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  1. 4JlEH30CM

    hello folks

    i dont know is that correct place for suggestions. i working in game industry 10+ years and big fun of planetside. becase of my work i see games each days but at home play in Ultima Online and PS2 only so thanks to Planetside devs for that amazing game.

    i suggest to devs two ideas

    1. making conditions for massive technics. for example 1 agreed or rundom hour per day all vehicles or for example just sunder become very cheap. its very funny to be in huge convoy of same vehicles against another convoy. or during that hour player get x3 expirience for kill from sunder.

    2. 4rd non player side, mobiles with AI that spawn somewhere and fight against all factions. for example spiders like in starship troopers. destroy spiders spawn +x victory points.
  2. Demigan

    I have trouble imagining you having developer experience. Just adding any sort of AI bots is already a nightmare for the game, Let alone an entire faction.
    Just look at the spitfire for instance. It can hit you when it isnt looking at you because the server doesnt show the direction its looking at correctly.
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  3. MrMinistry30

    I would love to see more stuff like the World Domination Series.

    What might also be kinda cool (if organized right) is a kind of alert where people may ONLY use Infantry (or vehicles or aircraft in different alerts) on an otherwise locked continent for 1 hour. If you combine that with ist own directives and rewards it could be a lot of fun and motivate people to use everything in the game. To be honest, i haven't really thought about this idea in detail as it just came to my mind but i thought it could be interesting :)
  4. Hammerlock

    yeah ... world domination series was a nice event ...