Events Are Taking The Fun Out Of The Game.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CactusLynx, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Rogueghost

    Completely off topic, but your signature, I love it so much.
  2. Cl1mh4224rd

    Most players have already decided that "cert farming" is what's important. Alerts go some way toward breaking that attitude. Or, at least, they expand the farm to a larger objective than camping a Bio Lab or The Crown.
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  3. ReconTeemo

    It's funny how an NC made the topic, when they pretty much overpopulated Connery, better yet most of the server.
  4. ChaosRender

    How does population matter in a alert unless the continent lock is not met? Heck the last two alert I did the team with the largest pop on the continent got 3rd place and the team with the lowest pop got at least second if not first.
  5. WalrusJones

    It really frustrates me with logging in during an alert.

    I wish I could choose where I spawned when I logged in.... That would fix my problems.
  6. Ashnal

    Uhm, how does it showcase population imbalance when full alert continents are 33/33/33 ? Second, why do you all return to Indar? After an alert on Esamir/Amerish there are still many players about fighting.
  7. Hovis

    Yeah that's true enough I suppose. I just wish they weren't so arbitrary. Would it have killed the devs to even try to add a bit of flavour to them. I mean I get PS2 isn't big on creating the whole sense of the world thing, but 'GO HERE GET MOAR WIN K?' is a bit of a sloppy effort, even by PS2 standards.
  8. Paperlamp

    You're part of the most grossly overpopulated faction.

    As TR these are great, we actually get to see some balanced faction numbers at least during high activity times, and I get to see some action on Amerish occasionally which is the least ugly of the continents.
  9. ColdCheezePizza

    I have mixed feelings about alerts, on one hand love the fights on Amerish and Esamir they promote, but after a few of them they just start to feel like ghost cap competitions. Some of my favorite kinds of battles are the non crown stalemate ones that take forever, but after a while something breaks and one side wins, man does that feel good it makes you feel like unloading an entire clip into the roof of the cap room in celebration. But when these alerts are on these kinds of battles are discouraged, since being bogged down too long in one place isnt the best strategy for a 2 hour long land grabbing frenzy.
  10. Peacemaker12

    I don't like the whole *ghost cap as much as possible in the last 20 minutes" part of the event as well as the barren aftermath hours that result from every faction having half of their forces go back to Indar and the remaining half stay on the current continent, creating a bunch of half-populated continents that are fairly difficult to find fights in.

    For some more variety they should introduce a "hold this piece of territory" alert. Remember the event where you had to hold The Bastion in the Empire Showdown event back in January? That was ridiculous, over-the-top, and incredible at the same time.
  11. Sperril

    I think the lattice system will change that. It will make ghost capping much more difficult because there will be far fewer connections available to each area.
  12. doombro

    The alert system needs serious work if it's going to be a viable thing in the long run.

    For one thing, it needs to be less broad, and faction or continent specific.

    Right now, it's just carrot and stick without any real depth.
  13. VexTheRaven

    Honestly I have mixed feelings on alerts. They are kind of cool, and it's nice to see other continents busy... But they happen way too often and quickly get old and boring, not to mention unless you were among the first in, you don't actually get to play on the continent with the alert anyway, at least on Matterson. I think Alerts would've been much better as a once or twice a day event than a constant "2 hours on/2 hours off" thing. I've already started to pretty much ignore alerts and just appreciate the free certs every 4 hours.
  14. Peter Daniel

    The alerts are there because SOE love Amerish and wanted to play there.

    At least you could had give it some kind of lore.
  15. Jachim

    Hands up if you think the OP had like 4 alts post right after him to make it seem like his point is valid.

  16. Aussiejeff

    Getting into Briggs Indar is hopeless with Alert with 45 mins left on the clock. Twice now the pop lock has prevented me getting in the Q with around 45 mins left. So spawn at other two continents and meh.....nuthin goin on...zzzzz.zzzzz.

    Alternative is to logout, give game a miss and go watch some more V8 Supercars recorded footage instead....which I gladly did. Alerts needs a lot of work yet to be workable IMO.
  17. ent|ty

    I also think that the events are encouraging the cheaters to come out, since more is at stake to help their faction win.

    Is it coincidence to see teleporting players, guys who pop out of hills, take a shot and go back into the terrain (no clip), or being AA'd down noticing how uniform and clustered the AA bullets are from over a hex away? Or AA turrets shooting down? Or shotgun blasts in the face from 50m or more not missing?

    It's either i'm lagging or there's a bunch of bs'ers going around because the stakes are higher.
  18. Aegie

    Sounds like you already found a simple solution.
  19. Frigidus

    You know, you don't have to participate in the alerts if you don't want to. If you don't like it just pretend it isn't happening.
  20. Cl1mh4224rd

    It was also extremely laggy, from what I heard. Having an entire continent's worth of players cramming into a single facility is kind of brutal.

    There are also two other problems with something like this:
    1. It's a significant advantage for whichever empire already owns that territory.
    2. It screws over any empire that doesn't already have a connection to the target region. They'd have to waste time capping territories just to get there.