by the edges of the other classes and overall I find the infiltrator kinda useless besides for hacking, even if it is fun once in a while. I kinda wish the devs would bring in that non-sniper option since I almost never touch those things. Maybe a cloak that doesn't broadcast your location whenever using it would be nice...
  14. Deganji

    If an infiltrator cloaks, they totally disappear for me. I don't see a shimmer or anything people claim you can see.

    But on my infiltrator, I might as well not use the cloak, as they shoot me dead no matter what.

    What gives? Is it certain graphical settings? If so, it need to be fixed, because it's an unfair advantage.
  15. SeventhFrost

    So what you're saying is, learn to do the things cloak is meant to do, without said cloak, and then use it? For what purpose? You can already do the one thing the cloak is supposedly close to adequate at without it by that point. This brings up the time old complaint of infils that you could just be a light assault and do it better. And you just advocated it.

    Yup. It's having your Graphics setting on low (The one within the actual tab). I agree, and i'm sure everyone who's attention it's brought to would agree, too, that it's an unfair advantage. And even more-so when considering the fact that those playing on low graphics are also often less combat effective because of framerate issues and such.

    As for my opinion on the whole thing, cloak is broken. that is all.
  16. Kaysin

    Im actually having an easier time since switching up tactics with the cloak. A LOT of people i find (with high end graphics) would see through the cloak, like watching a running puddle trying to get away from you. Thats where it hit me, don't run away.

    Quite simple really, take a few hits, RUN TOWARDS YOUR ATTACKER, and start going back and forth until they start spinning around thinking your behind them. Let them use their mouses to make your cloak work. While they're looking for you thinking you're just a robot, you shoot them in the back of the head, right where you were this whole time. IN FRONT of them.
  17. M3m3nt0M0ri

    Cloaking works!!!

    I have had tons of enemies run straight through me when crouching cloaked - they litterally do not see you from 2 feet if they are not looking for you.
  18. Kaysin

    More Movement = More Noticeable. Less Movement = Less Noticeable.

    Long story short, don't durp around sprinting with your cloak and expect to not be seen. Know those tiny flashes of light that get your attention sometimes out of the corner of your eye? Same deal when you move with your cloak. Even more so if someone is looking out an IR scope. But i havent had much trouble, hell ive gotten to the point where im making people turn themselves around thinking im behind them when i havent really moved much from my spot, cause im not rushing around like a tool. Try it, its nice.
  19. Chestor

    If you thought certing into it more made it "work better" then yes you wasted the cert points. Certs only increase nano-regen rate, aka, reduce cool-down between uses. If you've been spotted it does clear the marker from you, so there's that. Just really think of it is decreased visibility, not invisibility and adjust accordingly. If someone is looking for you, they're gonna find you, but does make it easier to slip past someone not actively searching for you. Just talking about the Hunter cloak though.
  20. OldMaster80

    Cooldown wasn't there in PS1. That's just to counterbalance the fact that in PS2 Infiltrators can use rifles, because devs don't want to have full time invisible snipers oneshotting people with low chances of being detected. And that's a good idea.
    The problem is that Hunter Suite is just fine for sniping purpose: shoot, cloak, move so that they don't spot you, uncloak, shoot again....

    But for real infiltration that sucks hard: the 10 secs cooldown is just not enough to scout enemy positions, check lines of fire, move, check minimap for probes result... and we're still too vulnerable to NV optics, which are very cheap and can break our main ability easily.
    Devs must know (and they probably already do) that Infiltrators need the Stalker Suite in the game as soon as possible!:mad: